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    You seem like the kind of tough person that could take on Australia  
    To many fat prople  
    No just no, that was just really offensive you know  
    There are no tigers, are you mentally retarded or what  
    America the land of fat moronic people  
    America the land of gay moronic people  
    But those animals won't try to kill you unless you try to kill them  
    At one point.... your country is a prison right now  
    America is gay  
    America has big people  
    Tell them to shut up and stop being so stereotypical and learn the facts before they make themselves look like idiots  
    And they're not even that big aye,  
    Yeah we have snakes that won't kill you unless you piss them off, have some common sense and stay away from them  
    More like 10% if where the animals can kill you  
    Yeah but we have Julia Gillard , Kevin Rudd and Toby abbot... Biggest c***ts ever...literally  
    The other is great, one of the best places to live.,, don't listen to what people are saying cause it's not true  
    Stereotypical loser Australia will NOT kill you why won't to uneducated moronic fat lazy people get it through your thick heads that the animals will only hurt ( not kill, but hurt) you if you threaten them in any way  
    Wtf are you talking about we have water? Moron  
    Amen. Could not of said it better myself  
    Try living in a state that has something interesting  
    Probably because we have much higher pay rates than America  
    Actually I bet most of you are...only your marines and soldiers are the brave ones  
    America has so many dangerous people +1
    Stereotypical. The animals are only dangerous when you piss them off  
    CoD and battlefield aren't  
    So many f***ed up people in America, and spiders,snakes and crocodiles are not f***ed up. They're beautiful creatures that get pissed off when dumb people like you americans piss them off  
    And it's just as good over here  
    Maybe because we're smart and don't want to turn our like physcopathic gun nuts like you americans  
    They're totally harmless. Not even venomous, their fangs can't even pierce our skin  
    98% Australia wants to kill you because you accuse it of killing everybody when it doesn't. Stop assuming you know when you don't. Come and find out and you'll see it's a great country with great animals that won't try and kill you.  
    Over-exaggerating much  
    It's not like they're going. " jump" onto land or anything...moron  
    Born and lived here for 14 years. Haven't seen a snake, haven't seen these "huge spiders" you're talking about, the biggest one I've seen is about the size of a grape!  
    I live in Australia so sorry to all you amuriciaans  
    Stereotypical asshole  
    Yeah but there's a very low chance that you'll get bitten by a spider  
    I'm already alone, the ducks in my backyard are my only friends *sigh*  
    You'd have to be stupid to not pick space, therefore 16% are stupid  
    You are....bloody fag  
    That looks like a combination if Loki's sceptir and a squid  
    Cause your going to punch someone just before you hit the ground  
    I live in Australia, but I have foxtel anyways...  
    Only cause it said Pedro  
    Yes, you are  
    My hat was nearly the hardest question of my life :o  
    You'd have to be retarded to pic a bugs life  
    Are you mentally retarded or what, start reading the question before you make yourself look like an idiot  
    Ain't that the truth  
    See whats it's like to live in a third world country  
    No.....Just no  
    Such rape, much cock, wow  
    Giovanna Plowman style  
    No you can't, retard  
    Yes they did, look at the top idiot  
    Why isn't there a both button  
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