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Southern Guy with a Sense of Dark humor. Likes offending people for enjoyment when bored

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    Attempted suicide lols 9 months ago  
    For Sex 9 months ago  
    Sexy and Kinky 9 months ago  
    Death 9 months ago  
    Blt 9 months ago  
    Food 9 months ago  
    Maybe 9 months ago  
    FMJ FTW 9 months ago  
    Porn 9 months ago  
    Both? 9 months ago  
    Deadpoool 9 months ago  
    Both. Id chill out wit you homes 9 months ago  
    Fried Chicken 9 months ago  
    Done it before. Put music in and forget about the heat 9 months ago  
    Shit I wouldn't need a wife 9 months ago  
    Wolves, Snakes, Spiders, Cats, Furries 9 months ago  
    Snipers, Shotguns, Assault rifles, Etc 9 months ago  
    This, Xvideos, Thumbzilla, Youtube and Illegal music downloaders 9 months ago  
    Walked in on a friend jacking off 9 months ago  
    Manhunt 9 months ago  
    Women 9 months ago  
    Siblings, Friends, Fam, Porn and Drugs 9 months ago  
    Mhhhhh Steak obviously 9 months ago  
    *Tries thinking* I haven't done cocaine yet 9 months ago +1
    Me 9 months ago  
    Resurrection. Resurrect them later 9 months ago +1
    Batman would be eating his meat to bat woman 9 months ago  
    Uh making Cartoon porn 9 months ago  
    Family Matters 9 months ago  
    Deadly 9 months ago  
    Robot dick 9 months ago  
    We gonna go down together 9 months ago  
    Annoying me every second 9 months ago  
    Naked people 9 months ago  
    War 9 months ago  
    And a furry was real 9 months ago  
    Gta 6 9 months ago  
    Bdsm is great. It helps you control the pain. At least for me it does 9 months ago  
    Whiskey, Fried Chicken, Pizza, Lasagna, Vodka, Water, Moonshine Etc 9 months ago  
    Im a poor mofo and I got the munchies....Im willing to part with some food for a price 9 months ago  
    Pray to Damon 9 months ago  
    A joke is a Joke get over it 9 months ago  
    Grow Up-King Lil G 9 months ago  
    Partying. Drugs, Liqour. Common sh*t with a dope head 9 months ago  
    Wolf 9 months ago  
    The world gets sh*ttier 9 months ago  
    Bullet to the Head. Execution Style going out with a bang 9 months ago  
    Tobacco 9 months ago  
    Bored 9 months ago  
    GRand Theft Auto Movies 9 months ago +1
    Slipknot, Lamb of God, Hollywood Undead, Metallica, G-Unit 9 months ago  
    My names Jax I work with Car Fax 9 months ago  
    American_Jedi, AppleJaxx, Mindless pie 9 months ago  
    Failure. Shit life. Disappointment. Useless. Depression. Etc (Real sh*t 9 months ago  
    Porn guns and Vapes 9 months ago  
    Im unhappy anyway 9 months ago  
    #DreamGoals 9 months ago  
    Saying N!ggga, Women have no rights 9 months ago  
    Make people feel sexually 9 months ago  
    Kill 9 months ago  
    I ate a french fry because I love Marijuana 9 months ago  
    I can smoke my drugs legally 9 months ago +1
    Bdsm, Kinky Sex, Travel 9 months ago  
    Virgin women. Weed. Liqour and some music 9 months ago  
    I killed dmj312 because i liked the way he/she smelled 9 months ago  
    Drink and smoke 9 months ago  
    Bored and Tired as I waste away in school 9 months ago  
    Never wore make up. Im a guy 9 months ago  
    Pop some gum in 9 months ago  
    JackaBoy 9 months ago  
    Trusted person Bout sent me to jail over a false claim 9 months ago  
    That Pic in B 9 months ago  
    King Lil G- Grow Up 9 months ago  
    Assault or possible Pedophillia/Indecent exposure... 9 months ago  
    Do drugs dont stay in school 9 months ago  
    Cring blood Sweet 9 months ago  
    I dont cry 9 months ago  
    All about that bass 9 months ago  
    Watch me fap 9 months ago  
    Break the rules 9 months ago  
    Yes I hella Woullld 9 months ago  
    A female whos submissive 9 months ago  
    First one has Dora in it 9 months ago  
    *Make me female* 9 months ago  
    Orange and Choclate is pretty damn good 9 months ago +1
    *Shrugs* 9 months ago  
    NONE 9 months ago  
    Fay bastard 9 months ago  
    I will die 9 months ago  
    BOTH 9 months ago +1
    We can see the tits and jack off to the pixels 9 months ago +1
    Im a furry. I dont f*** animals and Im human 9 months ago  
    Nothing at all 9 months ago +1
    Jesus 9 months ago +2
    Neitherrrr 9 months ago  
    Hes a child predator 9 months ago  
    If I was suppose to die at 16 then Im one year late 9 months ago  
    MEDIUM 9 months ago  
    Having a horse C*ck go up your arse will kill you. Look up 2 men and one horse 9 months ago  
    Who 9 months ago  
    My life is sh*te anyhow 9 months ago +1
    Im a dragon 9 months ago +1
    Personality 9 months ago +1
    My best friend is a girl so 9 months ago  
    LSD 9 months ago  
    God 9 months ago  
    Saw tits 9 months ago  
    Be a slut 9 months ago  
    Drugs 9 months ago  
    Strip clubs 9 months ago  
    Outlawww 9 months ago  
    Russian 9 months ago  
    Fortnite is gay 9 months ago  
    Me 9 months ago  
    TOBBBU 9 months ago  
    the heart is on the left because its never right 9 months ago +1
    Already a Douche Bag 9 months ago  
    Dream come true right there 9 months ago  
    Im More of a Console player but at times I play Pc games for the hell of it 9 months ago  
    Shit I must go deep underground to get the Hailey Nudes then 9 months ago  
    IM hungry asf now 9 months ago  
    Already do 9 months ago  
    Well Future also. You can see if they end up backstabbing you 9 months ago +1
    Swallow meeee 9 months ago +1
    *Confusion*' 9 months ago  
    I love Irish 9 months ago  
    F U C K Kyoka, Marry Ezra, Kill Mira and jail Seliah 9 months ago  
    Wrong click 9 months ago  
    Amen 9 months ago  
    I am Christian #NoProblems 9 months ago  
    Send Nudes 9 months ago  
    Caboose can beat anything 9 months ago +1
    Cotton Candy Hair Hell Ye 9 months ago  
    Make weed legal bro Like hell it would save so much money and make room for people who actually deserve to be in prison 9 months ago  
    I dont know any of them 9 months ago  
    School Lunches 9 months ago  
    I Do Option B for fun. Being offensive and triggering others is Fun 9 months ago  
    You play Pc or Console? 9 months ago  
    Religion, Hobbies, Have you had sex yet 9 months ago  
    Already do this Bestgore.com 9 months ago  
    She will kill you 9 months ago  
    The Holocaust never existed 9 months ago  
    Agreed 9 months ago  
    Win all the Wars! Get all the Women! 9 months ago  
    They green tho 9 months ago  
    No sadness 9 months ago  
    Sight 9 months ago +1
    Both 9 months ago  
    Cereal 9 months ago  
    Whats the difference between a black and white jew? Black Jew had to sit at the back of the oven 9 months ago  
    Clicked the wrong one 9 months ago  
    Sucks little boy dick 9 months ago  
    Suicide Hotline: Why do you want to die today 9 months ago  
    Merica. Get rid of Paki, Iraq, Afghan, Somalia, 9 months ago  
    Physical appearance 9 months ago  
    See ya in ze afterlife 9 months ago  
    Move to Colorado. Live in the backwoods. Grow some good kush and live 9 months ago  
    Weed 9 months ago +1
    Shawn 9 months ago  
    They teach you not to lie yet they are lying to your for years about how a big fat man comes into your house at night and gives you presents 9 months ago +1
    I used it on everything else 9 months ago  
    No Democrats 9 months ago  
    Doing Option C is basically being a bystander which is basically helping the bully by not doing anything to stop what is going on. Beat the crap out of the bully he learns a lesson. Telling the bully to stop will just get your ass knocked out and bullied on also 9 months ago  
    Hitler woulda supported this 9 months ago  
    Some good Girl Juice 9 months ago +1
    I don't have A Tv Network. I just watch Youtube and memes 9 months ago  
    Schools lie to us to do a drug search 9 months ago  
    Throw a Party and Yell Hilary Failed Yet again 9 months ago +2
    Watch comedy movies with Friends. Go on a dark humored rant 9 months ago  
    Everytime they touch it they get zapped 9 months ago +1
    He ate to much 9 months ago  
    Kevin died in a plane crash 9 months ago  
    Family, Friends, Food 9 months ago +1
    Its assisting in a Death 9 months ago  
    Screw them if they get offended 9 months ago  
    Internet 9 months ago  
    Depression. Suicidal Thoughts. I am sure Id be poor as hell Just like I already am 9 months ago  
    Getting out into the world 9 months ago  
    Chewing tobacco 9 months ago  
    Hatefully Remembered Like I voted on another Question 9 months ago +1
    Yup 9 months ago  
    If my gf got raped. First I would kill the son of a B I t c h who raped her then keep the kid and raise them as my own kid because its living and needs a chance at life 9 months ago  
    War earns respect. Why do you think America hasn't been attacked at the homeland 9 months ago +1
    Sexism is the best joke in the world 9 months ago  
    Assassinate 9 months ago  
    NEITHER 9 months ago  
    Agreed 9 months ago  
    Anything but Obama 9 months ago  
    Ain't nobody hurtin me Sis 9 months ago  
    I mean Kill them with love maybe 9 months ago  
    Soooo Make peace and be hated... Or ruin the world and be loved... But if no one knows I did it how can I be hated 9 months ago  
    Who are they 9 months ago  
    One night stands. Love is Torture 9 months ago  
    Clubs and Drown yourself in Liquor/ Pussy 9 months ago  
    B I T CH I dont F U C k wit you 9 months ago  
    Screw Prom. Weed and Liqour with the boys 9 months ago  
    Cigarettes Mhh 9 months ago  
    Kill them with love again 9 months ago  
    26 Year Old. Liqour and some fun 9 months ago  
    Option B already happened 9 months ago  
    Never had one 9 months ago  
    Kill them with Love 9 months ago  
    Already got Option B 9 months ago  
    Text 10 months ago  
    Im a male and I got some man tits. I will take that Money 10 months ago  
    Jealousy causes agressiveness and sadness 10 months ago  
    Help us 10 months ago  
    God 10 months ago  
    First off After that day Im going to murder the fool who raped her 10 months ago  
    It sure would save me pain 10 months ago  
    Blood kink 10 months ago  
    Family Can never be Replaced. The Love they show will be greater than anything else 10 months ago  
    *Mostly all my relationships because tho i broke up I had good reasons and Im always there for them* 10 months ago  
    I mean Ive done it before. Cuddling is not gay as long as you say No homo 10 months ago  
    Bdsm is Great 10 months ago  
    Never gonna get married 10 months ago  
    Country Roadsss Take me home 10 months ago  
    Dog 10 months ago  
    I sorta like this 10 months ago  
    Explain more 10 months ago  
    I am a male but sh*t Lesbian has been a fantasy 10 months ago +1
    Milk 10 months ago  
    Id love my son Still 10 months ago  
    Got me at Russian 10 months ago  
    Beastiality or Being Forced into relationships 10 months ago  
    Picked because I saw the Cute kitty 10 months ago  
    The Tree is my friend now. 10 months ago  
    This is a different thing from society today. Beautiful and liked. Ugly and Picked on 10 months ago  
    That CHeating Whore 10 months ago  
    Done Option B for a Long Time 10 months ago  
    Both are the same feeling 10 months ago  
    Lol 10 months ago  
    HiroShima 10 months ago  
    IF i was female Option B also Why would you marry him if he has aids 10 months ago  
    Do what With my Puppy? Go out for a walk? 10 months ago  
    "Him" Guessing this is for Gays and WOmen 10 months ago  
    Dont waste money on da ho 10 months ago  
    Burn 10 months ago  
    Already there 10 months ago +1
    Smoke Pot. Bros Before hoes 10 months ago  
    Snuff, Cigars Weed 10 months ago  
    Whiskey 10 months ago  
    food porn 10 months ago +1
    I can now go to the clubs 10 months ago  
    Heil Hydra 10 months ago  
    Shit I did that at 12 10 months ago  
    Furries 10 months ago +1
    I dont like kids 10 months ago  
    Now im hungry 10 months ago  
    Delete it before showing 10 months ago +1
    Welp time to use the Chloroform 10 months ago +2
    Whiskey and Tea 10 months ago  
    But its great Humor Material 10 months ago  
    Hmmmm 10 months ago  
    Sounds so much like today 10 months ago +1
    Whoop Whoop Trump Pence 10 months ago +1
    I never worked hard on anything yet 10 months ago  
    Hell ya lets F U C K 10 months ago +2
    Muslims and Jews 10 months ago  
    Strangle 10 months ago  
    I love his laugh its Ho\ilarious 10 months ago  
    Is Option C Death 10 months ago  
    3 Classmates who I loved Dearly 10 months ago  
    Best friend is also your Girlfriend 10 months ago  
    Porn 10 months ago  
    Vodka 10 months ago  
    Honestly seeing a young woman with an old guy is cute. If they are both happy there ye go 10 months ago  
    Neither I love dem 10 months ago  
    Just dont do the Homework 10 months ago  
    Been at this for Years 10 months ago  
    Ones a Trolling geek the other is an American Serial Killer 10 months ago  
    If you celebrate Christmas your celebrating a Historical Event Known as Jesus Birthday. If your atheist just know your partaking in a Christian Holiday 10 months ago  
    Brutally Truthful. People hate that 10 months ago  
    Find out whos the school shooter 10 months ago +1
    Sleep all Day 10 months ago  
    Snake is TitanaBoa 10 months ago  
    POP EM 10 months ago  
    Sick 10 months ago  
    Neither this is sick 10 months ago  
    My biological father :P My Stepdad and Mom can live 10 months ago  
    2nd grade 10 months ago  
    Kill them with love 10 months ago  

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