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    I like both 1 year ago  
    You could give them more money 1 year ago  
    .... Oof 1 year ago  
    Harry potter  
    Me and my friends humiliate each other +5
    All u need is a big fat a$$  
    That face tho  
    True love  
    Religion says no sex so HA  
    Where all in this together  
    True love but....  
    My bff is a gay boy and a girl  
    Beat her A$$  
    Interviews happen all the time but weddings could only happen once  
    My friends ship me with my crush so they would reject  
    50 50  
    Video games  
    No horse  
    London Tipton Sweet life on deck  
    I could be prom queen if I'm loved by all  
    My crush would love me just like my dreams  
    I would cry if my bff made out with him  
    Wait I'm not in a relationship  
    I would slap her and ask for therapy  
    I'm black  
    Wouldn't I have money if I'm loved  
    Don't tell him I'm rich for he loves me for me  
    Coco I am your Father  
    Give money to poor  
    Single ladies and independent woman  
    Sex is like jocks (stereo type warning) Hot on the outside but bad in the inside  
    True love is hard to find  
    I did not answer  
    If it's my enemy at least their happy  
    I'm so sad of what I picked  
    What if their gay  
    How you type that  
    ****** I am you're Father  
    Loving is not worth living to the shortest  
    Become rich and give to charity is what you can do  
    I don't want to be poor but I don't want to be rich I would invest half for collage and the rest to charity  
    All The Woman who independent and single ladies would be my theme song  
    Umm I'm 11  
    Rather catch a hoe  
    I'm 11  
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