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Would you rather potato croquettes or potato gratin 3 years ago 100 votes 3 comments 0 likes

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Wow, a question not about obma. 3 years ago  
Hell yes 3 years ago  
Mc hammer is awesonme 3 years ago  
Harry is more creative 3 years ago  
Old but gold 3 years ago  
Both nice 3 years ago  
Spidey! 3 years ago  
Hilarious 3 years ago  
Wow is fun 3 years ago +1
Movies are better 3 years ago  
Quality over quantitties 3 years ago  
Money talks 3 years ago  
Lions are stronger 3 years ago  
Keeping beer vhilled is more important than heating noodles 3 years ago +1
Private 3 years ago  
Go nuts 3 years ago  
Fantasy has the happy end 3 years ago  
Haggis! 3 years ago  
Blue is more creative 3 years ago  
Fun sells it 3 years ago  
Croquettes are the best 3 years ago  
Looks like an average highway toilet 3 years ago  
Legal? 3 years ago  
Why is every second question apoop poop eating 3 years ago  
Thats so incest 3 years ago  
Villians are losers 3 years ago  
Bob as a girl?! Wtf 3 years ago  
Subcribers make money 3 years ago  
What? Stupid question... Choosing between awesome life and no life 3 years ago  
Wouldnt hurt from a kid 3 years ago  
Ist mickey, not mini 3 years ago +1
McCheese 3 years ago +1
You Can transform into a bird! 3 years ago +1
Das kleine schwarze 3 years ago  
Both bice 3 years ago  
Technic is always better 3 years ago  
Coke 3 years ago  
No need for pusdies 3 years ago  
Huge diapers needed 3 years ago +1
Shoes cover... 3 years ago  
If your smartphone is charged i see no problem 3 years ago  
Santa would be awesome with Rudolph the red nosed 3 years ago  
Ask for the gun and shoot him 3 years ago  
Slouch Like a questionmark. ? 3 years ago  
Money talks 3 years ago  
As a one Year Old you can suck boobs 3 years ago  
Hahahaha no 3 years ago  
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