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I like cheese

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Would you rather Eat plain Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza 2 years ago 367 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Whats Better Golden State Warriors or Cleveland Cavaliers 2 years ago 438 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Which is the Better Team? Denver Broncos or Seattle Seahawks 2 years ago 78 votes 12 comments 0 likes

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20% is a lot 2 years ago  
havent seen it 2 years ago  
never die 2 years ago  
there are 3 frogs 2 years ago  
both 2 years ago  
dumbasses the redcoats have guns 2 years ago +4
sexist 2 years ago  
love 2 years ago  
WHAT THE FUK! 2 years ago +1
i will be best friends with the person i hate, shoot them, then go back to my original friend 2 years ago  
boobs 2 years ago  
IMMA GUY 2 years ago  
being a prostitute pays well 2 years ago  
i mean, trumps prez 2 years ago  
on the 49ers at least they circled the problem 2 years ago +1
how is this 50-50 2 years ago  
hotter 2 years ago  
god big banging 2 years ago +2
Fuk both! GO BRONCOS 2 years ago  
then kill him 2 years ago  
German husky mix 2 years ago  
since when does donald trump do this? 2 years ago +1
i dont think there is such thing as junk food 2 years ago +4
i mean the flag is a big plus. No pun intended 2 years ago  
Rated SMC for suck my cock 2 years ago  
make one with big boobs 2 years ago +3
rest with hot girls 2 years ago  
you spelled soccer wrong you bich 2 years ago  
so i can join in 2 years ago +1
both 2 years ago  
so it looks like i have more than one hoe with me 2 years ago  
you cant drink and drive 2 years ago  
both are fake 2 years ago  
euthanizing means kiling 2 years ago  
love porn 2 years ago  
f*** both 2 years ago  
the second time around 2 years ago  
Thumbs up if you agree 2 years ago  
Go bald! Like if you agree please 2 years ago  
Movies are better! Thumbs up if you like 2 years ago  
I'm a man 2 years ago  
I like hotels, they have tvs 2 years ago  
Starbucks is great 2 years ago  
german:( 2 years ago  
Steph is still young 2 years ago  
You grammer no good either 2 years ago  
I am a distance runnner 2 years ago  
People with guns kill people 2 years ago  
cam newton, no. Fig newton, YES 2 years ago  
Lebron=0 MVP 2 years ago  
Same thing 2 years ago  
WHY 2 years ago  
We cant be friends 2 years ago  
Fire Boobs 2 years ago +1
Who says i dont already:) 2 years ago  
Whats with Tom Baby? 2 years ago  
Broncos 2 years ago  
Deflatriots 2 years ago  
What sport is this 2 years ago  
Pele dead 2 years ago  
Spread out dem arms 2 years ago  
BASEBALL is Boring? Clearly you haven't watched cricket 2 years ago  
He has a ring 2 years ago  
Messi is messy 2 years ago  
Broncos 2 years ago  
FVCK YOU BlTCH 2 years ago  
They say lets bang it 2 years ago +2
no one says lets bing it 2 years ago +1
Fuk you who eats poop? 2 years ago +1
Get a wig 2 years ago  
be buried alive a second before i die 2 years ago  
when i lie no one can tell 2 years ago  
Don't have a sister 2 years ago  
10,000,000 what? 2 years ago  
I'm demon son 2 years ago  
Cunt 2 years ago  
Gay also means happy 2 years ago  
Girl 2 years ago  
Meant to be rich but hated (By someone I don't know) 2 years ago  
ouch... 2 years ago  
I'm a guy... 2 years ago  
Neither 2 years ago  
I hate Trump tho 2 years ago  
Sharks go away after one quick bite 2 years ago  
I hate Justin Beaver 2 years ago  
What are the chances of dying y lightning? 2 years ago  
Phelps has more medals 2 years ago  
you can sleep in school 2 years ago  
FFuuck both 2 years ago  
I'm really loud 2 years ago  
It's a free country in da U.S. 2 years ago  
Niether 2 years ago  
Neither are hot enugh 2 years ago  
He cried about that too 2 years ago  
I'd whip him into shutting up. 2 years ago +1
Is that colton garibaldi? I hate the guy 2 years ago  
FUuck Both 2 years ago  
DAMnN NIGer 2 years ago  
which ever one pulls their bras and panties down first 2 years ago  
same thing either way 2 years ago  
daughter is hotter 2 years ago  
I dont drink but heck 2 years ago  
i'll get bach to you on that one 2 years ago  
FUuCKING NEITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
you from jamaica, because your jamakin me horny 2 years ago +1
Aristotle was Plato's student 2 years ago  
JK JK JK 2 years ago  
i once killed my teacher with my bare hands! 2 years ago  
polar bears are going extinct 2 years ago  
scientists are apperently not religoius slut 2 years ago  
i would save my love 2 years ago  
like the pic 2 years ago  
Then i can make beyonce have sex with me since she 'LOVES" me 2 years ago  
Yeah 2 years ago  
Go big or go home 2 years ago  
Think about it, kindergarteners getting high! 2 years ago  
i'd rather die for something i did do 2 years ago  
Go me ruling 2 years ago  
FUTURE BABY! 2 years ago  
Then i can fuuck my wife and no one will see it 2 years ago  
You can use a computer for internet 2 years ago  
That was sarcasm 2 years ago  
Yeah sure Hitler 2 years ago  
You can kill the starving African with da saber 2 years ago  
TMI xjebezx 2 years ago  
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