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    look at the first comment b*tch. YA GOT WRECKED 11 months ago  
    lions actually kill like 10 people each year or something like that. They will not attack you unless you attack them. simple. 11 months ago  
    YA BETTER SAY DAWGS 11 months ago  
    I thought that God said that gay people are against life or something like that. 11 months ago  
    The 1 new law should be: get rid of all other laws. 11 months ago  
    GUYS WE ARE DYING BECAUSE OF NO RAIN!!! 11 months ago  
    bruh. It means will you stay as dumb as you are now, or will you stayas young as you are now? 11 months ago  
    No one can save u tho 11 months ago  
    They can actually save u...... 11 months ago  
    what if u dont have a family???? 11 months ago +1
    wow really 11 months ago  
    nope, its just a really hard question 11 months ago  
    idiots. if you are fluent, then u can talk to anyone in the world and also you could have a ton of work choices a.k.a spy, prime minister, president and you could also go to a lot of countries and finish a university. Also you can just be annoying :) 11 months ago  
    u could buy yourself the best gamer pc in the world, but u can only stick to one mac. 11 months ago  
    hehehehe 11 months ago  
    lolololololol 11 months ago  
    wow 11 months ago  
    Lies. It says NOTHING AT ALL. That aint gonna end well. But if you have EVERLASTING fame, then everyone will know you and that will last until you die. 11 months ago  
    Guys if you could read minds, that wouldnt be good, as you could see all the depressing and sad things aswell. 11 months ago  
    Good choice 11 months ago  
    Now that my friend is really not true. 11 months ago  
    im not a good drawer, so my creations would cause chaos 11 months ago  
    i have an iPad lol 11 months ago  

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