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Southern Guy with a Sense of Dark humor. Likes offending people for enjoyment when bored

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    Attempted suicide lols 4 days ago  
    For Sex 4 days ago  
    Sexy and Kinky 4 days ago  
    Death 4 days ago  
    Blt 4 days ago  
    Food 4 days ago  
    Maybe 4 days ago  
    FMJ FTW 4 days ago  
    Porn 4 days ago  
    Both? 4 days ago  
    Deadpoool 4 days ago  
    Both. Id chill out wit you homes 4 days ago  
    Fried Chicken 4 days ago  
    Done it before. Put music in and forget about the heat 4 days ago  
    Shit I wouldn't need a wife 4 days ago  
    Wolves, Snakes, Spiders, Cats, Furries 4 days ago  
    Snipers, Shotguns, Assault rifles, Etc 4 days ago  
    This, Xvideos, Thumbzilla, Youtube and Illegal music downloaders 4 days ago  
    Walked in on a friend jacking off 4 days ago  
    Manhunt 4 days ago  
    Women 4 days ago  
    Siblings, Friends, Fam, Porn and Drugs 4 days ago  
    Mhhhhh Steak obviously 4 days ago  
    *Tries thinking* I haven't done cocaine yet 4 days ago  
    Me 4 days ago  
    Resurrection. Resurrect them later 4 days ago  
    Batman would be eating his meat to bat woman 4 days ago  
    Uh making Cartoon porn 4 days ago  
    Family Matters 4 days ago  
    Deadly 4 days ago  
    Robot dick 4 days ago  
    We gonna go down together 4 days ago  
    Annoying me every second 4 days ago  
    Naked people 4 days ago  
    War 4 days ago  
    And a furry was real 4 days ago  
    Gta 6 4 days ago  
    Bdsm is great. It helps you control the pain. At least for me it does 4 days ago  
    Whiskey, Fried Chicken, Pizza, Lasagna, Vodka, Water, Moonshine Etc 4 days ago  
    Im a poor mofo and I got the munchies....Im willing to part with some food for a price 4 days ago  
    Pray to Damon 4 days ago  
    A joke is a Joke get over it 4 days ago  
    Grow Up-King Lil G 4 days ago  
    Partying. Drugs, Liqour. Common sh*t with a dope head 4 days ago  
    Wolf 4 days ago  
    The world gets sh*ttier 4 days ago  
    Bullet to the Head. Execution Style going out with a bang 4 days ago  
    Tobacco 4 days ago  
    Bored 4 days ago  
    GRand Theft Auto Movies 4 days ago  
    Slipknot, Lamb of God, Hollywood Undead, Metallica, G-Unit 4 days ago  
    My names Jax I work with Car Fax 4 days ago  
    American_Jedi, AppleJaxx, Mindless pie 4 days ago  
    Failure. Shit life. Disappointment. Useless. Depression. Etc (Real sh*t 4 days ago  
    Porn guns and Vapes 4 days ago  
    Im unhappy anyway 4 days ago  
    #DreamGoals 4 days ago  
    Saying N!ggga, Women have no rights 4 days ago  
    Make people feel sexually 4 days ago  
    Kill 4 days ago  
    I ate a french fry because I love Marijuana 4 days ago  
    I can smoke my drugs legally 4 days ago  
    Bdsm, Kinky Sex, Travel 4 days ago  
    Virgin women. Weed. Liqour and some music 4 days ago  
    I killed dmj312 because i liked the way he/she smelled 4 days ago  
    Drink and smoke 4 days ago  
    Bored and Tired as I waste away in school 4 days ago  
    Never wore make up. Im a guy 4 days ago  
    Pop some gum in 4 days ago  
    JackaBoy 4 days ago  
    Trusted person Bout sent me to jail over a false claim 4 days ago  
    That Pic in B 4 days ago  
    King Lil G- Grow Up 4 days ago  
    Assault or possible Pedophillia/Indecent exposure... 4 days ago  
    Do drugs dont stay in school 4 days ago  
    Cring blood Sweet 4 days ago  
    I dont cry 4 days ago  
    All about that bass 5 days ago  
    Watch me fap 5 days ago  
    Break the rules 5 days ago  
    Yes I hella Woullld 5 days ago  
    A female whos submissive 5 days ago  
    First one has Dora in it 5 days ago  
    *Make me female* 5 days ago  
    Orange and Choclate is pretty damn good 5 days ago  
    *Shrugs* 5 days ago  
    NONE 5 days ago  
    Fay bastard 5 days ago  
    I will die 5 days ago  
    BOTH 5 days ago  
    We can see the tits and jack off to the pixels 5 days ago  
    Im a furry. I dont f*** animals and Im human 6 days ago  
    Nothing at all 6 days ago  
    Jesus 6 days ago  
    Neitherrrr 6 days ago  
    Hes a child predator 6 days ago  
    If I was suppose to die at 16 then Im one year late 6 days ago  
    MEDIUM 6 days ago  
    Having a horse C*ck go up your arse will kill you. Look up 2 men and one horse 6 days ago  
    Who 6 days ago  
    My life is sh*te anyhow 6 days ago  
    Im a dragon 6 days ago  
    Personality 6 days ago  
    My best friend is a girl so 6 days ago  
    LSD 6 days ago  
    God 6 days ago  
    Saw tits 6 days ago  
    Be a slut 6 days ago  
    Drugs 6 days ago  
    Strip clubs 6 days ago  
    Outlawww 6 days ago  
    Russian 6 days ago  
    Fortnite is gay 6 days ago  
    Me 6 days ago  
    TOBBBU 6 days ago  
    the heart is on the left because its never right 6 days ago  
    Already a Douche Bag 1 week ago  
    Dream come true right there 1 week ago  
    Im More of a Console player but at times I play Pc games for the hell of it 3 weeks ago  
    Shit I must go deep underground to get the Hailey Nudes then 3 weeks ago  
    IM hungry asf now 3 weeks ago  
    Already do 3 weeks ago  
    Well Future also. You can see if they end up backstabbing you 3 weeks ago +1
    Swallow meeee 3 weeks ago +1
    *Confusion*' 3 weeks ago  
    I love Irish 3 weeks ago  
    F U C K Kyoka, Marry Ezra, Kill Mira and jail Seliah 3 weeks ago  
    Wrong click 3 weeks ago  
    Amen 3 weeks ago  
    I am Christian #NoProblems 3 weeks ago  
    Send Nudes 3 weeks ago  
    Caboose can beat anything 3 weeks ago  
    Cotton Candy Hair Hell Ye 3 weeks ago  
    Make weed legal bro Like hell it would save so much money and make room for people who actually deserve to be in prison 3 weeks ago  
    I dont know any of them 3 weeks ago  
    School Lunches 3 weeks ago  
    I Do Option B for fun. Being offensive and triggering others is Fun 3 weeks ago  
    You play Pc or Console? 3 weeks ago  
    Religion, Hobbies, Have you had sex yet 3 weeks ago  
    Already do this Bestgore.com 3 weeks ago  
    She will kill you 3 weeks ago  
    The Holocaust never existed 3 weeks ago  
    Agreed 3 weeks ago  
    Win all the Wars! Get all the Women! 3 weeks ago  
    They green tho 3 weeks ago  
    No sadness 3 weeks ago  
    Sight 3 weeks ago  
    Both 3 weeks ago  
    Cereal 3 weeks ago  
    Whats the difference between a black and white jew? Black Jew had to sit at the back of the oven 3 weeks ago  
    Clicked the wrong one 3 weeks ago  
    Sucks little boy dick 3 weeks ago  
    Suicide Hotline: Why do you want to die today 3 weeks ago  
    Merica. Get rid of Paki, Iraq, Afghan, Somalia, 3 weeks ago  
    Physical appearance 3 weeks ago  
    See ya in ze afterlife 3 weeks ago  
    Move to Colorado. Live in the backwoods. Grow some good kush and live 3 weeks ago  
    Weed 3 weeks ago  
    Shawn 3 weeks ago  
    They teach you not to lie yet they are lying to your for years about how a big fat man comes into your house at night and gives you presents 3 weeks ago  
    I used it on everything else 3 weeks ago  
    No Democrats 3 weeks ago  
    Doing Option C is basically being a bystander which is basically helping the bully by not doing anything to stop what is going on. Beat the crap out of the bully he learns a lesson. Telling the bully to stop will just get your ass knocked out and bullied on also 3 weeks ago  
    Hitler woulda supported this 3 weeks ago  
    Some good Girl Juice 3 weeks ago  
    I don't have A Tv Network. I just watch Youtube and memes 3 weeks ago  
    Schools lie to us to do a drug search 3 weeks ago  
    Throw a Party and Yell Hilary Failed Yet again 3 weeks ago  
    Watch comedy movies with Friends. Go on a dark humored rant 3 weeks ago  
    Everytime they touch it they get zapped 3 weeks ago  
    He ate to much 3 weeks ago  
    Kevin died in a plane crash 3 weeks ago  
    Family, Friends, Food 3 weeks ago +1
    Its assisting in a Death 3 weeks ago  
    Screw them if they get offended 3 weeks ago  
    Internet 3 weeks ago  
    Depression. Suicidal Thoughts. I am sure Id be poor as hell Just like I already am 3 weeks ago  
    Getting out into the world 3 weeks ago  
    Chewing tobacco 3 weeks ago  
    Hatefully Remembered Like I voted on another Question 3 weeks ago  
    Yup 4 weeks ago  
    If my gf got raped. First I would kill the son of a B I t c h who raped her then keep the kid and raise them as my own kid because its living and needs a chance at life 4 weeks ago  
    War earns respect. Why do you think America hasn't been attacked at the homeland 4 weeks ago  
    Sexism is the best joke in the world 4 weeks ago  
    Assassinate 4 weeks ago  
    NEITHER 4 weeks ago  
    Agreed 4 weeks ago  
    Anything but Obama 4 weeks ago  
    Ain't nobody hurtin me Sis 4 weeks ago  
    I mean Kill them with love maybe 4 weeks ago  
    Soooo Make peace and be hated... Or ruin the world and be loved... But if no one knows I did it how can I be hated 4 weeks ago  
    Who are they 4 weeks ago  
    One night stands. Love is Torture 4 weeks ago  
    Clubs and Drown yourself in Liquor/ Pussy 4 weeks ago  
    B I T CH I dont F U C k wit you 4 weeks ago  
    Screw Prom. Weed and Liqour with the boys 4 weeks ago  
    Cigarettes Mhh 4 weeks ago  
    Kill them with love again 4 weeks ago  
    26 Year Old. Liqour and some fun 4 weeks ago  
    Option B already happened 4 weeks ago  
    Never had one 4 weeks ago  
    Kill them with Love 4 weeks ago  
    Already got Option B 4 weeks ago  
    Text 4 weeks ago  
    Im a male and I got some man tits. I will take that Money 4 weeks ago  
    Jealousy causes agressiveness and sadness 4 weeks ago  
    Help us 4 weeks ago  
    God 4 weeks ago  
    First off After that day Im going to murder the fool who raped her 4 weeks ago  
    It sure would save me pain 4 weeks ago  
    Blood kink 4 weeks ago  
    Family Can never be Replaced. The Love they show will be greater than anything else 4 weeks ago  
    *Mostly all my relationships because tho i broke up I had good reasons and Im always there for them* 4 weeks ago  
    I mean Ive done it before. Cuddling is not gay as long as you say No homo 4 weeks ago  
    Bdsm is Great 4 weeks ago  
    Never gonna get married 4 weeks ago  
    Country Roadsss Take me home 4 weeks ago  
    Dog 4 weeks ago  
    I sorta like this 4 weeks ago  
    Explain more 4 weeks ago  
    I am a male but sh*t Lesbian has been a fantasy 4 weeks ago  
    Milk 4 weeks ago  
    Id love my son Still 4 weeks ago  
    Got me at Russian 4 weeks ago  
    Beastiality or Being Forced into relationships 4 weeks ago  
    Picked because I saw the Cute kitty 4 weeks ago  
    The Tree is my friend now. 4 weeks ago  
    This is a different thing from society today. Beautiful and liked. Ugly and Picked on 4 weeks ago  
    That CHeating Whore 4 weeks ago  
    Done Option B for a Long Time 4 weeks ago  
    Both are the same feeling 4 weeks ago  
    Lol 4 weeks ago  
    HiroShima 4 weeks ago  
    IF i was female Option B also Why would you marry him if he has aids 4 weeks ago  
    Do what With my Puppy? Go out for a walk? 4 weeks ago  
    "Him" Guessing this is for Gays and WOmen 4 weeks ago  
    Dont waste money on da ho 4 weeks ago  
    Burn 4 weeks ago  
    Already there 4 weeks ago  
    Smoke Pot. Bros Before hoes 4 weeks ago  
    Snuff, Cigars Weed 4 weeks ago  
    Whiskey 4 weeks ago  
    food porn 4 weeks ago  
    I can now go to the clubs 4 weeks ago  
    Heil Hydra 4 weeks ago  
    Shit I did that at 12 4 weeks ago  
    Furries 4 weeks ago  
    I dont like kids 4 weeks ago  
    Now im hungry 4 weeks ago  
    Delete it before showing 4 weeks ago  
    Welp time to use the Chloroform 4 weeks ago  
    Whiskey and Tea 4 weeks ago  
    But its great Humor Material 4 weeks ago  
    Hmmmm 4 weeks ago  
    Sounds so much like today 4 weeks ago  
    Whoop Whoop Trump Pence 4 weeks ago  
    I never worked hard on anything yet 4 weeks ago  
    Hell ya lets F U C K 4 weeks ago  
    Muslims and Jews 4 weeks ago  
    Strangle 4 weeks ago  
    I love his laugh its Ho\ilarious 4 weeks ago  
    Is Option C Death 4 weeks ago  
    3 Classmates who I loved Dearly 4 weeks ago  
    Best friend is also your Girlfriend 4 weeks ago  
    Porn 4 weeks ago  
    Vodka 4 weeks ago  
    Honestly seeing a young woman with an old guy is cute. If they are both happy there ye go 4 weeks ago  
    Neither I love dem 4 weeks ago  
    Just dont do the Homework 4 weeks ago  
    Been at this for Years 4 weeks ago  
    Ones a Trolling geek the other is an American Serial Killer 4 weeks ago  
    If you celebrate Christmas your celebrating a Historical Event Known as Jesus Birthday. If your atheist just know your partaking in a Christian Holiday 4 weeks ago  
    Brutally Truthful. People hate that 4 weeks ago  
    Find out whos the school shooter 4 weeks ago +1
    Sleep all Day 4 weeks ago  
    Snake is TitanaBoa 4 weeks ago  
    POP EM 4 weeks ago  
    Sick 4 weeks ago  
    Neither this is sick 4 weeks ago  
    My biological father :P My Stepdad and Mom can live 4 weeks ago  
    2nd grade 4 weeks ago  
    Kill them with love 4 weeks ago  

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