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I should be doing homework right now.

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    More fun  
    It said kiss someone WITH meth mouth but It didn't say ON the mouth! Hah, look at me!  
    Do you 32% of you guys know what a blue waffle is? Eww....  
    Need something on your sandwich? *poops*  
    My friend wouldn't care, he'd just ask what she looked like.  
    My crush would know exactly why I hate that b*tch...  
    Darth Vader would beat the heck out of someone who messes with me.  
    If I'm loved, people should give me money as they should feel bad for me.  
    lol what significant other  
    Yeah but my flyer behind it would say "PEACE OUT SUCKAS"  
    So, i guess the Option B's never saw "Frozen"  
    You never know what the waiters and waitresses do to your food :P  
    Dude calm your tits. +2
    My dream vacation is going to Hollywood and meeting celebrities.  
    My nightmares are good enough to be Horror Movies.  
    If you loose your keys, you wouldn't be able to drive to your house and get in your house.  
    I would know how to rule the universe!!  
    I chose option a because of your comment. Plus, my bff is a girl ;)  
    I feel bad for the girl on the end in the black and white photo  
    Cats are cleanl, I agree with you!  
    It doesn't say what kind of doctor ;) +1
    I like Steven Hawking, but if I'd become disabled I'd dream to look like Joe from Family Guy.  
    The movie. Plus, you can earn money preforming with magic. Magic and money, look at that!  
    Jokes on you, I don't eat pork!  
    Not all small dogs are annoying. My aunt has a small dog and that dog is the smartest dog I've ever played with. Ha.  
    Fried worms or gummy worms? They also make edible cockroaches if you watch PVP ;)  
    You gotta pack a mint, guys.  
    Let's see here, add sugar, whipped cream, Hershey chocolate crushed into pieces w/ a cherry on top... SERVE IT UP!  
    Looks like you and me got something in common LOL! +1
    Chuck Norris might falcon punch the soul right out of my body :(  
    They never said we couldn't excuse ourselves.  
    I'm black and I chose spinach. MY DUDE WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO RACIST?  
    I'm a guy!!  
    I was about to post that until I saw you comment.  
    My teacher is German and she was voted "Nicest Teacher Throughout The Whole School."  
    All of the comments are all about a mispronunciation about Sox.  
    The chicken came first! S/he never said "What came first? The Egg or The Chicken" The chicken came first! Trick question.  
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