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Would you rather listen to DJ MAD DOG or THA PLAYAH 5 years ago 86 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Do you believe everything the government tells you? yes or no 6 years ago 324 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go to Defqon.1 or Qlimax 6 years ago 377 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Are You A gnome or troll 6 years ago 330 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Do you download ripped music (mp3 converters) or high quality music( soundcloud, itunes, etc.) 6 years ago 193 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather listen to the Da Tweekaz or Noisecontrollers 6 years ago 109 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Who would you rather see win in a fight KrisKatera or DjKeemstar 6 years ago 136 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather listen to DaTweekaz or Bass Modulators 6 years ago 120 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather only listen to D-Block or S-te-fan 6 years ago 110 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Would you rather only play Rockstar Games or Activision 6 years ago 209 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather no phone or too many phones (200) 6 years ago 226 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather die knowing that life was pointless or die knowing no one ever cared about you 6 years ago 264 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather DJKEEMSTAR or Scott Kinmartin 6 years ago 136 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather 9/11 or 7/11 6 years ago 483 votes 31 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a adidas ball or nike ball 6 years ago 590 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather FIFA 13 or PES 13 6 years ago 525 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have Al Gore as U.S president or Obama run the whole world 6 years ago 853 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a Genius or be Obama 6 years ago 1,006 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a good president or bad president 6 years ago 892 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be know as a failure or a charity case 6 years ago 237 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which is worse Kony 2012 or Gangnam Style 6 years ago 293 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather DaTweekaz or WastedPenguinz 6 years ago 161 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather listen to Coone or TNT aka Technoboy & Tuneboy & Audiofreq 6 years ago 656 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather want me to ask Xbox360/Ps3 questions or iPhone5/Galaxy 3 questions 6 years ago 295 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Do you think Chicago Public School( CPS) Teachers deserve more money? Yes or No! 7 years ago 358 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather break your leg or break your whole rib cage 7 years ago 4,568 votes 40 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Tisha Campbell or Terri J. Vaughn 7 years ago 149 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather kiss my butt or kiss my back 7 years ago 249 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather wear adidas predator lz or nike ctr360 maestri iii 7 years ago 220 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a famous DJ. or Rapper 7 years ago 365 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Which label would you rather listen to Scantraxx or Dirty Workz 7 years ago 175 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather listen to DA TWEEKAZ or WILD MOTHERF*CKERS 7 years ago 177 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Would you rather comcast or at&t 7 years ago 290 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather wear mercurial vapors or adizero f50 7 years ago 859 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch PAINKILLER ALREADY (PKA) or BAD KID SHOW (BKS) 7 years ago 274 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be A DJ or A PRODUCER 7 years ago 356 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather elaine or susan 7 years ago 258 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather drink sprite or sierra mist 7 years ago 344 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather listen to Tatanka or Zatox 7 years ago 166 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch Kristina Rose or Brooke Lee Adams 7 years ago 385 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get raped in the ass or raped in the face 7 years ago 2,360 votes 35 comments 0 likes
Would you rather listen to HARDSTYLE or DUBSTEP Hardstyle or Dubstep 7 years ago 1,349 votes 10 comments 1 like

DaTweekaz has posted the following comments:

when i think about things like this make me want to cry 5 years ago +1
i started going to the gym a week ago.Sundays are the only rest days 5 years ago  
mininum wage can be increased 5 years ago  
*you're 6 years ago  
CHICAGO BANG BANG 300!! 6 years ago +1
nice haircut before it was cool 6 years ago +1
i dont want to get shot while walking on the street 6 years ago  
i hate people that do that because its bad enough that they cant choose their name and you're naming them something that will probably will be laughable 6 years ago +6
both! if youre 15...... 6 years ago  
morgan freeman is overrated 6 years ago  
the world will not end in the next 200 years, it wil thousands of year or maybe millions 6 years ago  
the world runs on electricity 6 years ago  
it would be cool if a lot of people cared what happened to me or what i did 6 years ago +2
its a pride in nation thing like most americans will say kill people in the middle east 6 years ago  
i like wiping my ass 6 years ago +6
leave her and never come back 6 years ago +1
NOT!! 6 years ago  
no because bullying doesnt exist unless you force it to exist. 6 years ago +1
yeah good....., that' s why companies are moving production elsewhere 6 years ago  
alex is rude to me 6 years ago  
do you even know what nazis are 6 years ago  
neither they both had beliefs. maybe they saw murder as good. what can you do beliefs cant be considered good or bad 6 years ago +1
basshunter's songs all sound the same but skrillex at least changes the effects 6 years ago  
a lot of people derrick rose, kanye west, chief keef etc. 6 years ago  
the universe looks nothing like this as far as we know 6 years ago +2
i like having everything close by 6 years ago  
you are retarded 6 years ago +1
stop making other feel bad reported 6 years ago +2
we have no snow its hot here 6 years ago +1
that pageant show with the kids 6 years ago +3
yes and no. yes because it will be a new life challenge but no because you set up the child to have a death sentence and you kill them at their expense 6 years ago  
this question is unoriginal 6 years ago +6
a baseball bat 6 years ago +13
i dont have a door but i have stairs that make a lot of noise when someone is going up to my room 6 years ago  
hardstyle 6 years ago +2
glory 6 years ago +1
i major in history 6 years ago  
thats racist 6 years ago +7
DIRTY WORKZ 6 years ago  
40 million is pretty hard to get 6 years ago  
first fan on the site 6 years ago  
DATWEEKAZ 6 years ago +1
it can be the 53rd after north california and south california 6 years ago  
buy friends from amazon 6 years ago +1
no you are physically able and most men will just be a ton of pain 6 years ago  
they werent really lost 6 years ago +1
you will die of old age 6 years ago  
google them, 6 years ago  
black jews adopting a brown kid? 6 years ago  
yes you would 6 years ago  
EmoHipster 6 years ago +1
the one on the right is a REAL mohawk 6 years ago +1
i am sure there is 10 hours worth of episodes to watch 6 years ago +3
i dont get the big slices but i get the half slices 6 years ago +1
not really because i hope there is a god but dont really care for religion but i will accept the fact if there is no god 6 years ago  
its going to be like that already 6 years ago +10
ms13 have mexican cartels to back them up so... 6 years ago  
sunglasses 6 years ago  
then you are a disappointment 6 years ago +1
i think people always forget that john cena didnt start the pg era 6 years ago  
inb4 religion sucks comment 6 years ago  
no 6 years ago  
explain first world country to me 6 years ago +1
its the same thing 6 years ago +1
i would want to see gay porn 6 years ago  
yeah Christians aren't that smart 6 years ago  
marines are extremely overrated 6 years ago  
too many idiots to let it become direct 6 years ago +5
neither 6 years ago +1
you think they want to die? 6 years ago  
comedy 6 years ago +1
my condoms 6 years ago +1
damn i should have said cannon because they cant reload themselves 6 years ago +9
i wonder if atheism is a trend 6 years ago  
we are all going to die 6 years ago  
both look nasty 6 years ago +1
jfk didnt lead anything 6 years ago +6
its show up in different issues 6 years ago +1
shut up guest 6 years ago  
too mainstream 6 years ago  
exactly that means no job 6 years ago  
you are a brave man 6 years ago  
treat myself to a trick 6 years ago +2
30 seconds try to put the hand in 6 years ago  
i like beating old men 6 years ago +7
im pretty sure the 50 cal with the pistol will break your hand 6 years ago +3
is hungry jack burger king 6 years ago  
someone who has no future that i know 6 years ago  
no money= a lot of money 6 years ago +1
without wikipedia 6 years ago  
as long as it is never a woman 6 years ago +4
no... 6 years ago  
the one that doesnt suck 6 years ago  
inb4 skrillex sucks comment 6 years ago +1
overweight and fat are two different things 6 years ago +1
fat people are fat for a reason... they like to eat a lot 6 years ago +6
sexy and smart 6 years ago +1
they can help when i am down 6 years ago +1
fake n gay 6 years ago +1
RON PAUL 2016 6 years ago +3
same thing 6 years ago +5
if you notice nick was all cartoon and disney was all peopel 6 years ago +5
just say you write the checks 6 years ago  
human instincts 6 years ago  
i believe you should only beat women when they threaten you and can probably beat you up otherwise no 6 years ago +5
humans hate competition FACT 6 years ago +1
to countries that dont negotiate with our terms 6 years ago +4
saying yolo yolo 6 years ago +1
safe life yolo 6 years ago +4
i am a hardcore christian.... bale fan 6 years ago +2
my happiness is pretty much increased is the max 6 years ago  
do you even know what a third world country is? 6 years ago  
humans are animals but humans are advanced 6 years ago  
do what you got to do 6 years ago +2
arent curly fries made of onions? 6 years ago  
i myself dont like gays but its nature. you see other animals having gay sex and humans do it too and there is nobody that can prove otherwise unless they use the religion card which is extremely unrealistic 6 years ago  
i cant do tropical 6 years ago  
i want 4 kids 6 years ago  
neither because they really do nothing 6 years ago  
neither because noone should know 6 years ago +1
crack addict that died of overdose or ACCUSED pedophile found not guilty that was killed by the doctors overdose 6 years ago +3
thats etc 6 years ago +1
a good body odor 6 years ago +7
DaTweekaz!! 6 years ago  
Obama had 4 years to change it and don't say it was impossible because its not just look at Ronald Reagan's first term 6 years ago  
no one likes toby 6 years ago  
how they laugh is important too 6 years ago  
so many words 6 years ago  
its smoother and runs pretty fast in my opinion but i have an android 6 years ago  
the president doesnt even matter because they are just the face of the government and really dont do anything except follow orders sent to them 6 years ago +2
RON PAUL 2012 6 years ago +3
bruce wayne rich and smart too 6 years ago +2
no its HARDSTYLE 6 years ago +4
baseball is slow and its pretty hard to play 6 years ago  
thats the point lol 6 years ago  
those are fake tacos!! 6 years ago  
i want to hear his side of the story 6 years ago +6
its funnier if i left him up there 6 years ago  
i never want a office in office in my lifetime 6 years ago  
DA TWEEKAZ 6 years ago  
redhead guys are ugly but redhead girls are not 6 years ago +2
i feel like a 200s kid with all this technology 7 years ago +2
if you don't believe in it then you're just an idiot 7 years ago +7
the picture says it all 7 years ago  
obama is black so he is gangsta 7 years ago +4
i guess you have to see when your dead to realize god doesn't exist and you cant realize when your dead because you brain will not function and you will be basically just be non existent 7 years ago +1
obama is the worst president ever since jimmy carter 7 years ago +2
RON PAUL 2016 7 years ago  
youre cool 7 years ago  
FLAGGED 7 years ago  
america? most of the religion came form europe 7 years ago +1
no 7 years ago  
DA TWEEKAZ 7 years ago  
the lions are good now but the browns are garbage 7 years ago  
soccer originated in England and so did the word 7 years ago  
get a nose job 7 years ago +2
get real marines, marines are not stronger than a 300-500 bear. its unrealistic that a marine would survive without using a gun or any other weapon 7 years ago  
RON PAUL 2016 7 years ago  
communist no, white loving yes, nazi no, socialist no, atheist yes, muslim hater yes, black hater yes, RON PAUL 2016 7 years ago  
you are obviously an Obama supporter 7 years ago  
no social life much? 7 years ago  
youre a grill? 7 years ago +1
and put a mattress over the barbed wire 7 years ago +9
30 assists means you are a team player but 20 points isn't that much 7 years ago +3
why not? dont they want to be equal 7 years ago +1
they really do nothing but organize books 7 years ago  
this question doesnt potato 7 years ago +5
buffon is good for is age casillas has been starting gk in spain and in madrid since he was like 20 7 years ago +2
MEXICO 7 years ago +1
i think they are better off dead because they became legends 7 years ago +1
i start panicking when i lose my wallet in my house 7 years ago +2
i didnt get the clyde costume so i think i killed dwayne and playboy x got away 7 years ago +1
atheist have good points i wont believe in anything until RON PAUL 2016 7 years ago +1
never shut up my butthole 7 years ago  
BECOME-DA TWEEKAZ 7 years ago  
RON PAUL 2016 7 years ago  
those arent real tacos 7 years ago  
a bear will rip apart a marine 7 years ago  
i will only tell them their wrong if they bash my beliefs 7 years ago +7
you obviously dont listen to HARDSTYLE 7 years ago  
only rednecks drink blue ribbon 7 years ago +2
pizza hut is definitely better but local pizza beats them all 7 years ago +1
only black people and juggalos smoke weed 7 years ago +5
i would beat the girl to death not the guy 7 years ago +1
all strength is in my legs my upper body is weak 7 years ago  
apple products are good and better than most but they rarely upgrade their products to something better 7 years ago  
deskptop 7 years ago  
what if the guy didnt know 7 years ago +1
Chicago!!! 7 years ago  
never seen ferris buellers day off and never will 7 years ago  
Mother Tell your children not to walk my way Tell your children not to hear my words What they mean What they say Mother 7 years ago  
what is the weenie hut thing? is that the daycare or what in spongebob 7 years ago  
jack will forever be the best 7 years ago  
religion was created to make people follow rules 7 years ago +5
well your child has a terrible mother 7 years ago  
we don't need anymore bob marley "fans" roaming the street 7 years ago +1
RON PAUL 2016 7 years ago +1
what do you expect its based on an arcade first person shooter 7 years ago +1
why are they supposed to be funny? 7 years ago +1
ponies are for girls 7 years ago  
dmj is annoying 7 years ago +1
equal but separate 7 years ago  
the flag stands for segregation not racism 7 years ago  
some people are just idiots that call racism on a little thing 7 years ago +4
most charities are corrupt anyway 7 years ago +1
the smell will blocked out 7 years ago  
swag is gay 7 years ago +14
CHELSEA FC!!!!!!!1 7 years ago +1
yes it is 7 years ago +8
i havent a reeses puffs commercial in a long time 7 years ago  
i prefer desktop 7 years ago +3
my leg! 7 years ago +11
i wanna be robin 7 years ago  
i really dont like either 7 years ago  
Marlboro 7 years ago +1
DA TWEEKAZ 7 years ago +1
i cant even swim 7 years ago  
my cum 7 years ago  
puerto rican are too fvcking cocky 7 years ago +1
why would i have a crush on losers> 7 years ago +8
yeah 7 years ago +1
depression is for losers 7 years ago +2
Marlboro 7 years ago  
that project 8 was terrible ruined the tony hawk series 7 years ago  
who? 7 years ago +10
on my balls 7 years ago +5
Garfield loves lasagna just like me 7 years ago +5
draw them 7 years ago +3
cause he beats himself if you know what i mean 7 years ago  
not at the same time 7 years ago  
ill have you know i had sex at 19 and only cried for 20 minutes 7 years ago  
messed up 7 years ago  
well is illinois east or west 7 years ago  
85 7 years ago +1
WHORE 7 years ago +2
shut up idiot 7 years ago  
WHORE 7 years ago +3
KILL YOURSLEF NOW 7 years ago +3
drop out to later become multi-millionaire 7 years ago +6
no he is not a thief but an improver 7 years ago +1
i am mexican 7 years ago  
under my underwear 7 years ago  
employee after 9/11 7 years ago +1
eat it once a while 7 years ago  
20 foot jump 7 years ago  
i am old fashion women at home men at work no WELFARE 7 years ago  
nasty 7 years ago +1
dead forever no god just dead my beliefs that America provides 7 years ago  
i dont want to taco about it 7 years ago +5
im tired of these slenderman questions 7 years ago +5
so they can die 7 years ago +3
FACT 9/11 was a inside job and the attack from the "muslims" were planned. 7 years ago +5
YOLO 7 years ago  
rarely sneeze 7 years ago +1
bacon is just nasty 7 years ago +63
leave her 7 years ago +2
thats just gay 7 years ago +4
bacon isnt even that good 7 years ago +4
9/11 was a fake attack but the moon landing was not 7 years ago +6
just like everyone else 7 years ago  
i would tear that ass up 7 years ago +7
ill blame it on someone else 7 years ago +3
i really didnt have friends as a child because i live in a neighborhood of old people but now everyone wants to hang with me 7 years ago +1
kill yourself now! 7 years ago  
that doesnt matter 7 years ago +3
10 needles and put them aside 7 years ago +1
truck 7 years ago +2
whats mlp 7 years ago  
idiot 7 years ago  
jumpstyler 7 years ago  
i said my butt 7 years ago +2
the beanbag will probably have the same effect of a bullet 7 years ago  
team kill myself 7 years ago +3
your argument is invalid 7 years ago +1
that cosmo kramer 7 years ago  
i can afford i buy the real deal so yeah i am not poor 7 years ago  
isnt that what ice cream is 7 years ago +6
i was actually trying to be sarcastic so yeah..... AWKWARD 7 years ago  
i am republican 7 years ago +3
ps1 7 years ago  
the peach will eventually rot 7 years ago +2
pka 7 years ago  
who needs marriage to know that you love someone 7 years ago +1
they can be equal morally but they cant reproduce which is good and bad for the world 7 years ago +1
right on brother 7 years ago +1
i hate gays 7 years ago +3
yes you can they turn into smaller skittles 7 years ago  
wish for loved ones immortality fame my immortality 7 years ago +1
very nice 7 years ago  
i like the smell of greasy meat just ask my boyfriend 7 years ago  
at least american dad has better characters. AM STEVE SMITH 7 years ago +4
youll get used to it and you wont be looked at so much 7 years ago  
my nails are practically gone 7 years ago +1
a good ol punch in the face 7 years ago +6
real metal fans would beat my ass not all these emo 'metal' [email protected] 7 years ago +6
probably die of a heart attack 7 years ago +3
its a mental illness they made themselves believe 7 years ago +10
bring it ON!!! 7 years ago +4
COONE 7 years ago  
neither 7 years ago +1
well im only 27 7 years ago +3
rape me all day 7 years ago +2
DaTweekaz 7 years ago  
doesnt mean aliens are bad 7 years ago +5
redhead imo are better than blondes 7 years ago +5
i like small places to live in because there is less monsters 7 years ago +8
i really just did mouthwash 7 years ago +1
bring it on 7 years ago  
rape me all you want 7 years ago +5
a 4 hour job... 7 years ago  
same thing 7 years ago +8
my child's child is their responsibility to protect them and i will protect my child 7 years ago +4
technically the big bang created the world but who or what created life remains a question 7 years ago  
daily butt rape... 7 years ago +4
then it should you be you or a family member its just one person 7 years ago +2
thor is a god who is immortal... 7 years ago  
i go back to school like in 3 weeks 7 years ago +1
i rather live in my car 7 years ago +10
pagani all the way 7 years ago +4
hard but thor is immortal and hulk has the guy in him so thor wins by beating the guy in him 7 years ago +2
my grandma is half swede 7 years ago  
i can see the mona Lisa for free on Google.. .. 7 years ago +2
merica is corrupted 7 years ago +5
hard one 7 years ago  
alien life exists. its just that people think they have to live like us. for example needing water when it just applies to humans and other animals on the EARTH not the universe 7 years ago +4
why should one person suffer for others mistakes 7 years ago +1459
im the 2nd famous already 7 years ago  
a plastic bucket........... 7 years ago  
pepper sprayed on the leg 7 years ago +6
sure you can be the first person on mars and also be the first dead one too. 7 years ago +1
i am mexican so half of my imported snacks will be gone 7 years ago +5
i like them in sandwiches 7 years ago +3
lochness monster 7 years ago +1
if i could use electronics i wouldn't give a fuqk if I had magic 7 years ago +1
thor= hulk 7 years ago +1
you cant compare them because they are not alike 7 years ago  
should have picked option b because a desert is a place with little precipitation 7 years ago  
the facebook page 7 years ago  
looks better than just one bill 7 years ago +3
if you dont like my questions you can just GIIIITTT out 7 years ago  
religion causes prejudice 7 years ago +7
i dont like cream because it just smells weird and feels strange in my mouth 7 years ago  
i cant kill myself because that is the pussy's way out 7 years ago +4
what is kf 7 years ago  
GERMANY 7 years ago +1
your existence sucks 7 years ago +9
CCCCCCCCCcc 7 years ago  
woody broke his hand? UNSUB! 7 years ago  
in the midway airport archer heights area 7 years ago  
a hard one 7 years ago +3
i hate zombies stuff 7 years ago +1
why does she deserve respect because she suffers from something that you cant help? how can you respect someone over the internet? 7 years ago +6
f*ck kyle 7 years ago +1
we can have sex with other people 7 years ago  
CHICAGO 7 years ago  
rocks aka reegis 7 years ago +6
thor is IMMORTAL 7 years ago +1
charmander 7 years ago  
10% fat 7 years ago +1
la liga only has about 4 competitive teams, barca, madrid, sevilla, valencia 7 years ago  
shoplifting is serious.. to MY PARENTS 7 years ago +1
lol nice joke 7 years ago  
not a fail because it should fall of a cliff but your fall never ends 7 years ago  
a crazy gay fish... 7 years ago  
what's a cray fish? 7 years ago  
i have enough book smarts i need some street smart 7 years ago  
i can just work out which is pretty fun 7 years ago  
CHELSEA FAN FOR LIFE 7 years ago  
if its a endless cliff you never fall 7 years ago  
basically adidas or nike 7 years ago  
i rather burn a truck 7 years ago  
i just wont do the bad things 7 years ago  
you cant be nice when people your leading start becoming assholes 7 years ago  
yes after what chrism and sam did today.. 7 years ago +1
green apples 7 years ago  
SAME THING 7 years ago +2
pancakes have no design 7 years ago +3
easier to beat 7 years ago +1
CHICAGO!!!!! 7 years ago  
i dont have to drive the motorcycle 7 years ago +3
i consider a family 5 big 7 years ago  
soccer in the olympics doesnt compare to the world cup 7 years ago +2
i want to give a chick a try 7 years ago  
neither their the reason i am alive 7 years ago +2
sofia is old 7 years ago  
what if my friend chose option a 7 years ago +4
CHICAGO 7 years ago +1
who? 7 years ago +2
i love my beatiful face. 7 years ago  
i kiss shemales all the time so yeah.. 7 years ago  
my step daughter 7 years ago +1
blues eyes the white dragon 7 years ago +2
22 years OLD 7 years ago  
hung as in public haning meaning they are dead 7 years ago +3
i can get wet in the pool 7 years ago  
with bacon bits from pizaa hut' 7 years ago  
who? 7 years ago +1
HALA MADRID 7 years ago  
i want girls not women 7 years ago +3
neither 7 years ago  
both are nasty i hate lollipops 7 years ago  
good movie 7 years ago  
consoles are usually behind in technology compared to new gaming pc which sucks 7 years ago +2
i would have never heard of HARDSTYLE! 7 years ago  
i dont want a country... I WANT THE WORLD 7 years ago +6
get a new one 7 years ago  
by a gang of little kids.. 7 years ago +5
dead tigers... 7 years ago  
fvckkkk i love twitter 7 years ago  
yeah whats your problem assface 7 years ago  
half pinky servings 7 years ago  
i consider vegetables delicious. 7 years ago +2
no its poop that tastes lie marshmallow 7 years ago +4
maybe you can just teleport and not fight 7 years ago  
Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my money, so take it maybe. 7 years ago  
no people kill people 7 years ago +1
German=Options 7 years ago  
i have an xbox 360 because its cheaper. I just ordered a cyberpower pc to try out the pc world 7 years ago  
i dont have body hair 7 years ago  
marines are overrated. I respect what they do but i hate people that say the army or navy or air force is weak compared to the marines. SO MARINES ARE GAYYYYY! 7 years ago  
burn the truck 7 years ago +3
f$ck off 7 years ago +1
would you rather be dead or dead 7 years ago +4
on the left its an entree called ling doe hut 7 years ago  
$4 boxes for 20 7 years ago +1
pop can be anything popular 7 years ago +1
i messed up 7 years ago  
right on brother WHITE POWER! 7 years ago  
more cars more traffic 7 years ago +6
YOLO 7 years ago  
ice runs through my veins 7 years ago  
him on the lips 7 years ago  
DA TWEEKAZ 7 years ago  
this was a hard one 7 years ago  
burn the truck 7 years ago +1
the one thats not gay 7 years ago +1
kicked softky 7 years ago +1
i do it on purpose 7 years ago  
i say we burn the truck! 7 years ago +1
HARDSTYLE 7 years ago +1
10 year olds grow 7 years ago  
wingS!! 7 years ago  
hardstyle kick 7 years ago  
NEITHER 7 years ago  
i can be rich and buy TRUE religion jeans 7 years ago +1
cleaner, simpler, and design looks good 7 years ago  
air kiss 7 years ago +2
i play the turntables, mpc, fl studio.... 7 years ago  
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