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The UK just left the EU cool or they're making a great mistake 2 weeks ago 59 votes 49 comments 0 likes
Most interesting fact about france This was the flag of France from 1814 to 1830 or Ever since the passage of the Napoleonic code, sodomy and incest have not been crimes 1 month ago 46 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Does war change? yes or no 1 month ago 39 votes 14 comments 0 likes
What delicacy would you rather have? virgin boy eggs or fugu 1 month ago 132 votes 5 comments 0 likes
User of 2019 (64/64) Darksith66 or langens3 1 month ago 61 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Do you have 2020 vision yes or nope 1 month ago 42 votes 2 comments 0 likes
This is my 2019th question cool or don't bother me with questions like these 1 month ago 38 votes 0 comments 0 likes
This is my 2000th question cool or why did you even post this? Get on with this stupid tournament to see who the user of the year is 1 month ago 22 votes 0 comments 0 likes
This is my 1984th question Time for a dystopia or let's not 1 month ago 27 votes 3 comments 0 likes
I hope you all had a fun Christmas this year. As the American president of rrrather, it is my honor to oversee the nomination of the user of the year. cool or lame 1 month ago 45 votes 5 comments 0 likes
What was your most upvoted youtube comment? It's or I don't have an account / don't care / not sure 1 month ago 26 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Tertiaries: Which user would you rather make US president? me or redeagle 236 votes 295 comments 0 likes

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What about your heart? 22 hours ago  
I already did 6 days ago  
B was brutal 6 days ago  
we all saw it coming 1 week ago +1
A is cliche 1 month ago  
I think you meant to say that country is mostly trash 1 month ago +1
apples to oranges 1 month ago +1
didn't expect it to be so one sided 1 month ago  
ameteurs 1 month ago  
In A, there's always a bigger fish 1 month ago +1
A is a big universe. It also probably has better healthcare. 1 month ago +1
From what? 1 month ago  
1. When a baby is crying nearby 2. People who stand on the escalator 3. When people are overly emotional on the internet. 1 month ago  
Joe 1 month ago +1
Huur durr give me likes if your watching any time in the next 20 years. Also, I hate gays and brown people. God loves everyone except you because you're satan. 1 month ago +1
What's the capital of kenya? 1 month ago +2
B iso ld news 1 month ago  
me too, I'm just a fencesitter 1 month ago +1
I guess the pics he uses got to be too much for Alexw 1 month ago  
did you get A from somewhere or did you come up with it? 1 month ago  
doesn't have to be painful 1 month ago  
comment of 2020 1 month ago +1
21, I was homeschooled from the second semester of 5th grade to the end of 7th grade 1 month ago  
I was being homeschooled back then. 2010 was when I really began to explore the internet. Who knows where I'll be ten years from now? Hopefully I'll be well established 1 month ago  
It appears that the devil is victorious yet again and will be making it to the final round. It's quite impressive that a novice was able to make it this far but it looks like the end for him. 1 month ago  
AmericanJedi is the winner with 63% of the vote 1 month ago  
better not put it on then 1 month ago +2
Our underdog is doing pretty well. It was close but he still got 545 of the vote 1 month ago  
Satan is on a roll with 83% of the vote 1 month ago  
SuperSaiyanGod2 wins with 75% of the vote 1 month ago  
AJ is the winner 1 month ago  
Even more ties. Let's hand it to the underdog everybody. 1 month ago  
asthomasa wins 58% 1 month ago  
And yet another tie. Actually satan wins 1 month ago  
Ezkymore wins thanks to the guests with 52% 1 month ago  
SupeSaiyanGod2 wins 52% 1 month ago  
Another tie today. A wins. 1 month ago  
And we have a tie. I hereby nominate Golden Moon. 1 month ago  
This was very close but it seems like our big dog is AJ with 54% of the vote. Also, happy new years. 1 month ago  
Not particularly likely https://ourworldindata.org/uploads/2013/08/ourworldindata_percentage-of-years-in-which-the-great-powers-fought-one-another-1500%E2%80%932000.png 1 month ago  
The guests seem to favor AJ but the users are a bit more in favor of Usmanc. 1 month ago  
Guys, I lost 1 month ago  
I wish I thought of that 1 month ago  
Looks like the stories of me rigging elections finally got through. Most of the guests still voted for me but a few took pity on the underdog who won by 61%. 1 month ago  
flashrex wins 87% 1 month ago  
asthomasa wins 83% 1 month ago  
Random Guy wins 73% 1 month ago  
B wins 62% 1 month ago  
That's the devil for ya. I bet you rigged it in your favor. 1 month ago  
Our lord below wins 72% of the vote 1 month ago  
Onex wins 77% 1 month ago  
B wins by 82% 1 month ago  
B wins 79% 1 month ago  
This one was close but gtc26 wins by 54% 1 month ago  
B wins 73% 1 month ago  
Pagan Sagan wins in a landslide, taking 93% 1 month ago  
B wins the great number 1 month ago  
Goldenmoon78 wins 56% of the vote. 1 month ago  
Usmanc wins 86% 1 month ago  
AmericanJedi wins by 57% 1 month ago  
B is winning now 1 month ago  
I'm telling you guys, the guests love me 1 month ago  
A was ahead when I declared it 1 month ago  
Adummy wins the holy number 1 month ago  
Another close victory for me. Why do people keep favoring the newbie users? It's like I'm the most hated user on the site. 1 month ago  
Darkwing wins 73% 1 month ago  
Catlover wins 59% 1 month ago  
flashrex wins 72% 1 month ago  
A wins 67% 1 month ago  
athomasa wins 77% 1 month ago  
Happynote wins with 54% of the vote 1 month ago  
random guy takes 625 of the vote 1 month ago  
ClaudeAlpha wins with 67% of the vote 1 month ago  
B wins 90% 1 month ago  
B wins 67% 1 month ago  
I'd expect nothing less from the prince of darkness. He won a landslide of 88% 1 month ago +1
A lot of people live in the US 1 month ago  
Nintara wins 67% 1 month ago  
B won 67% 1 month ago  
And yet another unanimous vote 1 month ago  
I am surprised by how well Ezkymore is doing. Looks like Choco S is just old news, just getting a quarter of the vote. 1 month ago  
dannys wins with 56% of the vote 1 month ago  
Congratulations on getting every single vote. You will now be moving on to the next stage. Do you have what it takes to be the user of 2019? 1 month ago  
Andruc wins 57% 1 month ago  
After 24 hours, KindaPsycho wins 80% 1 month ago  
gtc26 gets the best margin of them all 1 month ago  
A wins 67% 1 month ago  
Matthew2 wins 62% 1 month ago  
Fresh wins 67% 1 month ago  
Whitechocolate didn't even win a single vote. I was expecting him to do much better than this. And our next underdog victory goes to Pagan Sagan. 1 month ago  
Looks like we have another underdog victory. Yomokogirl takes 3/4ths of the votes. 1 month ago  
Rat wins 78% 1 month ago  
Goldenmoon wins a landslide victory with 86% of the vote. 1 month ago  
Mustacrackish wins with 55% 1 month ago  
After 24 hours, Boo Rad wins with 60% of the vote 1 month ago  
Looks like 58% don't love freedom 1 month ago  
Dragah beats our founding father with 67% 1 month ago  
Americanjedi wins with 70% of the vote 1 month ago  
I'm not the one voting for users I don't know 1 month ago  
You didn't, it's all fine 1 month ago  
It's not my fault that hardly anyone is going through these 1 month ago +1
it is done. If anyone else doesn't like their image, let me know 1 month ago  
joe mama 1 month ago  
B takes it all 1 month ago  
waddles wins 75% 1 month ago  
I wasn't expecting this to be a close one since B is super new. Anyhow, I still win with 51% of the vote 1 month ago  
A 65 1 month ago  
A 56 1 month ago  
A 85 1 month ago  
A 88 1 month ago  
B 77 1 month ago  
another tie, I'll pick A 1 month ago  
A 57 1 month ago  
A 53 1 month ago  
A 85 1 month ago  
B 59 1 month ago  
Another tie, happynote wins 1 month ago  
A 60 1 month ago  
A 67 1 month ago  
A 73 1 month ago  
A 55 1 month ago  
B 67% 1 month ago  
B wins for being more recently active 1 month ago  
B is 69% 1 month ago +1
B wins with 60% 1 month ago  
B wins with 70% 1 month ago  
Our savior wins with 67% 1 month ago  
The devil passes with flying colors at 86% 1 month ago  
B won with 54% 1 month ago  
A won with 85% 1 month ago  
A is 695 1 month ago  
A is 70% 1 month ago  
A has 83% 1 month ago  
A has 89% 1 month ago  
B has 70% 1 month ago  
B has 55% 1 month ago  
A has 60% 1 month ago  
B has 67% 1 month ago  
We have another tie, it goes to Evilinpink 1 month ago  
A got 67% 1 month ago  
A got 55% 1 month ago  
A got 77% 1 month ago  
hatty wins with 79% 1 month ago  
gtc26 wins with 71% 1 month ago  
And our next underdog victory goes to nintendo fun who took 61% of the vote 1 month ago  
iliveanigloo wins with 67% 1 month ago  
Sodium wins with 73% 1 month ago  
Talcumpower is victorious with 82% 1 month ago  
Matthew2 wins with 73% 1 month ago  
bellabot wins with 53% 1 month ago  
We have a tie, I'll pick fresh 1 month ago  
hammy sanvich wins with 55% 1 month ago  
Pagansagan wins with 75% 1 month ago  
Whitechocolate wins with 64% 1 month ago  
Yomokogirl wins 80% 1 month ago  
Chupa flies colors with 88% of the vote 1 month ago  
CrazyChixo wins with 60% 1 month ago  
Rat wins with 62% 1 month ago  
Travis261 wins at 75% 1 month ago  
Goldenmoon78 wins with 75% of the vote 1 month ago  
Looks like our 2015 winner lost the first round against Shadow Quincy who got 54% of the vote. 1 month ago  
This was a close one but Mustakrakish won with 53% of the vote 1 month ago  
And our first underdog winner is Hippopotamus67 with 54% of the vote 1 month ago  
Boo Rad got 90% 1 month ago  
ilovefreedom got 63% 1 month ago  
Usmanc got 80% 1 month ago  
Dragah won with 71% 1 month ago  
Alexw won with 57% 1 month ago  
Korean jesus won with 675 of the vote. 1 month ago  
AmericanJedi won an easy victory, taking 94% of the vote. 1 month ago  
You can make yours alongside mine. Then after they're both over, the winners of those two can be pitted against each other to see who truly is the user of the year 2019. 1 month ago +2
You really think im about rigging tournaments 1 month ago  
I can always pit you against the winner of this tournament. 1 month ago  
Happynote had a bit of activity a few years ago. She also made a brief appearance this year. 1 month ago  
k 1 month ago  
ikr, actualfrisk has had much more recent activity than nintendo fun. 1 month ago  
Feel free to pass this on to the others but if any user doesn't like the pic I gave them, they are more than welcome to complain in the comments or perhaps even PM me and I will change it. 1 month ago  
oh, excuse me 1 month ago +2
I went down the list of most viewed profile pages. My criteria was if you had any activity this year. Some of them merely logged in within the past three months. 1 month ago  
I did a similar tournament back in 2015. 1 month ago  
Some obscure user who had a little bit of activity at some point this year. I went down the list of most viewed profile pages and basically made a wedge of it. The most viewed page is paired up with the least viewed user and the second most viewed is paired up with the second least viewed. I put my self last because why not. 1 month ago  
why 1 month ago  
why? 1 month ago  
who broke the 100 1 month ago  
oops 1 month ago  
This site is decaying. Used to be much better with better users and better content. 1 month ago +2
Yeah, this site has really been falling apart in the last month or so. Sad to say it but I wouldn't be surprised if the site went offline by the end of next year. 1 month ago +2
Mostly sloth and gluttony. Maybe lust also. 1 month ago  
A few shirts and pants, some money, and some contraption in which you put your phone in to kill off the microbes. 1 month ago  
I thought you hated muslims 1 month ago  
Mine was on a video about hilarious anime scenes. My comment was specifically on this scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOSCehgc49s It said "This guy can swim while standing. He should get a medal." It got at least a thousand likes. 1 month ago  
If it can be proven that she lied. If she simply dropped the charges, nothing should happen. 1 month ago  
It'll probably be like Clinton's impeachment. 2 months ago  
My parents went to Italy on a week long trip and they gave it a positive review. 2 months ago  
not my internet search history 2 months ago  
I'll be going into politics some day 2 months ago  
Find out what changed 2 months ago  
I don't have to use it. Also, what range of time would it be covering? 2 months ago  
climate change 3 months ago  
Did jew? 3 months ago  
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