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Would you rather own forever An unbreakable TARDIS? or An unbreakable Delorean? 3 years ago 123 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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would i suffocate or just 3 years ago  
ill eat fruit that counts right? 3 years ago  
didm it say ill die 3 years ago  
borrows money FROM ME > 3 years ago  
JUICY FOLOFAGES! 3 years ago  
can i cut the inner part out? then i would have a broken penis right? 3 years ago  
i could still see 3 years ago  
not need to sleep? 3 years ago  
HILARIOUS 3 years ago  
Steam and AG 3 years ago  
you would feel a gun not a sword 3 years ago  
macintosh OR bitten apple that almost the world wants bite another piece out of 3 years ago  
you wont get hurt do 3 years ago  
RICE AND MILK 3 years ago +1
im a boy? 3 years ago  
im 8 3 years ago  
You just called me cockhead.Nice idea cockhead 3 years ago  
john cena? 3 years ago  
BAHYE LAQUISHA 3 years ago  
how long woill the hole be ? 1 centimeter? 3 years ago  
USE THE FORCE HARRY-star wars YOURE A JEDI LUKE-harrypothead 3 years ago  
cock is what my name stands for 3 years ago  
TARDIS? 3 years ago  
go to the bathroom in mcdonalds 3 years ago  
JINX'S ATTACK SPEEED 3 years ago  
so rapunzel or the guy from deal or no deal? 3 years ago  
LICK IT FROM THE FLOOR 3 years ago  
dead jelly fish is like calamari 3 years ago  
FCK STARBUVKS 3 years ago  
i already do havbe no cell phone 3 years ago  
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