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Would you rather Only have a computer for the rest of your life or Only have a phone for the rest of your life 3 years ago 43 votes 2 comments 0 likes

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im a saxaphonist 3 years ago  
fans? 3 years ago  
what is cocaine 3 years ago  
i own a hamster :3 3 years ago  
Im a guy! yay! 3 years ago  
WHAT IS AN OOVOO 3 years ago  
NOPITY NOPE NOPE 3 years ago  
whats rick rolling 3 years ago  
BANANAS!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
i dont drive :] 3 years ago  
SKIP BUTTON yay 3 years ago  
POKEMANS 3 years ago  
im 11 :/ 3 years ago  
im a boy 3 years ago  
dum da-da dum da dum 3 years ago  
RUN FOREST RUUUN 3 years ago  
crowd? 3 years ago  
idk 3 years ago  
at least you wouldnt die 3 years ago  
and skip 3 years ago  
and skip 3 years ago  
and skip 3 years ago +1
the bum has spent money on cigarettes. DO U KNO WHAT THOSE CAN DO 2 U 3 years ago  
i personaly like both 3 years ago  
NEWS 3 years ago  
my bff is a dude and im a dude 3 years ago  
I am a fat ugly dude, AND IM 11 3 years ago  
NOPITY NOPE NOPE 3 years ago  
havnt seen either or know what they are 3 years ago  
I just reasearched the human centipede and HOLY FRICK I SHOULD HAVE JUST CHOSEN THE OTHER ONE 3 years ago  
you need arms to play video games 3 years ago  
id eat a HOT dog 3 years ago  
I'd rather be have a perfect relationship 3 years ago  
whats a rubber 3 years ago  
What r these 3 years ago  
I use both ;) 3 years ago  
Ill just catch meat at walmart 3 years ago  
REEEEED 3 years ago  
ill just skip 3 years ago  
Ilike night 3 years ago  
id never get the 5 mil 3 years ago  
purfume wouldnt kill u 3 years ago  
Im a boy :/ 3 years ago  
no clue 3 years ago  
USA USA MERICA 3 years ago +1
i havent had mutton 3 years ago  
NOPITY NOPE NOPE 3 years ago  
i dont know what these things are 3 years ago  
i dont know whats these are 3 years ago  
never had either 3 years ago  
I love accents 3 years ago  
HE IS BLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
LEAVES 3 years ago  
nopity nope 3 years ago  

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