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Southern Guy with a Sense of Dark humor. Likes offending people for enjoyment when bored

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    Never wore make up. Im a guy 1 year ago  
    JackaBoy 1 year ago  
    The Holocaust never existed 1 year ago  
    Agreed 1 year ago  
    Win all the Wars! Get all the Women! 1 year ago  
    They green tho 1 year ago  
    No sadness 1 year ago  
    If my gf got raped. First I would kill the son of a B I t c h who raped her then keep the kid and raise them as my own kid because its living and needs a chance at life 1 year ago  
    War earns respect. Why do you think America hasn't been attacked at the homeland 1 year ago +1
    Sexism is the best joke in the world 1 year ago  
    Assassinate 1 year ago  
    NEITHER 1 year ago  
    Agreed 1 year ago  
    Anything but Obama 1 year ago  
    26 Year Old. Liqour and some fun 1 year ago  
    Im a male and I got some man tits. I will take that Money 1 year ago  
    First off After that day Im going to murder the fool who raped her 1 year ago  
    It sure would save me pain 1 year ago +1
    Blood kink 1 year ago  
    I mean Ive done it before. Cuddling is not gay as long as you say No homo 1 year ago  
    Never gonna get married 1 year ago  
    Country Roadsss Take me home 1 year ago  
    Dog 1 year ago  
    Explain more 1 year ago  
    Got me at Russian 1 year ago  
    Beastiality or Being Forced into relationships 1 year ago  
    Picked because I saw the Cute kitty 1 year ago  
    The Tree is my friend now. 1 year ago  
    This is a different thing from society today. Beautiful and liked. Ugly and Picked on 1 year ago  
    That CHeating Whore 1 year ago  
    Done Option B for a Long Time 1 year ago  
    Both are the same feeling 1 year ago  
    Lol 1 year ago  
    HiroShima 1 year ago  
    "Him" Guessing this is for Gays and WOmen 1 year ago  
    Dont waste money on da ho 1 year ago  
    If you celebrate Christmas your celebrating a Historical Event Known as Jesus Birthday. If your atheist just know your partaking in a Christian Holiday 1 year ago  
    Brutally Truthful. People hate that 1 year ago  
    Find out whos the school shooter 1 year ago +1
    Sleep all Day 1 year ago  
    Snake is TitanaBoa 1 year ago  
    My biological father :P My Stepdad and Mom can live 1 year ago  
    2nd grade 1 year ago  
    Kill them with love 1 year ago  
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