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    *world war* Um have you heard of nukes?  
    Hot celebrities are idiots :\ anyways any crush you want means you can choose a celebrity too.  
    I'm a Puerto Rico person but you only listed Bahamas trip so I choose you Europe. +1
    3,000 miles is not even close to 3km... 3,000 miles =4,828.032 Kilometers...  
    Shit. I'm a guy...  
    same lol  
    Best reply on this site.  
    That would hurt a lot more than a full one.  
    Olympics. +1
    WHAHhswhaheghsrthwshehehzshgfhsefhhfhehfhsedhfs MORE PEOPLE VOTED LEBRON? I'm a Lakers fan :(  
    I gave up on Football after the Los Angeles Raiders moved to Oakland.  
    Red Sox suck. I'm a Dodger and Yankees fan. +5
    Both suck.  
    I like Football. As in Football-Football. Association Football.  
    Lakers fan. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is my fav player of all time.  
    Punch the tire.  
    Smoke weed everyday.  
    No it isn't... Ugh... The concept of "Ninja" originated from Japan, so there would be a lot more Asian Ninjas than Western ones... +1
    I eat like a snob. I don't want to scare off Obama  
    Oh god.  
    Don't have one. I win.  
    Not choosing  
    I'm one of them. No wait I can pronounce Bacardi! Yay! I'm Puerto Rican so I guess I win this round! I'm not a retard!  
    In this case, you put a bullet into one of the chambers and spin the revolver so you don't know which chamber contained the bullet. Then you fire the gun at your head and see if you either get shot or you live and get the bucks!  
    Get rid of any law? SO CAN I LEGALIZE WEED? O)_(O  
    Cats aren't playful.  
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