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    Things happen for a reason HONEY. I think that the past is terrible yes but you can't change what's been done.  
    I phones suck i would rather have an android though  
    Dudes let us be. I'm already bonde soo i'm naturally stupid. :p  
    But if they plan to do it they wouldn't eat too much or heavy  
    I would be F***kin happy not crying like a baby.  
    I'm already weird personality wise  
    i would do it.  
    me too  
    i have some crazy dreams soooo. :)  
    Well you won't get mugged there.  
    you could break your bones  
    you can't cheat death. everyone knows that  
    unicorns are the worst. they could stab you with that horn  
    Adopt. You'll make a kid happy to have a family again  
    This is me already soooo  
    serious??? -_-  
    I wouldn't do unless it was for my life ironically  
    I actually want to have a private wedding soooo  
    which is why I chose it.  
    I clicked the wrong one. SHIT!  
    doesn't say you can't bring people with you!  
    slow down there sparky.  
    oh shut up keep your stuff to yourself. we don't want to hear it!  
    sorry star wars  
    how about no??  
    SO TORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait bacon with the dinner  
    Oh yeah say that to my METAL AGUMAON!! I just didn't get pokemon I like it though.  
    I thought it said NOT prefer. :(  
    who said they wouldn't  
    STAND UP  
    cause they're idiots and i could defend myself as a 13 year old.  
    Australia has got some f****d up things I wouldn't even think of going there  
    if you show up early then you can take a nap.  
    my enemy or me??  
    that 30% disgusts me  
    mnm's are just choco more variety  
    dont like cars  
    you have been spoiled  
    ipod so i could listen to music  
    i dont have a phone sooooooooooooo  
    i can atually bear this pain it hurts for two secinds then its gone till i do it again  
    How do they get mouse flavor??? dundunduuuuuuuuun  
    i don't get this... +1
    i'm a girl. i could still stand doing the glass though.  
    i would use t on nothing love shouldn't be tampered with especially not on celebrities.  
    a person that doesn't know math.  
    i love roasted things they taste good so i chose it. am i missing something?  
    you are an evil genius :)  
    at least he would love me in the end  
    not from the bombs!  
    don't care underdress  
    we did it as a kid soooo  
    if you want to be an atheist GO FOR It! If you want to be religious GO FOR IT! Don't be mean about it though. +1
    I totally believe in god.  
    YOU MUTHA F************************************************************************ AUTHORS NOTE!!!!!!!!!!  
    yes they can and they will.  
    yes they can  
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