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    omg guest from North Carolina! GAY OR LESBIAN MARRIAGE IS FINE!  
    hey, dont be so hard on angry birds! it was a big deal a few years ago! :(  
    wait...wasn't this same question put a few paces back????  
    why would I want to live an extra 50 years? i would be shriveling up like a cantalope and the whole time in pain  
    dont know what either of them are  
    I chose one becuz i had to I hate him either way  
    If i was smart, I would find a superquick way to lose weight  
    Mcdonalds will make you fat. Burger king will also make you fat. I chose burger king becuz i watched supersize me  
    makeup really isn't that big a thing for girls right now. I personally prefer to go without wearing 50 pounds of mascara or lipstick or eyeliner  
    I could work out and get healthier +1
    living in a haunted house doesn't mean its ACTUALLY haunted. Someone might have been bitten by a spider in the basement and thought it was a...night crawler, or whatever  
    marios a phsycopath: he kills things, dates-what, three different women?-  
    bite the shark back! >:D  
    cats sleep for, like, 10 hours a day  
    okay, lets see: 1700-no treatment for lice, bad medical care, wars, dictators. 2700- flying cars, cure for cancer, time travel (maybe) I know what my choice is...  
    anyone else have no clue who either of these guys are?  
    uh, hel-LO? anyone thinkin of Donald Trump for 2nd option???  
    I want people to love me for who I am, not by a stupid heart-tipped arrow  
    celibate means not marrying someone, usually 4 religious reasons  
    everyone i know wishes it was warmer. I personally love cold weather, and it never snows where I live.  
    no arms=no hands=no fingers=no video games. CASE CLOSED  
    do it all the time  
    dont know who either of them are  
    i personally prefer cooler weather, and it never snows in CA  
    i could shop in the kids section, save a lot of money  
    i hate the Donald as much as anyone, but... LIKE A BOSS  
    ikc if my son is gay  
    idk who the hell ms. sirois is, but ill always go with playing roblox!  
    technically, drinks are food...  
    ooh, this is a toughie!  
    im a chocolatie person ppl DONT JUDGE ME  
    I am the oreo queen, chips ahoy taste cheap  
    white chocolate is a poor excuse for chocolate  
    I get really cold in the water at night  
    im kinda quiet  
    lol they said "en" i cant tell if they were gonna say "in" or "an" or "and" or "or"  
    im satisfied with a 6-digit amount of money  
    but for how long?  
    you will be in pain the entire time you die if you drown... :P  
    i already have long hair, so...yeh  
    if i chose JB id be lesbien +1
    shave head>wigs>no stinkin' two-hour long lice treatments!!!!! yes please  
    im a girl, i win!  
    hot dogs rule the world  
    if i educate them, I will become their god anyway  
    i feel really sorry for the 21% of ppl who answered this in 2016...  
    but you had to make some sort of deal with him, and you cant make a deal with him if hes not real...  
    if i could wear skin-color underpants, or if my private parts were pixalated out...  
    i need my two arms to eat ice cream. case closed  
    im a girl! i win!  
    i get really scared from my nightmares...  
    ew, cheese????  
    it would be shorter  
    Option 1: Be mysterious. Option 2: Be annoying  
    i would end up using it to get a lung transplant  
    didn't say how id cross id go in a boat  
    i would make my older sis babysit me! MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!  
    it wouldn't be so awkard, and i like cooking  
    lasts longer  
    im a girl...  
    anorexia is a bit easier to see and fix than drugs  
    well, could i blur up my private parts and face?  
    if someone gossips about you, they took time out of their pointless lives to think about you  
    didnt say for how long...  
    im in a treeeeeeeeeee  
    watch tv on ur compooper  
    less stress  
    dude unless u r donald trump i dont know what 2 say 2 u  
    id run out of popcorn  
    didn't say what type of acid!!!!  
    i would have an excuse to punch!!!  
    at least potatoes don't give you diabetes...and they didn't say in which state so they could be french fries!!!!!!!!1  
    some parents do live with their kin, & they raise their kids in the kids-oh whatever, i sound like gibbeish +1
    everyones about nutella these days...i don't really like it to be honest...  
    im a supersneaky snake!!!!!!!  
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