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I'm very creative, and I'm very social. I love wrestling, Doctor Who, TVD, and I'm nicknamed Crazy Chick lol. I won't be on for a while. A few thing I have to take care of (family sicknesses). I will be back on soon! Just give me a few weeks and I'll be ready to rock and roll :)

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    I can still go to heaven.  
    Dude, u got the pictures switched. The one on the right is OBVIOUSLY the masterpiece.  
    Me: "But it's cookie dough. You can't resist the cookie dough."  
    Why no both?  
    I'd let them pass and if I saw a screaming guy I'd punch him.  
    *clears thorough* 21.  
    Suckers my mother already did!  
    Oh my god there is more categories these are just the best questions explore the site.  
    It's not real Christians, it's fake people who go back and forth. I love the person, but not the sin. That is what we are tought and that is what I stick to. You can be gay, but personally, I would never ever do it.  
    #1 That's a burmese #2 They aren't that dangerous, just don't stick your hand in it's mouth idiot.  
    We've slept in the same bed together, does that count? But we've never slept together in that way.  
    Looks like someone is a 9 year old girl. I just answered because I saw abs.  
    It's hard to beat up your friend, it's easier to jump your enemy with your friend.  
    Neither would happen because my best friend is his sister and my other best friend is his cousin, and my other 'friend' is his ex that he hates and all the others are guys. Boom.  
    I won't date, I'll either skip right to marry or be friends with benefits :) +45
    ITS A TRAP!  
    misclick. my crush is a highschooler lol.  
    my ex goldfish.  
    Sell light saber, save children in my country, save some for my family then send the rest of the money to a African village and save more lives then just one. Boom. +1
    uhhh.......I rate u the number unicorns.  
    Reading the right book can change your life.  
    I think my life isn't that bad lol.  
    Lowering would make less teen go out and want to break the law so they over drink. I think we shouldn't ban, but we should teach kids about safe drinking.  
    Where is the jump off a cliff option?  
    Ian Somerhalder is possibly the sexiest man in the world as of now.  
    My friend is the closest person to me. I only have 2 lol.  
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