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    I already live in Australia so 2 years ago  
    You can actually concentrate 2 years ago  
    This was such a hard question 2 years ago  
    Steph Curry with the shot boyyyyy 2 years ago  
    La Lamborghini, La Lamborghini B*tch I know you see me in my Lamborghini 2 years ago  
    Go Bill Gates 2 years ago  
    Yeah I'm a Christian 2 years ago  
    Avatar is HIGHEST GROSSING MOVIE OF ALL TIME 2 years ago  
    All the sith dies 2 years ago  
    Apple has more battery life 2 years ago  
    Scientists wouldn't be poor anyway 2 years ago  
    There are lots of struggles in life 2 years ago  
    Ronaldooooooo 2 years ago  
    I like wolves better 2 years ago  
    Screw your guys I'm going home 2 years ago  
    If you live forever your loved ones will die 2 years ago  
    You wouldn't get caught 2 years ago  
    No Pain, No Gaun 2 years ago  

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