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Would you rather Save your first time for the love of you life after marriage or Have sex before marriage 7 years ago 172,363 votes 1,391 comments 2 likes

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Either your a big guy, or you haven't played a legitimate game of football. I do assume Hockey has a big learning curve, but if both are at the pro level, they both take skill. It's a lot harder than you might think to tackle someone who is running full speed at you, or on the reverse end, trying to get positive yards when running, seeing that you have 11 guys trying to kill you. 7 years ago  
Depends on the situation, if there's a time crunch I want exact time, other wise it's just unnecessary. 7 years ago  
I honestly used to think that people were crazy for thinking that there was, now I'm just skeptical. Not sure, but I think it's possible, even though I don't want it to be. 7 years ago +3
Road trip coast to coast! 7 years ago +4
Does it come with the accent? 7 years ago +4
A little biased... there. 7 years ago +2
You think Ron would be a dictator? He is wanting to shrink the government... If anything it would be Obama, but even that doesn't make sense. 7 years ago  
Don't think I want to know what the Judas Cradle is, but if it involves death, no thanks! :) 7 years ago +1
Terrible question... 7 years ago  
Water? 7 years ago  
You can make money with sex :) 7 years ago  
You can always learn! Especially with the money! 7 years ago  
Or... floss and mouth wash... 7 years ago  
You can survive on Mt Everest without oxygen if you're a beast... 7 years ago  
I'm dirty :) 7 years ago  
But Lt. Dan you aint got no legs... 7 years ago  
hahahahahahha 97% 7 years ago  
woowwwwww...... Rapist better than Elvis? REALLY? 7 years ago  
Look like a pimp, or a special needs patient. 7 years ago  
'Merica! 7 years ago  
Hearing aid, bro! 7 years ago  
SKIPPP 7 years ago  
I would be sexy as a chick. 7 years ago  
It's easier to learn and stay fit, than know and get fit. I clicked the wrong one. 7 years ago  
60% people say they rather do that, but I only know 1 person who does that, bill gates. 7 years ago  
I already got the face, just need some body tuning. 7 years ago  
That would be torture to live for ever. 7 years ago  
It's called murder, people. 7 years ago  
soo you're asking if I want to be happy or sad? Uhhhh.... happy? 7 years ago  
I couldn't just sit their stealing money from the tax payers. 7 years ago  
Where I'm at, the only people still on facebook are ghetto people and hicks. I only switched because the people I actually wanted to know about switched. 7 years ago  
Lady gaga fans are like 9, jb fans are teens 7 years ago  
5 lifes> 1 7 years ago  
.... that's not on mw3.... 7 years ago  
you can always beat up the person you hate to shut them up. 7 years ago  
Loose some nerves, or have trouble walking. 7 years ago  
The long hot showers in the night>> 7 years ago  
Both are awesome! 7 years ago  
You can always call for a ride! 7 years ago  
YES! 7 years ago  
30 yards would be difficult, but tight rope would be near impossible. 7 years ago  
Welcome to the JUNGLE! 7 years ago  
I honestly don't know much about the subject, I'm just forming an opinion based on the way the biased questioner asked, even though I'm not a fan of Obama. 7 years ago  
Every heard of pizza?? 7 years ago  
Don't know why, just not a big fan of lambos. Wouldn't complain if I had one, though. Plus, in the wise words of the sham wow guy "You know Germans make good stuff, you'll love my nuts!" 7 years ago  
One is a LOT safer. 7 years ago  
The smarter you are, the more other people annoying for being so stupid. I hate my regular math class... I solve a problem 5 minutes before the rest of the class gets the first step. 7 years ago +1
oh skip button, I love you. 7 years ago  
Being stuck in an elevator is my greatest fear... 7 years ago  
At least people will believe me, and better chance of getting free. 7 years ago  
Unless I'm hurt. I feel awkward when I'm the only one sitting down, and selfish if a girl is standing. 7 years ago  
sooo a 5 yo or 25 year old... hmmm decisions decisions... 7 years ago  
Both are awesome... but I'm in a 3 month long drought right now and I mow yards for money... 7 years ago  
pepsi is just a salty coke 7 years ago  
Already saw avatar. 7 years ago  
Both helped push technology to where it is today. No vote. 7 years ago  
Don't know the difference... 7 years ago  
I don't like GIANT ones. Medium ones are preferred. 7 years ago  
Kick the poo out of house cats. Lions, you're screwed unless you got a gun. 7 years ago  
I CLICKED THE WRONG ONE. Why do I need a mirror? I always look like walking sex. 7 years ago  
It's not like you can't learn. 7 years ago  
You can always learn! 7 years ago  
man, that picture is effed up... 7 years ago  
Makes for interesting conversation. 7 years ago  
PC better, but more expensive and higher chance of carpel tunnel. Xbox, good enough. 7 years ago  
Hahah, women have no rights. 7 years ago  
I can buy my wishes, biotch. 7 years ago  
I think the other option would result in this anyways. 7 years ago  
No worse feeling than being in debt. 7 years ago  
Freedom don't come free. 7 years ago  
'Merica! Back in the 1800s before the government got huge. 7 years ago  
I'll get to watch. She still likes me. 7 years ago  
At least it's not permanent. I can still get a job after a while. 7 years ago  
Everyone, please go to youtube and watch 180. Then search videos of abortion. If you see what's actually going on when the baby is killed you will change your mind. 7 years ago  
What's an embarrasing moment if it's not awkward? 7 years ago  
Rapist> Kid who did nothing to world but make males jealous 7 years ago  
My teacher told me he almost drowned, and it was the most peaceful thing he has every experienced. It's scary at first, but then things just get warm, you feel safe and at peace. Burning alive sounds terrible. I clicked on wrong one... sorry :( 7 years ago  
If it was just get rid of them from the music scene... probably justin. But I don't want either of them to die... 7 years ago  
Chrome and it's extentions are awesome, I got speed dial, ad block, lights off, a dictionary where I can highlight a word and it looks it up for me, and thing telling me if a sight is safe or not, and a way to see ratings on youtube videos before you click them. 7 years ago  
If no ones at our wedding we can go straight to honey moon. 7 years ago  
Some boobs & nice butt > flat butt and nice boobs. 7 years ago  
EASY choice. 7 years ago  
A top notch pc vs mac, no competition. 7 years ago  
ehhh speak all language is better choice. Easy class credits with foreign language classes. 7 years ago  
But doing nothing is depressing. Stress> depression 7 years ago +1
Can't have bad sex. It's like pizza. 7 years ago  
I doubt you'll find love, just a LOT of gold diggers. Now, I sayin' she a gold digger. I'm just saying she aint messin' with no broke ninja. 7 years ago  
All wyr's for now on need a third option. To kill yourself. 7 years ago  
If you find true love you get sex. Sooo... 7 years ago  
Is it the same actor? 7 years ago  
I wish I could go back and push my parents to get me in sports earlier. I have such a little shot now, and have to work so much harder to achieve my dreams, then the guy whose been playing sense kindergarten. 7 years ago  
Climbing it, that way you get the adrenaline rush and the sense of accomplishment. Jumping off, you just get adrenaline. 7 years ago  
That's a tough one... can I get both? 7 years ago  
I never surfed, because I'm smack dab in the middle of the country, even though it would be hard to learn, I think being in a pipe of water would be the coolest feeling in the world. 7 years ago  
MTV kill music. Ever since music has just been comercialized. It's now just about the money, not about making real stuff. 7 years ago +1
That was a terrible wyr. 7 years ago  
Think of the money you could make by flying, and the business moves you could make if you knew what others were thinking. 7 years ago  
Yep, our belief is a fairy tale. You had a random lump of mass that just magically exist. Then explodes. Got it. You really think we could have the complexity of life just from chance and trial and error? How can matter just go from being inanimate to harnessing life? Repent man, and turn to Jesus. 7 years ago  
For some reason, I don't think I can trust Ron when he tells me that... I think I got raped. Yeah, I got raped by Ronald McDonald. No more big macs for me, bad memories man! 7 years ago  
Keyboard and mouse IS better, but I prefer the controller. Less likely to get a nervous injury. From what I've heard, carpul tunnel isn't fun. 7 years ago  
Can I just get rid of my dad? He's gone crazy from all the prescription medicine he's on for his back. Dude's blasted on pain killers. 7 years ago  
Man I had swag in 5th grade. 7 years ago  
I honestly don't understand how Ron Paul is the underdog. Any one that trusts Mitt or Obama, I can't understand. Ron Paul would change this country for the better. 7 years ago +1
I come from a place where you're taught to save up. Better to have a few nice things that will last then a bunch of cheap crap. 7 years ago +1
...? 7 years ago  
Naw, she looked better with long hair, but still better than Miley Cyrus. 7 years ago  
That would be torture to be immortal... It would be fun for a little bit, but knowing that you'll never get to heaven, and after the end of the world you'll just be by your self. 7 years ago  
Or what he actually promised and what actually happened? Like Obama promising never to sneak legislation. He said he would wait 5 days before he signed it and let the people read a bill. 7 years ago  
I'm honestly scared for the sake of our country if obama is elected again... when we are 15 trillion in debt, why would we reelect THE largest spending in human history? Ron paul 2012, people, you can write him in on your ballot! And yeah, romney sucks too. But make Ron the first write in president! He's already getting more done than obama and he isn't president, imagine what he could do as president. Ron Paul 2012! 7 years ago  
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