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Ninja + Anime + gamer + Cartoons = Me (sort of)

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    both 1 month ago  
    bruh 1 month ago  
    soda 1 month ago  
    i am the oldest 1 month ago  
    miss click 1 month ago  
    who are they? 2 months ago  
    never says what I need to write, so I could just write anything. 2 months ago +4
    i'm slenderman now!!! 2 months ago  
    Working on B 2 months ago +1
    who 2 months ago  
    not gay 2 months ago  
    Why would you ask this? 2 months ago  
    report the site 3 months ago  
    basically, a face reveal 3 months ago  
    yes we have 3 months ago  
    same 3 months ago  
    in the middle 3 months ago  
    uuhhh..... 3 months ago  
    nah 3 months ago  
    missclick 3 months ago  
    Who an odds1sout fan? 3 months ago +4
    im good 3 months ago  
    I was confused at first 3 months ago  
    My sister too young. Also I saw the picture for A and clicked the other one 3 months ago  
    in a year 3 months ago  
    wings 3 months ago +1
    yyyuuummm 3 months ago  
    yum 3 months ago  
    Then how did you type? 3 months ago +2
    easy question 3 months ago  
    miss click 3 months ago  
    Funny video 3 months ago  
    You kind of need the suit for other things besides breathing. Also B is more useful. 3 months ago  
    how you doing 4 months ago  
    all boys like minecraft, right 4 months ago  
    Both 4 months ago +1
    this ones hard 4 months ago +1
    2020 4 months ago  
    CN at night 4 months ago  
    how about nun of them 4 months ago  
    easy 4 months ago  
    i've never heard of both 4 months ago +1
    You poop alot more than you cry. 4 months ago  
    Chall... oh crap 4 months ago  
    me too 4 months ago  
    my gramma 4 months ago  
    the spoon can carry more macaroni 4 months ago  
    what the 4 months ago  
    Skullcandy doesn't last long 4 months ago +1
    not arguements 4 months ago +1
    who 4 months ago  
    I never really liked Pokemon. 4 months ago  
    Have you guys even played Subnautica 4 months ago  
    who 4 months ago  
    It said "one weird candle" 4 months ago +1
    Who skipped it because there was too much too read? 4 months ago +1
    who doesn't care and is just watching? 4 months ago +1
    yyyeeeessss! 4 months ago  
    huh 4 months ago  
    you are dead either way 4 months ago  
    I don't were jeans a lot soo 5 months ago  
    me too 5 months ago  
    im not gay 5 months ago  
    neither 6 months ago  
    How the flip am I supossed to know 6 months ago  
    Just skip the question if you are under 21 6 months ago  
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