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They tell us everything's alright
And we just go along
How can we fall asleep at night
When something's clearly wrong
When we could feed a starving world
With what we throw away
But all we serve are empty words
That always taste the same...

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    wtf I'm on this twice. XD  
    Calling someone a racist for not liking Obama is no longer effective. If I have anything to say against Obama, it’s not because I’m a racist. It’s because I don’t like what he’s doing as President and anybody should be able to feel that way. baiting with the race card is getting old. If you say anything against him you’re called a racist, I don’t care what color he is. Calling someone a racist because they don’t care for Obama has become such a meaningless conditioned response from leftists, that it only means something to them now. I'm not going to try to prove anything further to you. I know you will define ‘racist’ as being whatever you want it to be. Whine about it all you want. Basically, I am not listening anymore to that futile rhetoric. Using an abstract weapon such as calling someone a ‘racist” has become a loser's tactic to the point that the person who uses that term is the real loser. It doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be sensible dialogue, but that is for logical people. +2
    I am not being a racist. It's not that I simply hate him because he's black. I dislike him because of the things he has done, and more importantly the things he has not done. During the Chrysler bankruptcy Obama violated the Fifth Amendment and more than 150 years of bankruptcy law by illegally treating secured creditors worse than unsecured creditors. On top of that he supported the release of a convicted mass murderer. In 2010, Obama supported releasing Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi (who had been convicted of murdering 270 people) from prison. Obama has destroyed our economy. Unfortunately I did hope that Obama would win the election in the beginning, I am saddened by the non-stop lies and spin. I am saddened by the disaster that his Presidency has been. I wanted him to be the best President in our history, for so many reasons. He has likely been our worst. This phony, pontificating, self absorbed, lying, posturing, hypocrite was re-elected in 2012. On the basis of what? Because he's "pretty"? Because he has a nice smile and can "get down" with the regular folk? Because he's interracial? Was he judged by the color of his skin rather than the content of his character? Does that last question make me a racist? America is suffering from that now and will for the next three plus years unless Obama can legally be removed from office; highly unlikely given a rogue conspirator as head of the DOJ, a weak kneed, fractious "republican" party consisting of dupes like John McCain, Lindsay Graham, John Boehner, etc. So I am a racist? Fine. Thank you for that so unnecessary comment. +3
    Yepperz. +1
    Cuter. +3
    Its not fake o.O  
    I thought is said sex... didn't...  
    Baseball can go f*ck a wall. Its not a real sport, its just...not.  
    Well, I guess its popular.  
    Barcelona :)  
    Pools, because you can add jets and hot water and have an awesome heated pool: With jets :)  
    England :) +1
    This car is decked out. Da sh#t.  
    Cricket is just...No.  
    Basket-Ball :)  
    That's racist.  
    Isn't European football just soccor? Germans do that too (Call soccor football.) Nothing special about that.  
    That's not true. More than just Americans play Football.  
    I do both (Surfing/Snowboarding) but I like snowboarding more :)  
    My friends are on my computer.  
    Gamer Girl!  
    Ниггер Пожалуйста! Ниггер нигер нигер нигер нигер Пожалуйста! Что ебать?  
    Ниггер Пожалуйста!  
    Ниггер Пожалуйста! Ниггер нигер нигер нигер нигер Пожалуйста! Что ебать? Шутите с ниггер, когда он будучи ниггер? ПОШЛИ ВЫ!  
    J'utilise Firefox, donc je ne peux vraiment pas choisir Chrome parce que je n'ai pas utilisé.  
    I have an Iphone 4s so i kinda have to vote for it... not really but i choose too.  
    Bon bien je pense personnellement Mulan est mieux parce qu'elle est comme mon personnage préféré de Disney, et l'autre gars allways me creeped ... Donc il.  
    Omg la grand-mère est si laid! Et je ne déteste pas les gens, donc il.  
    Je serais plutôt d'avoir une voiture malade parce que je ne serais jamais chez moi de toute façon.  
    TV on PC!  
    La popularité est préférable de ceux qui n'étaient pas / ne sont pas populaires  
    Les porcs sont si mignons!  
    Los Angeles est mieux que Las Vegas  
    I don't have a penis. So HA!  
    Its fun, adrenalin rush!  
    Kill Them! No one would ever know!!! >:)  
    At least you know where the acid has been, no camel. NUUUUUUU!  
    Cant get into bars looking like a kid.  
    Didn't say for how long :)  
    I wouldn't mind a little mud.  
    Im the only one that gets presents!!! >:)  
    Music b*tches!  
    They would both hurt... but tongue is worse  
    No mistakes remembered!  
    Snakes are cool.  
    Agreed :)  
    Its not racist, he's just an asshole.  
    And Obama ruined America's reputation for good-presidents.  
    Agreed ^_^  
    not at all!  
    F*CK OBAMA +2
    Sataan because I deal with him already.  
    Imma girl!  
    Take me from my misery!!!  
    Lol +1
    Doesn't matter had sex.  
    Mr. Bean!!!  
    GOOGLE +1
    Smells good though :)  
    "Garbeg" ???  
    Don't need to wear make-up  
    Already have one of these...  
    What the hell?  
    Hot nerd ^_^ :)  
    WTF is Viddy?  
    Famous :)  
    The hair isn't that bad :)  
    Creepy McbuttSex. +2
    F YOU LION KING GROUP. but that's cuz I choose YOLO  
    I would have been like 'Well f8ck you then'  
    Humans arnt animals, they're mammals, but not animals.  
    Animals are awesome *Rides white tiger through desert* MUAHAHAHA  
    the fat guys make the elevator cable snap: Instant/smelly death.  
    Geez stop with the calling people idiots. its rude, let them have their f*cking opinion!  
    THEY ARE BOTH GAY, but Twilight has Taylor Laughtner... and he is Sexy as  
    Qf 4life  
    LOL IKR  
    Did the small dog choose to be that way? no so don't hate. and Big dog cuz Rottweilers and Saint Bernards RULE.  
    GOOD! you can all die, were all going to: eventually! Even vampires get staked.  
    #Am now an Iphone-owning zombie (According to random person from California)  
    Doesn't matter had sex  
    Gingers don't eat souls...  
    Doesn't matter had sex. +1
    god is fake. +1
    GEEZ! stop calling eachother idiots, its rude, cant we have our own oppinions?!?! so STFU with that. +1
    Losing is useless. unless you get to the end and THEN lose. then it would be worth it.  
    Hehehe my friend are on the internet... so yeah.  
    Aids because its kills more then cancer because it has NO cure.  
    Um I would ^_^ except the hair...  
    Gumballs are bigger+ give your jaw a better workout xD +4
    I looooooove Juciy Fruit!!! +37
    Lol the pic was just cool :)  
    Crazy b*tch is an attention wh*re. (Me) and I know it too.  
    American since... ever.  
    Da Office.  
    Its alcohol  
    yeah b*tches!  
    Bacardi is Ok, a little too sweet though.  
    but if your a rich asshole, that's different.  
    greed is something we all got a little of.  
    Coke all the way!  
    Doesn't matter had sex.  
    I love how you type bad things and its all 'Watch your language, only type things that you would show your mother' Oh so your showin' my mom behind my back? Rude. LOL  
    Doesn't matter had sex.  
    -Bitches be followin'-  
    Really you don't know who these guys are?!?! Neither do I.  
    Horror movie all around.  
    Im a girl but still, masterbating= so much easier. that's what I heard anyways.  
    Doesn't matter had sex.  
    Twilight IS gay, but I sleep a lot and still have bags under my eyes, so NO sleep :) ^_^  
    Sex in the air...?well... that's a new one. OMG its 50-50! Muahaha!  
    I need the internet!!! lol ^_^  
    I hate snow :'(  
    omg that movie was awesome! am I the only one who saw the broken leg coming when he jumped off?  
    Sex mode: 24/7  
    Either way: Doesn't matter had sex.  
    Doesn't matter had sex.  
    Doesn't matter had sex.  
    GAYYYYY but im sure they will do eachother for free  
    Live for ever: sex forever b*tches! Jk, live forever because, what eles would vampires do? :P  
    He's hotter, so yeah... but im all ways open to 3 way though.  
    One night stand. nobody needs romantic sh*t to get attached too. +1
    Doesn't matter: had sex  
    Mode: From happy to ass-kick. We'd kick his ass.  
    10,000,000. BECAUSE even if he doesn't like me, ill show him a quick peek at my bank account and he'll have $10,000,000 reasons to love me!  
    Dubstep all the way! and F*ck the lyrics! no one who matters chooses lyrics.  
    Am a girl so money, and can still have sex :)  
    Tired as hell? don't want to work for a little 'white cream'? Sperm Twinkies b*tches!  
    I would rather give a bj. #Like  
    *Go outside/come back inside/brush teeth* simple as that :)  
    Clean it mother*ckers!  
    Ew, but no one poops that much so...yeah.  
    I would rather give a bj. #Like  
    Men like it rough ;) and girls cant exactly masturbate with sandpaper... so...yeah...  
    No dick.  
    add sugar/milk/cream/splenda/ect.  
    Whoops. did not mean to pick that...  
    might as well :)  
    Erm... ew...  
    Even though I love my hair and wouldn't want to go bald... the nails just sounds like it would hurt...  
    Or bite down hard and don't let it come out ^_^ some like it rough. :)  
    A girl so yeah ^_^ Might as well :)  
    Hated her anyways.  
    Neither. Not even going to vote.  
    We meet again ^_^  
    No dick, sorry ^_^  
    Free Shuriken :)  
    Girl so...idk...  
    Girl-on-girl then...? Oh come on, if your a guy you know you'd want to watch.  
    Eat that mo-fo!!!  
    Haha *Skip*  
    Beer+me=LETS GET IT ON GURL!  
    gross! neither!  
    Free Shuriken ^_^ Bad-ass :)  
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