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Stop the... End of the World or Start the World All Over (Better) 7 years ago 133,931 votes 836 comments 2 likes

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Not Everyones Christian Or Catholic. Or Even Belives In Thatt 7 years ago +14
More People died Due To the Holocaust Rather Then 9-11 7 years ago  
I choose Big Bang But Im Pagan so Tec. Neither 7 years ago  
Umm I dun wanna get rape charges 7 years ago +1
Worms are soft and comfy 7 years ago  
Ty! 7 years ago +1
Get in the Rear Blue Waffle Looks SO! Gross 7 years ago  
Give 7 years ago +1
Pull the hairs out ^^ 7 years ago +3
What is Joomla???? 7 years ago +2
Nikons The best. CSI uses It for a Reason 7 years ago  
Suspect 7 years ago  
Neither ! 7 years ago  
All About Tec. 7 years ago  
Awsome Manicure 7 years ago +2
Ian Man! 7 years ago  

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