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Ryan: The normal human being. Crazy Horse: The crazy, cute, and cuddly Scottish horse.

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Would you rather have a staring contest with Whisky or Me 1 week ago 21 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Ready for Christmas (Are you also ready?) Yes or No 2 months ago 39 votes 0 comments 0 likes

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Already did. 1 day ago  
BAGPIPE! 2 days ago  
Play bagpipes. 3 days ago  
Good, I have a army now of Scottish red squirrels! 1 week ago  
But have you tried gas and chicken scratch dust? 1 week ago +1
Why is there so much snow inside your house? 1 week ago  
Ok, you can't change the time or method, but you can avoid it if it's not a natural death. 1 week ago This is my favorite version. 1 week ago  
Nice, but cold 1 week ago  
I already plan on wearing one! 1 week ago  
But we all secretly know that Earth is a bagpipe floating in space. 1 week ago  
When they're not broken. 1 week ago  
Alexw hates us. 2 weeks ago +1
If it's not Scottish, it's crap! 2 weeks ago  
Horse ghosts can type just as well as humans can! 2 weeks ago +1
I am a ghost. 2 weeks ago +1
*Nearer My God to Thee intensifies.* I already know how to play piano. 2 weeks ago  
Don't worry, Scotland will soon leave the UK! 3 weeks ago  
I don't remember. 3 weeks ago  
Who are ya? 3 weeks ago +1
Big tiddies. 3 weeks ago +1
Good, stay off the road then. 3 weeks ago +1
The fork did you do now? 4 weeks ago +1
If I even decide to have lunch... trying to lose weight. 4 weeks ago  
Go fork yourself in the bass. 1 month ago  
If you go to Middletown, CT, you'll see that there is actually some good paintings on the sides of buildings. It's art when you're being appropriate about it and get some form of permission to do it. 1 month ago  
Old country. 1 month ago +2
So, a lot of people like me, and they certainly don't care that I like pipe and drum! 1 month ago +1
William Wallace. 1 month ago  
And in real life. 1 month ago  
Playing games and watching videos. 1 month ago +1
Everyone is equal in the eyes of the reaper. 1 month ago  
I never lose... the battle may be over for now, but the war just started! 1 month ago  
Bottle it up and sell it to the gas company. 1 month ago  
Then why did you vote for yourself?! I've voted for you, not myself. 1 month ago  
WWII was ended in nukes. Considering that they are way worse now than when they were first created, no one will be willing to actually nuke a country, because if they do, basically every other country will be on their ass in a heartbeat. 1 month ago +1
Until Trump came along. 1 month ago +1
Funny thing is that I could've done that, but I kinda ruined it for myself. 1 month ago  
Only because of the good wine. 1 month ago  
Why not... 1 month ago +1
Nah, I suck. 1 month ago  
Can't vote for myself because I'm nice. 1 month ago  
Clothes, money, and no alcohol. 2 months ago  
I mean, if he says something about a "why are you randomly playing bagpipes at twelve in the morning on Christmas day", we may just have some issues. 2 months ago +2
Besides the work 2 months ago  
Just seeing the word gave me one 2 months ago  
Unless it was alcohol. 2 months ago +1
Next year will be just as bad. 2 months ago  
France surrendered every time. 2 months ago  
I see you watch him as well. 2 months ago +1
Impeach that bawbag. 2 months ago  
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