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    No, the Middle East created ISIS.  
    Logic: science. You can't prove God is real. +3
    Who made God? If you can answer this, then you are right. +2
    Prove it. +2
    Can I be a horse?  
    You forgot to add "not"! +2
    Science did.  
    If I was a nuclear submarine, I would have choose A!  
    Unicorns are real! My cousin is a unicorn.  
    Who created God? No one. What created The Big Bang? Science and elements. We don't have God, but we have science and elements. +2
    Anyone who selected Holocaust is not American!  
    I already speak Horse!  
    I would then be two tons, better traction, and harder to move!  
    I will look for you, I will find you, and I will literally detonate a nuke right next to you!  
    I live on a farm so I see it every day!  
    I'm a horse so I am use to having big stuff come out of my ass!  
    It didn't say the disease!  
    I prefer hay and grass!  
    I'd rather commit suicide!  
    You will literally tear yourself a new asshole!  
    I don't fight my own kind sorry!  
    I know who.  
    I don't understand, I'll even empty outside in a parking lot for the mall!  
    I would rather have light fast internet in de shak!  
    You will die either way, but space will kill you without pain.  
    I should of said water... but it didn't say any other drink!  
    I'm already a horse!  
    I'd rather be a stallion.  
    What about me?!  
    As long as it is a gaming PC.  
    You sausage in your pants.  
    Thank you.  
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