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class o 18 :)

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Did you have (a) movie(s) on repeat when you were a child? yes (comment) or no 3 years ago 119 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Has anyone started watching american horror story: freakshow yet? yes or no 3 years ago 90 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather unscramble this: ropcpno or unscramble this: edirfg 3 years ago 61 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a/an iphone 5s or htc (LMAO) 3 years ago 105 votes 32 comments 0 likes
Which song is better? cage the elephant- ain't no rest for the wicked or the white stripes- seven nation army 3 years ago 59 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather tell your thoughts on self harm or just not 3 years ago 109 votes 29 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be in track, basketball, softball/baseball, and compete in a triathlon or no sports 3 years ago 129 votes 25 comments 0 likes
If you could meet anyone, would it be a(n) actor/actress/musician or fictional character 4 years ago 157 votes 29 comments 0 likes
Whos better bill cosby or bob duncan 4 years ago 112 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch precious plum or honey boo boo (ew) 4 years ago 108 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Whats happened with rrrather nothing much or o god 4 years ago 131 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Which Blink 182 song is better What's My Age Again? or First Date 4 years ago 148 votes 13 comments 0 likes
On a scale of 1-10, how scared are you of horror movies? 1-4 or 5-10 4 years ago 202 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Which is better to read Green Text or Tumblr 4 years ago 256 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Have you ever fell in love with the antagonist? Yes or No 4 years ago 155 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Which trailer was better Jurassic World or Terminator Genisys 4 years ago 152 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Which Super Bowl Commercial was better? Brady Bunch Snickers or Budweiser 4 years ago 114 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get a Piercing or Tattoo 4 years ago 175 votes 25 comments 0 likes
District Tournament Round 3 District 1- Luxury or District 5- Power 4 years ago 138 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Which movie do you think deserves more stars The Theory of Everything|| A movie of Stephen Hawking's life or Boyhood|| The boy in the movie, which you follow from the age of 5 to the age of 18, is just one actor, actually living his life alongside making this movie 4 years ago 132 votes 23 comments 1 like
District Tournament Round 2 District 1- Luxury or District 3- Technology 4 years ago 133 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather comment your favorite Garbage Pail Kids card or Goosebumps book 4 years ago 83 votes 19 comments 0 likes
District Tournament Round 2 District 7- Lumber or District 5- Power 4 years ago 93 votes 3 comments 0 likes
District Tournament Round 2 11- Agriculture or 10- Livestock 4 years ago 98 votes 4 comments 0 likes
District Tournament District 11- Agriculture or District 12- Mining 4 years ago 131 votes 23 comments 0 likes
District Tournament District 9- Grain or District 10- Livestock 4 years ago 129 votes 6 comments 0 likes
District Tournament District 7- Lumber or District 8- Textile 4 years ago 123 votes 4 comments 0 likes
District Tournament District 5- Power or District 6- Transportation 4 years ago 131 votes 11 comments 0 likes
District Tournament District 3- Technology or District 4- Fishing 4 years ago 137 votes 6 comments 0 likes
District Tournament District 1- Luxury or District 2- Masonary 4 years ago 131 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Should I make my profile picture Gabe Newell or Something related to Hunger Games 4 years ago 343 votes 26 comments 0 likes
Is spanking a Good way to teach your child or Wrong way to teach your child 4 years ago 204 votes 57 comments 0 likes
Would you rather receive The good first or The good last 4 years ago 150 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which Hunger Games book is better? Hunger Games or Mockingjay 4 years ago 145 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have four brothers or sisters 4 years ago 151 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Which Hunger Games book is better? Hunger Games or Catching Fire 4 years ago 146 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Do you agree with this yes totally or no, not at all 4 years ago 152 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which is cooler megalodon or Whatever the hell this is 4 years ago 153 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Do you think this is the truth Yes, I agree totally or No, that's terrible 4 years ago 102 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Things to think about What if Satan created the world while Jesus was the wrong one? Would it be the right or wrong thing to still worship him and believe in Christianity? or Would the Titanic be spoken about even if it didn't sink? 4 years ago 169 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Mockingjay made my mind paralyzed why or how 4 years ago 125 votes 38 comments 0 likes
Do you like Kentucky Wildcats or Kansas Jayhawk 4 years ago 161 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a teen or child 4 years ago 233 votes 26 comments 0 likes
You are reaped in the hunger games. so, are you female or male? male or female 4 years ago 216 votes 10 comments 0 likes
You have seen many adorable things, but this, my friends, is adorable and genius af Agree completely or Nope 4 years ago 282 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Time is a ruler to measure the day It doesn't go backwards, only one way or Watch it go around like a marry-go-round. 4 years ago 125 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Whats the time? It's quarter to nine or time to have a bath 4 years ago 254 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Time is a tool you can put on a wall or wear it on your wrist 4 years ago 119 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Which did you not know about me I have an alt with my face or i have always been the shortest person in my class in elementary 4 years ago 125 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Which did you not know about me Danielle is not my actual name or I cant stand kittens 4 years ago 134 votes 18 comments 0 likes
I have taught you enough now to be an amazing, impressive, mini-van driving parent with badass and genius children. run free, grasshoppers. your child will get a sticker every day, and a beating if not or you can sit around the table like the amazing family you have beat 4 years ago 100 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Parenting tips 101 w/ dani if they do something, dont let them regret or if you dont get what you want for b-day, do what they do 4 years ago 117 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Parenting tips 101 w/ dani expose them to child molesters or teach them what justice feels like 4 years ago 120 votes 31 comments 0 likes
Parenting tips 101 w/ dani who the hell is boss? you or the truth has to be told 4 years ago 91 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Parenting tips 101 w/ dani dont let them be fag or opinions 4 years ago 98 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Parenting tips 101 w/ dani how to confront kids or quickscope 4 years ago 87 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Threats i make to my sibings i should kill you or go die in a hole no one loves you 4 years ago 142 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Original bathroom tragedies when youre in the shower and see the shampoo bottle on the counter or that moment when you really see if the shampoo is no more tears 4 years ago 139 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Adventures w/ hank hill super propane or take the red pill, i tell you hwhat 4 years ago 153 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Adventures w/ hank hill kawaii or animorphs 4 years ago 124 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Adventures w/ hank hill adventure time or propane gotta catch em all 4 years ago 113 votes 8 comments 0 likes
If you could live in a decade forever, would it be the 1990s or 2010s 4 years ago 181 votes 29 comments 0 likes
HIGHLY recommended movies Mr. Nobody or Hunger Games 4 years ago 156 votes 11 comments 0 likes
I found these anon or pain 4 years ago 105 votes 2 comments 0 likes
I found these shrek or no way 4 years ago 150 votes 1 comment 0 likes
I have a new laptop, (HP Notebook m6 Windows 8.1 ENVY 6RAM 750GB w/ Beats Audio) Cool or Okay 4 years ago 146 votes 13 comments 0 likes
What's more annoying When you first wake up and youre dizzy and feels blind or when you get up too fast and everything moves quickly 4 years ago 175 votes 9 comments 0 likes
What would you relate to of this more That moment that you fall off of a boat or That moment when you yell and no one joins in as planned (you feel heart broken) 4 years ago 158 votes 2 comments 0 likes
YAY! MY 24TH QUESTION! Why 24? or I UNDERSTAND! 100 ISNT SPECIAL! 4 years ago 151 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go to Hawaii w/ DonkeyPunch, xcookiewolfx, dragah, cantthinkofawittyone, crazy and i or United Kingdom w/ Razifans, danielr3, brunoc, jackw, american84, and demitrih 4 years ago 148 votes 34 comments 0 likes
The magic of /r/hungergames on Imgur Bad time to say it? (bottom it says, I NEED TO PEE) or Jennifer 5 years ago 117 votes 2 comments 0 likes
The magic of /r/hungergames on imgur Such Bravery or The horror 5 years ago 108 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which is more disturbing? Katniss and Haymitch or Katniss and Peeta 5 years ago 157 votes 9 comments 0 likes
You are in the zombie apocolypse, and you and your best friend are wondering through the forests after running from the town. As you are walking, you see a pile of leaves. You kick the leaves off, and you find a hole. The hole contains a wooden bow, with a strong string. The bow is over lapping something, two full quivers of bows. You grab it, and your friend steps back and falls into a pit. The pit is waist deep, and at the bottom is a balanced throwing axe. Who gets what? I'll take the bow or I'll take the axe 5 years ago 172 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Which Panic! At the Disco song is better C'Mon or Sarah Smiles 5 years ago 96 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which is better (Final Question) This one or That one 5 years ago 176 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Which is more legit This one or That one 5 years ago 180 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which is cooler This one or That one 5 years ago 196 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which is better This one or That one 5 years ago 195 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Hawaii or Alaska 5 years ago 134 votes 5 comments 0 likes

Danielle083 has posted the following comments:

hey babe how are you 3 years ago +1
lmao idk it's got water 3 years ago  
this was two years ago give it up 3 years ago  
i said go big or go home u pussy 3 years ago  
morgans my life 3 years ago  
go big or go home 3 years ago +1
wrong one 3 years ago  
hed be pretty useless now tbh 3 years ago  
how can you think of B] 3 years ago +1
i love it until i think too much about it like the pic in B is horrifying 3 years ago +1
cry 3 years ago +1
a blanket ig 3 years ago  
cook 3 years ago  
;) 3 years ago  
the slaughter, steve. 3 years ago +1
a towel, steve. 3 years ago  
zippers are stupid tbh 3 years ago  
not as fun 3 years ago  
long bows arent the same as recurve, some people think they are/ 3 years ago  
cool maybe you should start 3 years ago  
wrong one I love A 3 years ago  
this has been forgotten forever 3 years ago  
nah, this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArlH0nU4mqQ 3 years ago  
krampus 3 years ago  
CRYING 3 years ago  
4 3 years ago  
i'd actually like to see A 3 years ago  
just do it 3 years ago  
just do it 3 years ago +1
just do it 3 years ago  
ikr 3 years ago  
less population lmao everyone dies anyways 3 years ago  
they both impacted history and did/will do the greater good for some things 3 years ago  
kush, pot, weed, hash, grass, devils lettuce, 3 years ago  
it's directed at people who ask for nudes. so it depends. 3 years ago  
omg its horrid 3 years ago  
A: idk because idk the characters from my most hated shows lmao B: Oliver Tredson- American Horror Story, Asylum. And Larry Harvey- AHS murder house. they the same amount 3 years ago  
many times 3 years ago  
A FISHING HOOK 3 years ago  
baby 3 years ago +1
no omg 3 years ago  
which brother/sister 3 years ago  
PATD is amazing, but both are good. 3 years ago  
i use both 3 years ago  
http://prntscr.com/8zhp6k idk how someone wouldnt want nike tbh 3 years ago  
it doesnt really matter bc theyre fine as hell 3 years ago  
she knows what to do. i actually look up to her a lot 3 years ago  
if i do have a pet bird though i want a kiwi bird 3 years ago  
his names actually glasses jacket shirt man 3 years ago  
10/10 3 years ago  
it's "would you rather" for a reason 3 years ago  
spiders are a no 3 years ago +1
donald trumps horrible tbh 3 years ago +2
i could, but there's different ones. nvm 3 years ago  
yeah ik i quoted it i legit put "" around it 3 years ago  
they wouldnt even be that far from each other wtf 3 years ago  
idc if he tried to kill katniss numerous times he's still life 3 years ago  
not really since district 12 burnt down and he went psycho, but whatever. 3 years ago  
he died whoops spoiler lmao 3 years ago  
well think of what it'd be for C and for F. hopefully you wouldn't get to a situation where you'd have to withstand it that much anyways 3 years ago  
i didnt know there was real and fake. 3 years ago +3
just stop 3 years ago  
that'd be weird and be too long on the page 3 years ago  
god please 3 years ago +1
it was only 70 years ago, not hundreds. why would he change his mind if it was anywhere else? 3 years ago  
people who ask for nudes 3 years ago  
yeah, totally. creating a mass genocide and planning to kill everyone without blonde hair and blue eyes. also manipulating, amazing leader. killing his own people, 10/10 would want him to lead 3 years ago  
its u 3 years ago  
do that a lot 3 years ago +1
in k-3 they were all my b*tches 3 years ago  
id love it tbh 3 years ago  
i agree 3 years ago  
very 3 years ago  
skittles, sour patch kids, snickers, kit kats, and jelly bellys. 3 years ago  
a lot of candies crack pls be more specific 3 years ago  
zendaya got through high school and didnt drop out like magcon did, 3 years ago +1
its really good 3 years ago +1
cringes from use of exclamation points even though it's in capital letters, also using ** on f*** 3 years ago +1
ew god no my sister loves it 3 years ago  
i love napoleon 3 years ago +1
i had mine when I was 13 and it was actually kinda sweet 3 years ago  
we're starting to use the metric system, and it is better than lebanon. 3 years ago  
jennifer lawrence 3 years ago  
omg thats on an ad 3 years ago  
omg pls 3 years ago +1
theres a school called that 3 years ago +1
if someone touched my heart and i wasnt either in surgery or they were trying to save my life id probably snap their neck 3 years ago  
EW 3 years ago  
lmao sure 3 years ago  
cringe 3 years ago  
old man's gonna die soon anyways sorry rip 3 years ago +2
im only going to a party 3 years ago  
"i should have burned this place down when i had the chance" -michael scott, or , "sul sul. zo hungwah. fretishe miza." -my sim 3 years ago  
but traffic is slow... so it's not like they're speeding and crash. they can easily stop. 3 years ago  
i live 10 or so minutes away i think i'm good 3 years ago  
very much so 3 years ago  
same 3 years ago  
yes please kanye>everything kanye for president 2020. 3 years ago  
i am right now actually, tbh. 3 years ago  
did it 3 years ago  
ew @ both 3 years ago  
bc b is weird 3 years ago  
damn 3 years ago  
im far from all of those hun 3 years ago  
in shelter i'd probably find survivors 3 years ago  
i can spell that word irl bc my sister never stopped saying it bc she wanted to sound cool and be able to pronounce it 3 years ago  
legit a 4 my stomachs horrible with foods 3 years ago  
oops wrong one 3 years ago  
its my mom man 3 years ago  
sorry man 3 years ago  
trippy but i like it 3 years ago +2
well, they do test your blood type before you actually donate. 3 years ago  
very 3 years ago  
very 3 years ago  
get on chat 3 years ago  
youre from kentucky how do you not know 3 years ago +1
amazing omg i love them 3 years ago  
AMAZING 3 years ago  
mine http://prntscr.com/8t3w4e btw its copyright hoes 3 years ago  
idk A 3 years ago  
bc that changed everything 3 years ago  
awwwwwwwww yissssss even though i didnt like the first movies director 3 years ago +1
i used to love punky omg 3 years ago  
SAME AND I WAS LIKE WHAT 3 years ago  
omg hotty i love him so much i'd let him rape me and it wouldnt be an issue to me god and its not just because of maze runner even though i love that too but ffs his jaw line can cut you 3 years ago  
i used to watch it all the time. 3 years ago  
god no its too good 3 years ago  
they show how much i give a fück 3 years ago  
because i fuçked their bítch asses up 3 years ago  
i like spelling right, tbh. 3 years ago +2
billy madison. 3 years ago  
i've ran 15 miles and swam 3.5 miles, i'll try either tbh 3 years ago  
too hard to decide theyre both amazing 3 years ago +1
a hot rat 3 years ago  
very hot and both of them 3 years ago +1
mmmmmmmm 3 years ago  
you're not even from america gtfo 3 years ago  
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 3 years ago  
tim burtons amazing but i liked coraline and thats it 3 years ago  
yeah 3 years ago  
Nike Lebrons will be the death of me 3 years ago +1
i love this series so much omg 3 years ago  
they've both impacted greatly, 3 years ago  
by a long shot 3 years ago  
same 3 years ago  
;)))))) 3 years ago  
ew @ small ones 3 years ago  
oops 3 years ago  
nope 3 years ago  
neither. they're both cringey 3 years ago  
even though that smells like the only nirvana song you know, 3 years ago  
its my sibling why would i kill them? i swear you 33% must be dumb as hell 3 years ago  
its my dad man wtf is up with the people who chose B like your best friend did nothing for you damn its a different story if its a deadbeat but damn 3 years ago +1
awwwwww yissss microsoft/windows phones are weird as f*** but i like their computers 3 years ago  
even though i use origin for sims 4 and thats it. 3 years ago +1
because dogs have such mixed emotions 3 years ago  
gorgeous 3 years ago  
well, i do too. 3 years ago  
amazing 3 years ago  
ig you've never seen a dog. 3 years ago  
it thought i was my sister and bit me because i walked past and when i looked down it started folding its ears and shrinking down 3 years ago  
omg thats not an excuse wtf. you've been bitten by a dog before. 3 years ago  
grills 3 years ago  
whats your favorite show 3 years ago  
food, water, music, basketball, nikes, my phone, american horror story, the walking dead, netflix, mac n cheese, sprite, converse, and three of my friends and thats about it 3 years ago  
to start off the entire question; it depends on if you think death is good or bad/scary or not 3 years ago +1
tough 3 years ago +2
cried over A 3 years ago  
late 90s= punk rock era 3 years ago  
a slash is a / or a \. 3 years ago +1
shes the package 3 years ago +1
but i want her do you not see her beauty 3 years ago  
tim burton movies are amazing 3 years ago +1
ew these kinds of books 3 years ago  
i hate mustaches anyways 3 years ago  
if i get raped my reaction doesn't matter unless it's stabbing them so 3 years ago  
omg i cant eat peanut butter after sporting events or practice. i cant even eat right after them 3 years ago  
same 3 years ago  
same 3 years ago  
same 3 years ago  
omg ik. i live with my dad, as soon as my parents divorced they all thought he'd be a dead beat 3 years ago  
i mean a scary picture or a sudden close up or scary noise 3 years ago  
dont question it if you know the answer pls 3 years ago  
;)))))) 3 years ago  
hated 2 and 3 loved 1 3 years ago  
too wrong didnt real lol 3 years ago +1
o goodness is it a popup 3 years ago  
i love atl 3 years ago  
thats what i did. i lived with my dad and went to see my mom on the weekends, but i think the child should choose in the first place. 3 years ago  
CRIED 3 years ago  
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 3 years ago  
alt. rock is amazing your taste is amazin 3 years ago  
went to bat a ball when i was with my cousins and my cousin tried to throw it and almost hit me in the head at a solid 40 mph. 3 years ago +1
whats applejaxxx's taste in music 3 years ago +1
i love sandlot 3 years ago  
still gonna be challenging for you 3 years ago  
"let's all go create a huge genocide!" 3 years ago  
your grammar is confusing me 3 years ago  
man oh man 3 years ago  
funfact: ive known that for a long, long time. 3 years ago  
thats actually a relief 3 years ago  
its on netflix now because hotel comes out tomorrow. it was only murder house asylum and coven but now freakshow is on netflix also 3 years ago  
its not even scary. the trailers and posters are scary but the show isnt 3 years ago  
damn dont be such a vibe killer 3 years ago +2
good love 3 years ago +1
1 3 years ago  
hes hot 3 years ago +1
wrong one and are you really calling the bridge to teribithia terrible smh 3 years ago +4
better be lucky youve got me 3 years ago  
hey b*tches 3 years ago +1
lmao nope 3 years ago  
16.5 million sales compared to 32.2 sales million just over this decade? okay. i guess 16.5 million sure is dozens of times better than 32.2 million. 3 years ago  
i thought breakfast was just called breakfast just bc and it's fancy for starving themselves 3 years ago  
gangster from sweden 3 years ago  
tysm for admitting 3 years ago  
why do you use fasting? it's just a fancy word tbh 3 years ago  
i forget to eat sometimes but i dont mean to 3 years ago  
WRONG ONE::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: it's a simple do or don't. no debate. even though it's a huge decision, at the bottom like it's your decision. 3 years ago  
you too, drake and lil wayne and stuff is bs tbh 3 years ago  
both dumb as hell 3 years ago +1
im born on the 19th and it ends on the 23rd i think but i love being a scorpio because the horoscopes are really good 3 years ago  
i actually love my horoscope. im a scorpio and it goes really good usually 3 years ago  
you'd look like youre on some pretty tough cocaine 3 years ago +1
wrong one I'd look like a mix of emma watson and cara delivigne 3 years ago  
kenye and kendrick lmao smh 3 years ago  
even though he's up there with biggie, andre 3000, entire n.w.a, and tupac. 3 years ago +1
jajajajjaajjajajajaja 3 years ago  
dingdingding 3 years ago  
o its amazing 3 years ago +2
i love those questions 3 years ago +2
what happened 3 years ago +1
its not that drastic but ill be pissed 3 years ago  
im getting a 200$ visa gift card for my birthday and for christmas i just want a 50$ one 3 years ago  
these questions are so cringe worthy 3 years ago  
ig youve never seen lana del ray? 3 years ago  
its gorgeous 3 years ago  
miley cyrus singing my neck my back wtf else 3 years ago  
yes 3 years ago  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mo_o7K0iq2A 3 years ago +2
show picture 3 years ago  
i'd probably be in the top 4, but i doubt i'd win. 3 years ago  
A: You are 17 years old, stand 68 inches (5' 8") tall and weigh 110 lbs (7 st. 12 lb.) Your character's interests include toads, monster movies, aliens, and beautiful space babes. omy my character is amazing 3 years ago +1
a big kid (she was like 12) came over (moms friends daughter) and she was a flyer in cheerleading and she had shorts that said it too (it was a school cheer so LMAO) and she told me about it and i was astounded 3 years ago  
lmao irl theyd be dead maybe besides red and a few others 3 years ago  
k like my shiet cuz 3 years ago +1
its mine 3 years ago +1
choosing someone off of this site would be the last thing id do lmao 3 years ago +2
me too 3 years ago  
i love dogs 3 years ago  
swimming, softball, basketball, i did drag racing, i've done powder puff, i did archery, soccer, track and field, volleyball, and i've done diving 3 years ago  
why was i not in this and i would have gotten a 12 wtf man 3 years ago  
im in swimming for a reason 3 years ago  
i used to do that when i was 9 3 years ago  
rip 3 years ago  
it shouldnt be your buisness about who someone else loves 3 years ago +1
yes 3 years ago +1
omg 3 years ago  
it's graphics are cleaner, it loads faster, more secure, and holds back from viruses better 3 years ago  
their camera's arent meh, neither their speeds, nor their updates, 3 years ago  
so just bc theyre overrated? not because of how amazing their camera is or how much more better they work? not because it's harder to break them? not because they actually update? 3 years ago  
ikr and i love apple theyre just mad they cant afford it ;^) 3 years ago +3
i wish i had a 6 but i have a 5c 3 years ago  
mines white atm 3 years ago  
both pretty and apple is the best 3 years ago +3
id probably choke them out if i one 3 years ago  
ho down throw down :^) 3 years ago  
me too 3 years ago  
we don't do work, we don't have anything to make a profit from 3 years ago  
resfeber 3 years ago  
space jam theme song 3 years ago  
I LOVE THAT SONG 3 years ago  
i already do and i love it 3 years ago  
if only you got it 3 years ago  
straight A's? what grade are you in? i have an 86 so far 3 years ago  
why are you spamming this list of questions with terrible one 3 years ago  
its not funny actually tbh. its cringe worthy 3 years ago +1
ig he doesnt see how big of a difference both of these are 3 years ago  
can't you see that 71% said no? stop 3 years ago  
cringe 3 years ago +2
or why anyone would do them at all 3 years ago  
sciences (biological, physical, etc.) health and medicine, and math 3 years ago +1
cool. im supposed to care because...? 3 years ago  
omg 3 years ago  
but you're talking to me, not a noun. a specific person is a proper noun, making the your a you're, talking to a proper noun. none the less, a noun. a noun that is talking indirect to something is a you're. if it's talking about yourself, it's a you're. so, your argument is currently invalid. none the less, you spelt grammar wrong. you're probably trolling like a 7 year old but whatever 3 years ago  
ive already wanted to ride it 3 years ago  
i hate the color orange 3 years ago  
http://i.imgur.com/IUCOSnt.gif 3 years ago  
no one here seems good at any sports besides redeagle because he said he did track, idk if he was good at it though 3 years ago  
i hated cars 3 years ago  
i already am so 3 years ago  
id rather not use the term "nigĝa" and have a picture of anime to relate to it. 3 years ago  
please do 3 years ago  
id hate to have a second goonies 3 years ago  
goonies wasnt garbage smh 3 years ago +2
it wouldnt be the same, the first is too good to make a second one 3 years ago  
exactly thats why youre ideal 3 years ago  
there would be no use of having would you rather question if there was a both option. it's "which would you rather have" there doesnt need to be a both option 3 years ago +1
"i know 'what' annoying." what? your is ownership. you're is the abbreviation for you are. "i know you're annoying." is what you should have said. also, says the one who has the 7 year old epic face as his profile. 3 years ago  
ideal ^ 3 years ago  
#kanyeforpresident2020 3 years ago  
what is wrong with a 3 years ago  
i love chinchillas 3 years ago  
i want one 3 years ago  
omg i loved it except when he went through that faggy stage 3 years ago +1
oh god spam it if you want to i love mythology 3 years ago  
ideal boyfriend ^ 3 years ago  
their pizza slices 3 years ago  
it seems fun to be in the hospital for a long time 3 years ago +1
B looks like the mattress monster thatll be in AHS:Hotel 3 years ago  
god i hate them 3 years ago  
omg make this a tournament 3 years ago  
who were u before 3 years ago  
i think its stupid how they take photos of it, and then get pissy when they say "no im not trying to get attention." but people actually do cut/burn/etc and not say anything about it 3 years ago  
i agree tbh. i think that its your actions and that you need to have the positive/negative consequences rather than being told to not do it 3 years ago +1
im the one on the left yes 3 years ago  
god youre annoying 3 years ago  
if you go up to 600 mph and you hit something, yes. 3 years ago  
(too* asses* commit* don't*) and also, why wouldnt they be able to protect themselves? people hide it so they don't get attention, dumbass. some actually post it for attention, but not all. 3 years ago +1
ay 3 years ago  
i like how you think 3 years ago +1
a is suicide 3 years ago  
they dont get the same charges bc ive never seen a women be called a pervert but yet you hear it daily about men. when really and truthfully, they need to be treted the same way as a male sex offender 3 years ago +3
ew the fault in our stars is dumb as hell 3 years ago +1
me 3 years ago  
omg hes amazing anyone who judges him is thrown into the pit of fire 3 years ago +1
i am more introverted anyways so 3 years ago  
then id hate seeing you try track 3 years ago  
because youre not living right if youre not succeeding which isnt the life for me 3 years ago  
if you jump off a building and break your legs when everyones telling you no thats yourself to blame 3 years ago  
i like 1990s and 2000s punk rock but evanescence is tragic along with skillet 3 years ago  
because when i deal with a (which is plenty) i end up taking it out on my siblings which turns into a world star hip hop fight 3 years ago  
go back to 2004 please and thank you 3 years ago +1
ew @ both. 3 years ago  
if you enjoy sexual torture, i think it's your fetish at that point. 3 years ago  
gorgeous 3 years ago  
i see why i dont know bc im not 5 3 years ago  
by football i mean american football you dumbass 3 years ago  
this is so old god 3 years ago +5
on what 3 years ago  
wtf is this 3 years ago +3
well there has been no cases of ODing on cannabis. its not even lethal and safer than alchol ffs. you dont ever hear about somone crashing because theyre too high on pot. ffs its safer than alcohol 3 years ago  
i said hes annoying and he's from canada. ebola didnt reach canada so his trolling account is truly invalid 3 years ago  
i only watch ncaa basketball bc football is dumb as hell 3 years ago  
if its soccer lmao i hate soccer even though i play it 3 years ago  
that means ive gotta finish the book really fast if i do 3 years ago  
god i love labs 3 years ago  
i have one but im not showing it to any of you sluts 3 years ago +1
thats not a drug 3 years ago +1
wrong one and i actually have a two dollar bill 3 years ago  
god ffs youre so annoying youre from canada 3 years ago +4
put me in this tourny if you can thanks 3 years ago  
idk 3 years ago  
god nvm 3 years ago  
ive always owned labs and i love them 3 years ago  
hate small dogs 3 years ago +1
id have either because i love big dogs 3 years ago  
i dislike small dogs 3 years ago  
either would be good for me 3 years ago  
either would be good for me 3 years ago  
i love these type of questions 3 years ago  
wrong one yes they should bc theyre framing an innocent man 3 years ago  
usa doesnt feed for power anymore bc tbh we already have it 3 years ago  
both cringe worthy 3 years ago  
A has happened and god 3 years ago  
lets get high 3 years ago  
STOP IT STOP IT 3 years ago  
i have because i dont live in a neighborhood and my friend threw scissors at my brother 3 years ago  
idk either 3 years ago  
whats b 3 years ago  
jumanji is really good 3 years ago  
your grammar 3 years ago +6
bc a isnt a sport but does softball count 3 years ago  
i play volleyball and its actually pretty fun except when someone spikes in your face so 3 years ago  
your brother finds out without you actually telling him 3 years ago  
god please 3 years ago  
ew 3 years ago  
no ones ever died from ODing on cannabis and its oil helps. it actually needs to be legalized 3 years ago  
26.84 m/s for 200m is my record i forgot the rest 3 years ago  
im the girl on the left and you must have nice legs too 3 years ago  
cool 3 years ago  
he did it two times, 3 years ago  
darby http://prntscr.com/8e7sne cassie (no pictures) jenny http://prntscr.com/8e7t23 3 years ago +1
do you do long distrnace or short? i do baton, 200m sprints, and shot put. i did hurdles but then they changed it to shot put during the testings so see and all that good stuff 3 years ago  
lmao k 3 years ago  
you dont have to believe in him to know he was a human being. and there's been many people named hercules to walk, so yes. you're right. 3 years ago  
B is too modern 3 years ago  
obama was put into his place during a war and had to fix what bush left for him but whatever 3 years ago +1
god 3 years ago +1
:) 3 years ago  
id rather not be a dumbass like the 51% who said no 3 years ago  
yes 3 years ago  
its not mario 3 years ago  
fück your feelings 3 years ago  
1v1 me @ my igloo ill wrek u guis an ur gonna cris 3 years ago +1
basketball 3 years ago  
my first boyfriend was addicted to the doors and jim morrison 3 years ago  
white shirts 3 years ago  
he went to jail for spray painting "god is gay" on a wall 3 years ago  
6.1 3 years ago  
a dog named jenny, a cat named darby, and a kitten named cassie 3 years ago  
even though jesus was a walking human being. 3 years ago  
im not progressive when it comes to food 3 years ago  
wrong one. god axe is for little bìtches and fûckboys 3 years ago  
monarchy is a no 3 years ago  
by mental disorder i pray you dont mean theyre retarded or dont think correctly. because by far they do just the same as someone a certain gender rather than both. 3 years ago  
i have bad social anxiety, and i'd just rather keep to myself 3 years ago  
i love hiking 3 years ago +4
A seems cool though 3 years ago  
its like being a fûckboy but people are okay with it 3 years ago  
at this point yes i've never lived in such hell. the new weighing system for the district is 70% of grades go to tests/quizzes/projects/etc and 30% goes to assignments/homework/schoolwork/etc, rather than it being a 50% 50% and its legit living hell 3 years ago +1
kanye for president 2020 3 years ago +1
its just a logo but i like the old one better 3 years ago +1
show up but hide my face 3 years ago  
no because im not 8 3 years ago  
because i suppose B has a dying dog and that one looks abused so thats an automatic no 3 years ago  
i'd distract and kill 3 years ago  
ill bring the ocean to me 3 years ago  
5 year olds who are playing gta V must have soccer moms of parent 3 years ago  
hes skinny but has muscle 3 years ago  
the fact of them invading my buisness. it doesnt matter if im doing anything wrong or not ill put duct tape or some sh*t over them 3 years ago  
you actually have to pay to pay for your child to go to school but its not a big budget 3 years ago  
people don't realize how much it effects with money. 3 years ago  
only 18% this is really sad 3 years ago  
i actually have a boyfriend atm 3 years ago  
damn 3 years ago  
LSD 3 years ago  
he actually does. listen to spacebound and beautiful. and i know ed sheeran also raps. and the picture makes me cringe of how retarded it is, btw. ^^ 3 years ago  
because a is a struggle bc i like to skip the long talks 3 years ago +1
luke hemmings is so hot 3 years ago  
why not 3 years ago  
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