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Hi, guys! My name is Sophia, I'm a straight A student from Chicago. Music is life, especially THE BAND PERRY!!❤️ They are awesome! I also like the color red, country music, the smell of wine, love long walks on the beach, and more... I'm very open-minded, accept all types of people, different races, different sexualities, different ideas, I just think it makes me a better person, (just overall I love to hear people out and hear their points-of-view) so I strongly dislike such close-minded people like racists, sexists, homophobes, bullies, and other people like that. I joined this site, because I love you rather questions!!! Bye!!❤️

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    Good for you!!!  
    I'm not a selfish idiot.  
    Yes they did its right there in the question.  
    I'm one to love when not wanted  
    At least with A I'll still have the fun of playing.  
    Adults pay bills, go to work, deal with marriage, have SOOOO many responsibilities that kids don't have. Kids just go to school, only have some responsibilities, I just think being a kid would be less work.  
    Why would u b popular if ur ugly??  
    Each option is a trade-off.  
    Idk why anyone who treats me like a nobody even BECAME my best friend in the first place.  
    Hitler was horrible!!  
    I already study history in school and it would be cool to meet my descendants. Futures gonna b sweet!  
    Don't say that. I'm 12 I know what sex is.  
    Just wait the 2 yrs!  
    I clicked the wrong one I feel so bad!  
    Already am  
    Call me crazy but I hate camping. Sleep outside? In the woods? In a tent? On the ground? Not for me! Also a total baby about mosquitos!!!  
    Why the hell would u share that on the internet?!!  
    I LOVE REDHEADS!!! Im a brunette so for me it's quite special for me to lay eyes on a redhead.  
    Total bookworm and besides most of the books stories r better than the books.  
    Although I'd b nervous to sing in front of a ginormous crowd I wouldn't like to do a nude scene in a movie where such an amount of ppl r watching.  
    I already say a lot of stuff on my mind to my closest friends I trust.  
    Damnit why'd u make the pic that represents "dumb " a sexy blonde woman? Huh?!! +1
    I'm gonna b honest here so I'm more of a cat person.  
    It's ur family tho ppl who understand u!  
    Old ppl r sweet! Most of them!  
    Ill stay me  
    I love my friends! I couldn't go without them!  
    I love the outdoors and am very close to nature, only not this time of the year, January 29, 2016.  
    I wouldn't wanna be late for among the two most special days of my life (first being when my child(ren) is/are born!  
    My life not mybfamikyd  
    Why would I marry a horse?  
    At least I'd love them whereas me being miserable.  
    Still going to the bedroom why not eat?  
    I wouldn't wanna eat anyone's crap so let's start there...  
    I'm a girl. And brunette.  
    One of the hardest questions I've come across...  
    More money for African kids!  
    Wow! Do u have any idea how selfish that is?!! These African kids are starving here, people! And we first-world ppl who are just so SPOILED shed UNGRATEFUL are COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS to the suffering of ppl who aren't quite as lucky.  
    This is a silly question, because if ur I love with the person of ur dreams doesn't that count as all of ur wishes accomplished?  
    Post 2016: they already have both.  
    Didn't say anything about baths!  
    Didn't say anything about baths!  
    What the hell kinda question is this?!  
    I honestly would prefer to go on a blind date then dating online cuz the person online could be faking so on a blind date I'd actually know that the person is for real.  
    If ppl ❤️ u it would not matter what u look like.  
    Do it all the time so whatevs.  
    What's wrong with a romantic dinner?  
    That's sorta racist & so m I & i ❤️ bball!  
    I already play basketball and plus golf is just SOOOO boring!  
    Don't care for soccer I just picked randomly.  
    Sooooooooo cute!❤️  
    I'd like to stick with what God chose for me.  
    Well, answer me this: would u rather watch ur loved ones get sick and possibly die friends from pollution or stay on a relaxing tropical island alone just to watch them?  
    Family first.  
    Didn't say he said yes  
    For option A they didn't say ur friend doesn't pay u back!  
    Sleep outside? On the ground? In the woods? No thanks!  
    Id like to stick with what God assigned me.  
    Snow! Oh the white pleasure.  
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