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You can go so many more places with the canadian 6 years ago +2
7% is from north Korea 6 years ago +1
Is this even a question? South Korea is THE BEST! 6 years ago +3
I am boy, but black is gross 6 years ago +1
It would be quicker with the pendulum 6 years ago +1
I had AMAZING waffles this morning 6 years ago  
@funmaster13, LOL. Same comment as the last one 6 years ago +1
That;s like saying, "would you rather have a red M&M, or a brown M&M." they are both the same 6 years ago +6
I would first put everything on a USB. 6 years ago +1
Very easy. 6 years ago +1
I like them both the same. i just chose randomly 6 years ago +2
You are more likely to get seriously hurt, or die in a jetpack 6 years ago +2
Lord of the rings= PERFECT 6 years ago +3
My biggest fear is God, and if i don't fear God, i am going to hell. 6 years ago  
Go wintson 6 years ago +1
Never seen samurai jack, but am guessing he could cut off more than just a leg 6 years ago  
Just turn off electronics, and stay down low. It will pass eventually. 6 years ago +1
Caramel is too sticky. Their both good though 6 years ago +2
She's hot! Harry isn't! 6 years ago +1
I have blue eyes already. 6 years ago +1
AAAAGH! NOOO! I love sushi, and clicked the wrong one! 6 years ago  
Skillet has too much of a scratchy voice 6 years ago +1
I would pay NOT to eat with obama 6 years ago +2
THere is a God. This is invalid. 6 years ago +12
Well, i guess he isn't winning this election :( 6 years ago +4
the pictures are too graphic 6 years ago +2
I am in a family of ten so... 6 years ago  
I actually think snowboarding is cooler. Just not as awesome. 6 years ago  

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