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    wtf is tiny chat, Skype is worse 3 years ago  
    no you explode in neither 3 years ago  
    guys win 3 years ago  
    why is this in tech? 3 years ago  
    macs aren't worse, pc's aren't worse 3 years ago  
    screw you mom 3 years ago  
    depends on the finger 3 years ago  
    both 3 years ago  
    twitter for words, cool 3 years ago  
    adoption 3 years ago  
    Being alone doesn't mean your lonely 3 years ago +6
    $99,000,000,000? yes please 3 years ago  
    nose job 3 years ago  
    if u have everything... 3 years ago  
    i am a brony 3 years ago  
    get a nose job 3 years ago +1
    50/50?! 3 years ago  

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