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Would you rather be killed suffering or instantaneously 2 years ago 33 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather make it your birthday once every month or Christmas once every month 2 years ago 28 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a poor artist or rich guy who cant draw 2 years ago 46 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be The last human on Earth or The first human on Earth 2 years ago 40 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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Blue all the way. Mega Blastoise was my 1st mega 2 years ago  
Sour is my life 2 years ago  
im not alergic to posion ivy it doesn't hurt me 2 years ago +1
yum! 2 years ago  
fudge all over mine 2 years ago  
lol 5% jb 95% kittens i dont like either well cats are Okay. 2 years ago +1
this would be so cool! 2 years ago  
easy 2 years ago +1
im girl so 2 years ago  
i had. itswhere you put your m finger slightly up and the rest of your fingers are in a fist it hurts but i hate brain freezes more 2 years ago  
my dad does it to my brother already ( for fun) 2 years ago  
id pick my great great great great great great gramma cause well she is a mom just not to me 2 years ago  
scared of water 2 years ago  
oh no 2 years ago  
i like to sneeze 2 years ago  
shyscrapers dont exist so yeah... 2 years ago  
aww so shy 2 years ago  
aww what a cute kittycat. im blind 2 years ago  
clip my toenails? 2 years ago +16
well your doing the puuppy one on accident and granny one on purpose 2 years ago  
the water stopped running. it started walking 2 years ago  
I cant :( 2 years ago +1
catch my parents clipping their toenails? ewwwww! 2 years ago  
I already told all my secrets 2 years ago  
adam sandler OMG OOPS i told my acting teacher my favorite actor was Will Smith :( 2 years ago  
im scared of water 2 years ago  
I did :) 2 years ago +1
Pineapple 2 years ago +1
lol 2 years ago  
eww 2 years ago  
oops i meant B 2 years ago  
im scared of water 2 years ago  
i dont smoke anyway sooo.... and plus i never will 2 years ago  
same here 2 years ago  
it will grow back and wig 2 years ago  
poor car it has the flu 2 years ago  
k Albert Einstein her=ard that hes smart and probaly liked football 2 years ago  
there is so much teams in America 2 years ago  
hmm 2 years ago  
omg i meant LA 2 years ago  
i dont wanna be Donald Trump so... 2 years ago  
yay u in jail 2 years ago  
mola? 2 years ago  
Marrying Donuts and cookie dough 2 years ago  
there is youtube on tv guys.... 2 years ago  
flying and vision 2 years ago  
thumbs up for USA 2 years ago  
my grandmas not annoying so... 2 years ago  
im scared of water 2 years ago  
20 french fries. 2 years ago  
its blonde 2 years ago  
france 2 years ago  
:) 2 years ago  
omg is that a blob? 2 years ago  
football 2 years ago  
nah. i thing Germany 2 years ago  
poor poor people 2 years ago  
you can get a robotic one 2 years ago  
moving to somewhere else is cool with me 2 years ago  
i'm from america. thats only in new york and chicago 2 years ago  
wait... what happens if your career is too fast and you can't catch it? eh 2 years ago  
i am not a baby killer but i might do it to cats..... 2 years ago  
oops gain weight. im too skinny 2 years ago  
girls 2 years ago  
the series of unfortunate events 2 years ago  
the world would have a lot of people rapping.... COOL 2 years ago  
u rude i am A 2 years ago  
it will feel like a second 2 years ago  
losing friends is horrible. one day you'll regret that 2 years ago  
id be happy for them 2 years ago  
cats leave you to die because they are not loyal and hate everyone 2 years ago  
ill eat them 2 years ago  
i hate cheese 2 years ago  
oops i meant B sorry so much sibllings 2 years ago  
cookie dough for me 2 years ago  
im bad at singing soooo..... 2 years ago  
i meant gandalf :( 2 years ago  
omg 93% dogs 7% fat dudes 2 years ago  
like this comment if you picked A you would be changing to a boy 2 years ago  
i'd wish for 1,000 more wishes :) 2 years ago  
I would change my name to McGonagall or Hermione 2 years ago  
who would'nt wanna talk like yoda? 2 years ago  
pause button------ take mola 2 years ago  
clowns creep me out 2 years ago  
I'd marry a horse 2 years ago  
you will have no one to love when your immortal and plus you'll be an old grama or grandpa 2 years ago  
I'd find my true love whenever 2 years ago  
Well if you knew the cause of your death, you would spend most of your time trying to advoid that 2 years ago  

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