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If you were hit by a gamma bomb would you rather (READ DESCRIPTION) Become The Incredible Hulk whenever you get angry or Be given every form of cancer that has ever existed with no way to be cured 1 month ago 50 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Which feat is more impressive Being faster than Thor Odinson or Being smarter than Goku 1 month ago 45 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be the richest man/woman in the world or Be Thanos with the power to wield all six Infinity Stones if you can find them 1 month ago 64 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Which is worse in movies and TV shows? When they kill off the best character or When they make the worst character the main character 1 month ago 54 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer The actual myths or The Disney additions 1 month ago 65 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Campaign to ban MustaKrakish! Are you With me or Against me 2 months ago 58 votes 57 comments 0 likes
Dose anyone here use readcomiconline? Yes or No 2 months ago 59 votes 12 comments 0 likes
When you hear the name “Thor” do you think about the one from The Thor from Norse mythology ie the original Thor or The Thor from Marvel Comics 2 months ago 71 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Should we limit the amount of model questions on this site? Yes or No 3 months ago 75 votes 11 comments 0 likes
In your opinion is Rey (from Star Wars) a Mary Sue? Yes or No 3 months ago 49 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be punched by Superman or Be Force Pushed by Grand Master Luke Skywalker 3 months ago 55 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Do you watch Star Wars Galaxy of Adventure? Yes or No 3 months ago 63 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Omnipotent or Omniscient 3 months ago 50 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have Luke Skywalker’ Blue lightsaber or His green lightsaber 3 months ago 51 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Does anyone here use Superherodb.com? Yes or No 3 months ago 65 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be the Hayden Christensen of acting or Be the Justin Bieber of singing 3 months ago 71 votes 17 comments 0 likes
I’m back my two month long break, did you miss me? Yes or No 3 months ago 59 votes 19 comments 0 likes
We should limit the number of anime questions on this site are you... With me or Not with me 3 months ago 82 votes 72 comments 0 likes

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Okay 5 days ago  
I’m male 1 week ago  
IDK 1 week ago  
Is this World War Hulk or Hulk at his norm? 2 weeks ago  
HelNo 3 weeks ago  
No one has to know 3 weeks ago +1
Lmao 1 month ago  
The Norse God played by an Australian comedian solos. 1 month ago +1
How big are the explosions? 1 month ago  
He doesn’t even need Mjølnir. 1 month ago  
Imma bat 1 month ago  
What makes you think it’s not an SJW movie? 1 month ago  
Than you my friend 1 month ago +1
Then why did you vote B if you agree with me? 1 month ago  
I actually liked BVS 1 month ago  
Wasn’t an SJW movie 1 month ago +1
Just like comparing God to Satan. 1 month ago +2
Ok 1 month ago  
No items, Fox only, Final Destination 1 month ago  
Why doesn’t manga hold your interest? “I hate superheroes and stuff related to them. So boring and predictable.” that’s your opinion now get off my case. 1 month ago  
*can’t prove that I did that* 1 month ago  
*Craps on you then wipes bottom with anime black and white comic books, and proves you a little hypocrite for reading black and white comics* 1 month ago  
Valhalla here I come 1 month ago  
Hop off my question and my case 1 month ago  
Do this to them https://youtu.be/X6fWfoax5bU 1 month ago  
You only get a few months to live if you choose to fight it otherwise you’d die instantly. 1 month ago  
Read the description. 1 month ago  
Read the description sir. 1 month ago  
She probably shouldn’t have grounded me all those times in the past. 1 month ago  
No 1 month ago  
As garbage as Harry Potter is I’d rather be there then be one of the guys who Hulk throws out of a plane. 1 month ago  
Yes, he was. 1 month ago  
Reality is often disappointing _Thanos 2018 1 month ago  
Could I regain health? 1 month ago  
Unfortunately you asked me when I was grounded. 1 month ago +1
The one that isn’t garb...oh, wait they’re both anime crap. My bad 1 month ago  
Basically anything heavy metal 1 month ago  
Kid Icarus Uprising: loved it 11/10 1 month ago  
Pokémon is overrated 1 month ago  
*Im pissed that you attack me for liking comics GTH kid 1 month ago  
Okay 1 month ago  
Flashrex (don't hate me Flashrex) 1 month ago  
Star Wars 1 month ago  
It’s not too harsh, heck I use that phrase all the freaking time 1 month ago  
“Go commit die?” What? 1 month ago  
He’s omnipotent 1 month ago  
I don’t get it 1 month ago  
*Sorry for the typo* 1 month ago  
And A: is a Norse hero played by an American. 1 month ago  
I know you’re trying to imply something suggestive. Aren’t you? 1 month ago  
The 7 Deadly Sins 1: watching anime 2: spamming questions about anime 3: reading manga 4: voice acting in an anime 5: writing an anime 6: being an anime fanboy 7: marrying an anime fan. 2 months ago  
Oh, God.... 2 months ago  
It reminds me of anime garbage. 2 months ago  
My crap is valuable > goes to the restroom > profit 2 months ago  
And Thor can survive in space. 2 months ago +2
Musta? He’s a big baby. 2 months ago  
I already am 2 months ago  
*waits for demons like Musta to show up like they do on my questions about comic related crap* 2 months ago  
https://www.rrrather.com/view/250473 2 months ago  
Both garbage 2 months ago  
https://youtu.be/cEaEdLQbAFM 2 months ago  
I’m always right 2 months ago +1
The Source Wall 2 months ago  
Garbage vs garbage. Hmm I wonder. 2 months ago  
I hate the second half of both movies. 2 months ago  
I am the Spectre. 2 months ago  
Literally 2 months ago  
How long? 2 months ago  
What the heck?!? 2 months ago  
Don’t believe in tattoos. 2 months ago  
Can we go back to dating real people instead of anime garbage? 2 months ago +1
EXACTLY! 2 months ago  
One date never hurt anybody. 2 months ago  
One at a time. 2 months ago  
Go on DeviantArt and look up “anime girl,” you can thank me later. 2 months ago  
I am now Tony Stark 2 months ago  
I’m about to become the Rune King. (let me know if you get the reference) 2 months ago  
Why is this easier than cake or death? 2 months ago  
At least Harley Quinn, Zatanna, and Wonder Woman aren’t as bad as most anime characters. I thought we were talking about the comics, not the movies. And no, that’s not true, Preacher and Spawn don’t have an overly sexualized female character. 2 months ago  
But unlike comic characters anime characters are factually just overly sexualized smut. 2 months ago  
How so? 2 months ago  
Both anime garbage 2 months ago  
Okay. 2 months ago  
30 seconds late. 2 months ago  
Then it’s obvious. 2 months ago  
Oh, sorry bout that. 2 months ago  
Is this “God” omnipotent or is it one of those wimps like The Presence from DC Comics or the God from the Image verse who was dethroned by an amped Spawn? 2 months ago +1
ActualFrisk? 2 months ago  
I never said anything about ego, what? 2 months ago  
It is not my authority to tell you what to do with your life. 2 months ago  
I’m just going to say one thing: that’s so Raven (like if you get the refresh and reply what you think the reference was) 2 months ago +1
reSPAWN (like if you get the refresh and reply what you think the reference was) 2 months ago +1
ILMBO 2 months ago  
Kill them 2 months ago +1
And it showed up in MY notifications, SHUT UP BOY! 2 months ago  
Everything 2 months ago  
Chris Hemsworth 2 months ago  
What if you killed someone who deserved it? 2 months ago +1
Just like a certain Norse God whose name will not be mentioned. 2 months ago +1
You’re not a constructive user heck you’re just exact opposite. You’re the one who needs to get out of here not me, I NEVER acted like we were buddies, quit making crap up! And I only started bothering you after you started it little boy. 2 months ago +1
I can handle them, but you’re just getting annoying and dirtying up my questions. 2 months ago  
You consistently called him overratedm you know I’m trying to get you off this site because constantly complaining what the little boy that you are. 2 months ago  
I honest to God have no idea. 2 months ago  
I’m male and not a dog. 2 months ago  
What do you mean by “bounce?” 2 months ago  
Hey listen, I like you IreneBelserion but the reason I’m trying to get Musta banned is because of how much he’s ruined my stay on this site, just because his small undeveloped brain can’t comprehend the idea of someone liking comic books because he doesn’t like them. 2 months ago  
Because they know the truth about how bad you can be at times. 2 months ago  
Like they should be? 2 months ago  
I’ll hold back 2 months ago  
Because I don’t go around attacking people because of what they like or don’t like. 2 months ago +1
Oops 2 months ago  
Why? 2 months ago +1
He’s annoying and constantly attacks me. 2 months ago  
A game with lots of explosions where 90 percent of the characters are canon fodder that gets blown up. 2 months ago  
That is correct 2 months ago  
I don’t understand what you’re talking about. 2 months ago  
I’m here to talk with you again. 2 months ago  
God of Thunder https://youtu.be/M9UgWyGB3vc 2 months ago  
Dose God/Deity count? 2 months ago  
You’re welcome 2 months ago  
Okay 2 months ago  
No, it's a website that allows you to read literally any comic online for free. 2 months ago  
Are you talking to me? 2 months ago  
Get. Off. Of. My. Question. With. Your. Off. Topic. Crap. 2 months ago  
Then get off of MY question. 2 months ago  
In both circumstances? 2 months ago  
How long will it take the, to shred me? 2 months ago +1
Why is that? 2 months ago  
They hate me 2 months ago  
What? 2 months ago  
Begun the Clone War has. 2 months ago  
I can sense someone making me Superfriends Aquaman 2 months ago  
MustaKirsh and Nikopower 2 months ago  
I wouldn’t be using the ability either way. 2 months ago  
On the street walking 2 months ago  
December 13 2 months ago  
How did you change the name of the link? 2 months ago  
As someone who uses a phone, this is irrelevant to me. 2 months ago  
People tell you that because you’re factually wrong for blindly hating on superheroes. I know for a FACT that you’ve never read a comic, if you have it was probably either Marvel Now or DC’s New 52 which are both disgraces to their own respective companies, the companies have been improving and admited it to their mistakes. Please give those comics a second chance or just stop blind leading them all together. If you’re a fan of Vikings and Norse stuff then you’d love any of Marvel’s Thor runs. 2 months ago  
I’m about to go talk to some of those furry haters and those anime haters ARE RIGHT. No one said your worst than Hitler bruh, I don’t know why you’re making crap up because LITERALLY NO ONE said that. I’ll back off after you back off and get off my question that was clearly not designed for you. And prove that you a right to hate on this stuff as much as normal people like it and prove that you have a right to whine about it which you clearly don’t, now please GET OFF MY QUESTION!!! 2 months ago  
You mean all anime names are gibberish? 2 months ago  
Will someone come rescue me? 2 months ago  
Uh, I can’t hear you over all your anime thy highs. 2 months ago  
MustaKrakish STHU about hating comics, just because YOU don’t like someone doesn't mean you should constantly talk trash about it. 2 months ago  
Why not both? 2 months ago  
I have more than enough comic books to keep myself occupied. 2 months ago  
Neither of the, 2 months ago  
The one that wasn’t made specifically for empowerment was better. 2 months ago  
“Should we have visit, inhabit, vaporize” me: https://youtu.be/3Yb5P2dgcyU 2 months ago +1
Green is used by counselors, blue is used by guardians. 2 months ago  
*Jedi Knight. He didn’t become a Jedi master for at least 10 years after RotJ. 2 months ago  
Anakin >>> Luke 3 months ago  
That’s because there is no one to really challenge her 3 months ago  
Me to 3 months ago  
No you can’t 3 months ago  
What do you mean? 3 months ago  
Get out of my comments section 3 months ago +1
That’s my question? 3 months ago +1
Okay 3 months ago  
Actually you’re the “overly dramatic moron” 3 months ago  
I don’t hate him 3 months ago  
Maybe Alexw could disapprove of some anime questions 3 months ago  
What does that have to do with anything? 3 months ago  
Overconfident that you could think that you can get away with it because everyone here likes you 3 months ago  
Actually there are a few people that want you to leave, not going to name them bty. Overconfidence as in name calling and acting like you’re higher than everyone else. 3 months ago  
They have still seen it 3 months ago  
https://youtu.be/ns9P8bhIhnA 3 months ago  
Of course you do I’ve seen you on the chat 3 months ago  
I’m talking to the creator of this question 3 months ago  
They’re both but I don’t like to use me of being bias 3 months ago  
And you are face looks like someone who needs to be banned 3 months ago +1
Realistically I will probably try to become an omnipotent god 3 months ago  
Anakin and Padme 3 months ago  
I AM NOT 3 months ago  
I believe I can fly 3 months ago +1
Doesn’t say the piranhas will bite 3 months ago  
Neither are possible 3 months ago  
What do you mean transcend in opinion B? 3 months ago  
Speak for yourself 3 months ago  
Neither 3 months ago  
Jean solos 3 months ago +1
Can they teach me to use the Force? 3 months ago  
Immortality means you wouldn’t have to eat. 3 months ago  
I’ve always known that oxygen was toxic 3 months ago  
Live in space and listen to https://youtu.be/W1937VEYguI all day 3 months ago +1
I don’t even like coffee 3 months ago  
Neither 3 months ago +1
He’s still on the radio a lot 3 months ago  
That’s why I made it 3 months ago  
The model ones are also bad but the anime ones are a disease that needs to be cured. 3 months ago  
Then you should’ve seen how many and me questions there are. 3 months ago  
How long have you been on this website for? 3 months ago  
Agreed 3 months ago  
Yeah, go to my profile and look at my comments and you’ll see that some of the newer ones are from a few months ago. 3 months ago +1
Sorry, I just find anime questions really annoying. 3 months ago  
Can you just get off this site Mustakrish 3 months ago +1
I like the model ones 3 months ago  
there are people with me that also want to limit the amount of questions about overrated eastern cartoon. 3 months ago  
Agreed 3 months ago  
That's exactly what I thought 3 months ago +1
I've always assumed pillows were used in the middle ages somehow, but I didn't know how spiritual they truly were. 3 months ago +1
Oh... 3 months ago +1
It's some of the best Star Wars media that one could ask for and best of all it's free off of YouTube 3 months ago  
Are either of these true? 3 months ago +1
Link me one good JB song 3 months ago +2
Non of them are as bad as anime question. 3 months ago +1
Thanks 3 months ago  
Are you being sarcastic? 3 months ago  
He was just sadly picked to play the role of a really layered and emotional character, what’s having George Lucas write his dialogue all adds up to a not that good performance. 3 months ago +1
I...AM...IRONMAN 3 months ago  
Real life stuff like school 3 months ago +1
The most underrated website ever, that is now down for maintenance but should be back in action in a few days 3 months ago  
Easy there, he’s actually a good user when you get to know him. 3 months ago  
Agreed wholeheartedly 3 months ago +2
1. People who don’t watch anime feel left out 2. It dose deserve it 3. By mistake 3 months ago +1
He’s overrated 3 months ago  
Why 3 months ago  
Spider-Man stinks as always 3 months ago  
Hero’s journey 3 months ago  
Agreed 3 months ago  
Me neither 3 months ago +1
Agreed, bty why did you post that in the most random place? 3 months ago  
What account? 3 months ago +1
What account? 3 months ago +1
What do you mean? 3 months ago +1
Justin 4 months ago +1
You made the right decision 4 months ago +1
Who is? 4 months ago  
https://youtu.be/DhINrIySIqY 4 months ago  
Come debate me 4 months ago  
IRONMAN 4 months ago  
Build a wall and make the rebels pay for it 4 months ago +1
The emperor > any Darth 4 months ago  
I did 4 months ago  
I did 4 months ago  
I did 4 months ago  
Good, I was about to say “I don’t know who either of them are“ 4 months ago  
I have to do some research because I don’t know who that is 4 months ago  
*Jojo Siwa 4 months ago +1
It was a cool concept, but the way it was executed wasn’t the best. 4 months ago  
3 words: Thanos was right 4 months ago  
Captain Marvel solely exists for empowerment 4 months ago +1
Join the resistance against Pudes (like if you agree) 4 months ago  
I don’t even like pizza, I can so easily lice without it. 4 months ago  
Is can’t be as addictive as Nightcore 4 months ago  
Duty to retreat? 4 months ago  
It’s time for PewDiePie...to end 4 months ago  
The reason he can’t is because Thanos his skin is so thick that if Ant Man tried to climb in it he would likely just crush himself 4 months ago  
The hardest choices require the strongest wills 4 months ago  
Goku is omniscient+++ Goku is omnipotent+++ 4 months ago  
Hulk is omnipotent 4 months ago  
I’m pretty sure they'll find a way to stop people from aging 4 months ago  
https://youtu.be/xpDAwPLOWg4 4 months ago  
What do you need? 4 months ago  
Spider-Man stinks, he always did 4 months ago  
Our hero Thor shall guide and protect us 4 months ago +1
It doesn’t say your WHOLE family 4 months ago +3
https://youtu.be/H6jNc-HDwVA 4 months ago  
Destroy it 4 months ago +1
They both give off a more try hard feeling 4 months ago  
They both stink 4 months ago  
The sequels are always better than the first one 4 months ago  
Illegal smuggling 4 months ago  
Not really but I’m pretty sure Alexw needed the pics to be fitting 6 months ago  
Why are the pics so unfitting 6 months ago  
Playing kid Icarus uprising 6 months ago  
Okay but A is still far more powerful 7 months ago  
Who the heck would chose B 7 months ago +1
Is that bad? 7 months ago  
It is not 7 months ago  
Anime fanboys 7 months ago  
They both have limited screen/panel time 7 months ago  
No he is not 7 months ago +2
This should have been Superman prime vs Rune King Thor 7 months ago +1
I hate them both 7 months ago +1
So it’s basically The Spectre and it’s from Norse Mythology? 7 months ago +1
I’ll need to think of this 7 months ago  
But come on! Can you at least tell me what’s In picture B 7 months ago  
WHAT!?! 7 months ago  
I know that all the planets are named after Roman gods but can they do something different with Planet X 7 months ago  
What? 7 months ago  
if The planet is real (it’s not) can they name it after something that isn’t a Roman character 7 months ago +1
Planet X is NOT real 7 months ago +1
And where was that 7 months ago +1
But it never said that there was something in its place 7 months ago +1
I think most of the dinosaurs were thinking the same thing 7 months ago +1
You know something I wish I could change my answer 7 months ago +1
No it’s not 7 months ago +1
You do relies that Jupiter protects earth by absorbing asteroids that would have hit earth otherwise 7 months ago  
Where is he by the way 7 months ago  
Then why didn’t you choose B 7 months ago  
Are you trying to die 7 months ago  
The first words of option A are “wear a mask that stops your aging process” and if they didn’t are you trying to die 7 months ago  
I didn’t know Batman had parents lol 7 months ago  
Awesome 7 months ago  
As always 7 months ago  
I literally don’t know what to say 7 months ago  
I’ve chosen 7 months ago  
Arnt they the same thing 7 months ago +1
How much are pounds worth 7 months ago  
I’d be the best ninja ever 7 months ago  
Okay 7 months ago  
But that was random 7 months ago  
I did will smith punches some allien what dose that do with the question at hand 7 months ago +1
American Jedi why are you attacking usmanc? 7 months ago  
Hey Patrick 7 months ago  
Both 7 months ago  
Yeah 7 months ago +1
But isn’t the trident a better weapon even if it’s not how close could you get to use those crush gauntlets? 7 months ago +1
I’ll need to think about that 7 months ago  
Different franchises have different levels threats hela’s army (from Thor Ragorok) is much more powerful than say the cyborg from robo cop... I was just trying to Learn as much as I could so I could make a decision right now I’m pretty sure I could get out of the school and into a car then out of their but I’m not sure where I’d go from there 7 months ago  
So I get nothing how many monster are surround the school and how powerful are they? 7 months ago  
So nothing? 7 months ago  
I meant what location do I start at 7 months ago  
Why is this a debate 7 months ago +1
I shall be a kryptonian who else agrees 7 months ago +1
I can’t remember flash using any type of weaponry 7 months ago +1
I think we’re done here if you want to talk to me some more I’ll be on the chat just tell me when you want to talk and I’ll be their 7 months ago  
How is that fun? 7 months ago +1
Every other day for the last few weeks I’ve pulled all nighters to do school work so I’d be dead in B 7 months ago  
I was trying to understand it when I made those loopholes also I’d be dead in a week if I chose B 7 months ago  
I’m sorry I just have problems understanding longer question (next time make an authors comment) 7 months ago  
... 7 months ago  
What did I get wrong about it? 7 months ago  
Hey I’ve seen aquaman (good movie by the way) enough times to have a basic idea on how to use a trident 7 months ago +1
Well then sleep without the mask you slowly age then you start sleeping with the mask on age backwards then repeat if you do this you’re basically immortal...right? 7 months ago  
To have immortality you’re wear the mask take it off while you sleep as you slowly age you start to sleep with the mask on once you get to the age of your choosing you then sleep without the mask repeat 7 months ago  
But what about aging backwards 7 months ago  
Really? 7 months ago  
It says you do 7 months ago  
Do I sleep with the mask off? And what dose the mask look and feel like 7 months ago  
What is the job 7 months ago  
What? 7 months ago  
??? 7 months ago +1
How is this a debate 7 months ago +1
Let’s not 7 months ago  
How much training do I get with either weapon 7 months ago +1
Basically Ironman? 7 months ago  
Didn’t understand this but I’m pretty sure B is what blood work is 7 months ago +1
I’ll mentally replace anime with cartoon due to the fact that I don’t watch anime 7 months ago +1
How the heck is this even a debate 7 months ago +1
Alexw did you really do B? 7 months ago +1
No he isn’t 7 months ago  
WHAT?!?! 7 months ago +1
You could keep a further distance with the Trident then with shark gloves how much training do I get with either weapon? 7 months ago +1
I’ll do it 7 months ago +1
Jackie obviously 7 months ago +1
You should tell me how to do that 7 months ago +1
It really depends on who and why you’re killing them 7 months ago  
This sounds like Batman Philosophy 7 months ago +2
https://youtu.be/Tim5nU3DwIE 7 months ago  
Look at my profile and comments 7 months ago  
Do one with me in it 7 months ago  
What is trashumanism 7 months ago  
I did not eat the cookies 7 months ago +1
Dump lions kittens why because lions can swim loophole lol 7 months ago  
Daredevil? 7 months ago  
What bad thing do I confess 7 months ago  
My pet won’t stop barking so this is the plus of a century 7 months ago  
Always be yourself unless you can bring a sword to a gunfight and win then always bring a sword to the gunfighter and win 7 months ago  
It’s what I’d rather grow up as 7 months ago  
What’s the point in having knowledge if I can’t use it 7 months ago  
So where do I start 7 months ago  
But what weapon do I get is my real question 7 months ago  
Depends on the weapons I’ll get 7 months ago  
(In my best Darth Vader voice) It is your destiny 7 months ago  
I think only eating soy beans would kill you and if not it’ll be very unhealthy 7 months ago +1
But can someone limit the amount of anime questions on this site 7 months ago  
Meet me in the chat where we can talk about anything you want 7 months ago  
Sorry I didn’t see that 7 months ago  
Let’s not talk about politics 7 months ago  
Si means yes you could have said yes a long time ago 7 months ago  
And him to 7 months ago  
Neither 7 months ago  
Okay 7 months ago +1
I said I don’t know what that means 7 months ago  
Me and possibly Thanos, Darkseid, Savitar(from flash), Gorilla Grodd, (also from the Flash) Someone who hates everything, the sonic fan base, the kid that owns that book, and jar jar binks etc let me know who you think would write 6 billion names 7 months ago  
Yes what? 7 months ago  
Yeah but isn’t their a Japanese cartoon about an emo teen with a notebook that could will people out of existence (I don’t watch anime though) but couldn’t you have used that instead 7 months ago  
From Matrix? 7 months ago +1
The Infinity Gauntlet and the Death Star and a few other things 7 months ago  
? 7 months ago  
Hey I raked your leaves are you happy 7 months ago +1
What? 7 months ago  
Could you have at least chooses something else that could destroy the universe but you could choose 7 months ago  
He said make an account 7 months ago  
Hey everyone I spilled bleach all over my clothes 7 months ago +2
Okay 7 months ago  
I did read that but I’m reminding you that in the comics the Infinity Gauntlet is completely random 7 months ago  
I can handle it I actually like hearing you whine but their are kids on this site 7 months ago  
How? 7 months ago  
Is that bad? 7 months ago  
I never thought I’d say this “I hate Superman” 7 months ago  
I’ve only been here for 3 or so months and second what dose Superman have to do with anything 7 months ago  
WHAT!?! 7 months ago  
Rank in what? 7 months ago +1
Nether btw the gauntlet is random anyways so you won’t really get to chose (sorry to burst your bubble) 7 months ago +3
Hulk strongest their is 7 months ago  
What is? 7 months ago  
All I know about namor id that if he stays out of the water (I think) he goes crazy and he is from alantice (I hope I’m spelling that right) but i didn’t know namor came first I thought Arthur did 7 months ago +1
I only remember one from Godzilla 7 months ago +1
2 words Martian Manhunter but can someone tell me who those monsters are 7 months ago +1
Kal El (Superman) solos who else agrees 7 months ago +2
Speaking of rooster teeth tomorrow screw attack will release a death battle aquaman vs namor who’s excited 7 months ago +1
And let me know what you think of it 7 months ago  
It was from a Mighty Thor comic good read I recommend anyone to check them out 7 months ago +1
Thanks did you get the reference 7 months ago +1
We are “Those who sit above in the shadows” 7 months ago  
Leather pants for the win! 7 months ago  
I use an iPad so this is easy who’s with me 7 months ago  
It’s what I’d want my parents to do for me 7 months ago  
Can you rate me 7 months ago +1
So how do you get to know me? 7 months ago  
Where is this from 7 months ago  
What’s my rating 7 months ago  
I’d watch so much Flash and get so much school done why would anyone choose option A 7 months ago  
Somehow I knew you’d say that 7 months ago +2
Entertaining myself with LEGO Star Wars 7 months ago  
Who was driving it 7 months ago +1
I’d take either 7 months ago  
How 7 months ago  
What’s fixed 7 months ago  
The Arthur’s comment says both have equal pay 7 months ago +1
What’s the downside with B 7 months ago +1
Ice is better than water 7 months ago  
I don’t watch anime okay 7 months ago  
where is he from 7 months ago  
Well good by fatty foods 7 months ago  
So if I get rid of the food chains people lose their jobs 7 months ago  
Yeah but what is good about those food chains 7 months ago  
What do you mean cease to exist 7 months ago  
Depends on who this is 7 months ago  
Who is A 7 months ago +1
I’m Batman 7 months ago  
My rating? 7 months ago +1
More attractive, more athletic, more talented, smarter, I respect your opinion if you chose B sorry it took a few minutes for me to make that comment 7 months ago  
But you do realize A is an infinity better deal 7 months ago  
I thought it was a mutantation then I read the description then I deleted it I hope you’re not offended the comment I deleted was meant to be a reply to asthomasa who said “you can’t be happy” or something like that 7 months ago  
Why did so many people chose B someone better explain this 7 months ago  
FlashPoint 7 months ago  
This guy is actually Thor 7 months ago  
Just don’t touch chocolate who else agrees 7 months ago  
Who wants to be a Sith 7 months ago  
How what works? 7 months ago  
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