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    I see what you did there ;)  
    One of the hardest questions I have ever had to answer.  
    I want to go to Berlin...  
    Sit back and watch the brawl ensue. +1
    Maybe it'll feel good?  
    Then I don't get any discrimination, I get all the power, and I don't have to worry about phantom boners!!  
    no much lolz  
    mental breakdown is right here...  
    Already true ;)  
    cut the sh*t off!  
    Hardest decision of my life...  
    Thank you sir/madam  
    Its not up to me. Its up to the person who is in the situation. They should have the choice.  
    I lose a little more every day...  
    I completely fail to see this. How to presidents like Washington, FDR, Lincoln, and Wilson get trumped by President Obama?  
    No, the alternative name for a cat is a pussycat in English. Therefore an abridged version of the word pussycat can be pussy. That is why is makes perfectly logical sense for me to address cats by there alternative name, pussies.  
    Ain't nobody got time for dat!!  
    Im an owl...  
    My breath would smell so sexy...  
    What are they selling??? CHOCOLATE!!!!!  
    Reminds me of myself.. :,(  
    O sh*t...this question is like a viral civil war.  
    A leader can easily overpower the inventor and then take the credit :)  
    I thought this was an easy question but...  
    There are books about streets and the activities that take place on them :)  
    Get me started first :)  
    Easiest question ever  
    Dogs aren't pussies... +2296
    I could kill my enemy, not my best friend  
    didnt even see the other option  
    no question  
    He will kill my enemies...  
    I'm pretty sure that's not a real polar bear...  
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