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    That's usual 9 months ago  
    May be eaten, you don't have to 9 months ago  
    they mean the same thing, I've got skill/talent when playing guitar 9 months ago  
    Sorry to hear that 9 months ago  
    It doesn't say you can't be living. you would just have empty veins and be living;) 9 months ago  
    I like butter 9 months ago  
    Whatever to the 63% that are wrong. Phelps has the most medals in history 9 months ago  
    No I'm pretty sure he's skinny 9 months ago  
    I picked the girl because I'm a guy 9 months ago  
    Like my Dick 9 months ago  
    idgaf im only 12 9 months ago  
    Break up 9 months ago  
    Already do it 9 months ago  
    who says I have to earn money, I can just take money 9 months ago  
    Sonic has had many powers and yet you expect Mario to win. Mario breaks bricks with his head and dies when he touches a turtle or mushroom. 9 months ago  
    I dont understand this sh*t 9 months ago  
    PARTY ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9 months ago  
    idgaf 9 months ago  
    a strip club is technically a dance club 9 months ago  
    you could end up blind when your old 9 months ago  
    Ice ream Flavored chocolate 9 months ago  
    IDK 9 months ago  
    62% are liars 9 months ago  
    SKIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPP 9 months ago  
    Return the shirt 9 months ago  
    Totally not lying 9 months ago  
    I would end the Jedi for good 9 months ago  
    I already am model worthy 9 months ago  
    It happens all the time in my school when I end up dating someone new 9 months ago  
    Quit your job and get a new one that you like 9 months ago +1
    Who said it had to be your body thats hairy 9 months ago  
    I don't have to worry about my teammates screwing up 9 months ago  
    Utopias end up becoming dystopias, think about it 9 months ago  
    You can make money while living forever 9 months ago  
    Nevermind I choose Bill gates 9 months ago  
    IDK and IDC 9 months ago  
    Batman is the creepiest superhero ever 9 months ago  
    My hearing is bad 9 months ago  
    Use a plane thats a veichle not equipment 9 months ago  
    I forgot about Lemon, Lime, and orange juice 9 months ago  
    Just marry someone else and take off the ring when you're dating he/she 9 months ago  
    Us U.S. citizens take our country for granted, most countries are under worse laws than us 9 months ago  
    Depends on the PC 9 months ago  
    Eat CARROTS people 9 months ago  
    Im not a lazy ass 9 months ago  
    IDGAF and IDK what any of these mean 9 months ago  
    IDK im a guy 9 months ago  
    Hiring Hoes 9 months ago  
    Think about it, if you stop war then you can stop world hunger since war is what causes most of the world hunger. 9 months ago  
    I just chose randomly because I've never heard of Katniss Everdeen 10 months ago  
    Weird in a good way 10 months ago  
    If you can fit into any group than you could also fit into the popular group, think about it. 10 months ago  
    When your friend mentions the strip club 10 months ago  
    It could be for a day 10 months ago  
    The gifts could be high-tech stuff 10 months ago  
    Work out. 10 months ago  
    I don't care about poitics 10 months ago  
    It could be a private wedding 10 months ago  
    The 'other people' could be your consciousness 10 months ago  
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