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    I hate long hair. At lease whilst bald I save on shampoo.  
    Neither, I'm a homebird and can't see myself emigrating anywhere. I was born in the UK and will die in the UK.  
    I picked cancer once before with a similar question so I opted for the other considering the world would be a better place without either. +2
    Damn, picked the wrong option. +1
    I don't have a best friend - apart from my dog - so it's a no-brainer really.  
    You can do more on Facebook. +4
    I'm actually a quarter Italian so I would love to travel Italy and learn about my heritage. Plus it has spectacular scenery, Venice with the Gondolas, Rome with the Colosseum, Pompeii, the Apuan Alps in Tuscany, fine cuisine to name but a few.  
    If you're a guy then baldness is no big deal. If you're a lass then you can wear a wig and vary the styles and colours every day. Shaving is too much work and think about all the replacement blades and shaving cream you'd have to buy and how long it'd take to shave a man-gorilla.  
    If you can't speak up then you can clarify yourself by writing it down. People who shout / talk very loudly are very annoying - especially when in close proximity to you.  
    I am the jerk correcting sentences because bad grammar, spelling and punctuation really irritates me.  
    You'd get false teeth instead.  
    It's a no brainer really considering we already live in a world with feuding religions and look at what it's causing. If I'm really honest I'd rather live in a world where all religions got on with each other and respected each other really but seeing as that wasn't an option I opted for the obvious choice as who would really choose to have feuding religions?  
    Neither, I'd prefer an Alfa Romeo.  
    Then maybe people would be able to understand me more and I could understand myself more... a song's not long enough for that.  
    Cannot beat the sound of an electric guitar, especially on solos. Some real kick-ass riffs can be made. You can really push it to the limit and different sounds can be made from it. To me acoustic is boring, you can't really do much with it, is often dirgy and often sounds the same.  
    Would love to live in a world without both to be honest. +1
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