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    No. st00pid st00pid peoples  
    No. No it really isn't  
    Basketball Basketball Basketball BASKETBALL!  
    Ronaldo ia Beast  
    Uhm... Sorry Wat?  
    Jump off a Cliff... Into Water :>  
    I get sushed anyway so...  
    Sorry, whats wrong with a PUBLIC restroom again?  
    Do What? Eat a Burger?  
    Never said how hard, full on? B*tch Im good, to have it barely thrown at me, yeh sure whatever, yeh it would hurt but.. ;-;  
    I have a Phobia of Clowns and Im 100% certain that Clown would Rape me...  
    Imma get my Tan onnnn  
    I would go to Tesco and buy Water ;]  
    Walking in a winter wonderland  
    Skype is good o.0  
    Under Da Sea!  
    Hung by meh Ankle :)  
    Doin what? Eating?  
    #YOLO ..right?  
    Well, uhm.. What was Plastic Surgery invented for again? :)  
    Oml I love Coke  
    I Have a Piggy :) My Little Sister  
    I be knowin if mah man thinking of another Girl!  
    Ya know dem Gummy Snake things.. Yeh.. I think thats my solution :)  
    Never said how long, could be 1 second of it  
    Dont have a Penis  
    Never said All of the freakin Milkshake  
    NO No no  
    I Would eat Ice Cream :>  
    Just cos your popular doesn't mean your not smart.. I could be the 2nd Smartest person..  
    Meat is my Life .-.  
    I dun have a penis so ... I dun rlly care  
    Nah, I don't wanna go back to where there is no Wifi!  
    Mmmm... They're not definitely bad aliens... Maybe Unicorns...? \(^D^)/  
    I am a Kid..  
    I am scared of the Dark...  
    I catch my meat at KFC  
    I'm sorry but Thumbs up if you have Peed in the Shower or Bath or Pubic Swimming pool... and if you are reading this Right this second, Yes, you, and don't give this post a Thumbs up YOUR A LIAR!  
    Texting! Cos if its like a stalker.. they can hear your voice x-x  
    Im an 11 year old Gurl and I would prefer a Woman doctor...  
    I have a cold soo...  
    I won't need to argue about the Popcorn, Drink, Seats or the actual Movie  
    I don't drink any but the Milkshake looked nicer.. so idrc  
    Im Small and Ginger...  
    Wait... isn't a 'Significant Other' your Friend?  
    Smart = Popular  
    I Am A Gurl. I chose Games So Shut it Person from Kuwait!  
    It doesn't say it has to be a Solo...  
    Mmmmm.... xD Omg! What if you were Speaking to your Crush!? Crush: So Ye.. Me: DAMN! Your Hawt Af!  
    My Dad is a Chef sooo...  
    Erm.. For how long? 1 second? Sure!  
    Dog Dog Dog Dog Dog Dog Dog  
    Well I wouldn't experience so much rage and sadness  
    *Cough* Erm.. I never *Cough* Had any *Cough* Real *Cough* Friends.. *Cough* Cough*  
    Mmmm... Imma inside person..  
    My Bestfriend dates mah other Bestfriend so I da 3rd wheel...  
    Well if things come too worst then...  
    What were selfies invented for?  
    Whoever voted no... Wtf is wrong with you?  
    What if like you were watching with your friends and your crush was one of your friends and you had a Dream about your crush...?  
    Ninja! Haayyyaaaaa!  
    Damn... What about affairs?  
    I would go outside... If I had a Life ._.  
    I would rather die than live with the guilt of my sisters death.. also it would get soo lonely... :'(  
    Where is the Doctor who Option..?  
    They're the same actor.. x3  
    Me: Imma Ninja. Friend: Ye Right. Me: See me do that? Friend: Do What? Me: Exactly  
    Im Claustrophobic..  
    Some stuff are better kept unknown.. What if you found out you were adopted.. x-x  
    ...Ermmmm... Gawd... That was Tough  
    Imagine being at a Funeral...  
    I wish for Gold.. Then Sell it for Money! Bishezz  
    I have a Pig.. My Sister..  
    x3 I live with a Dog... And take it on walks when it gets wet so... Im used to the smell \_(o.O)_/  
    There is a Price to pay for each one..  
    Well... Wasn't there a Saying: Go Big or Go Die? xD  
    I am Such a Big fan of MJ  
    Itz completely Barbaric! x3  
    Awesome dis would be  
    x3 Well.. Even if ur last name is Hitler, it doesn't mean your related to this retard.. cos... I know People who have the same last name but aren't related.. It would also be quite funny meeting new people.. Person: Hey. Whats your name? Me: Ermm.. Maggie. Maggie Hitler! Person: ..  
    Money on mah mind, Money on mah mind  
    Well... What if.. you were ending this Babies Pain..  
    Greys Anatomy ;) Its a Good series... well.. 11 series  
    ...In that picture it says nothin how come they in a House? Got Good Clothes? And that house is probably a Pretty expensive one..  
    Omg. Getting to the Fridge would be so much easier..tho I would probably put on weight xD  
    .... I have a Mac soo...  
    I too b00tiful and young to die!  
    .... depressing.. but..ok  
    Im Sorry but that picture! xD I can imagine what happened right after that picture.. SPLASH!  
    #YOLO! :3  
    ..If your Smart doesn't mean ur ugleh.. and even if I was.. If I was smart I would earn lots of money and.. what was plastic surgery again?  
    Rewind.. Cos if you say somthing wrong wrong to your crush or somthing you can rewind and say the Right thing... Also like with the lottery.. you can get the numbers rewind post the right numbers and BOOM Im rich  
    I hate you  
    Harry Potter all the way!!  
    I don't like starbucks ... x-x  
    ....Ermmmm....Well... I not religious... sooo... yee... +1
    x3 Mehh  
    I don't have a Phone soooo... Suck on that Bishezz  
    ...I could Invite a Friend - it doesn't say I have to go by myselfff...  
    ....But I have a Fear of Sharks.. I can't swim that well... But I also don't wanna get run over... or Stalked..Or murdered.. or...raped..  
    ...Personality is more important plus I don't wanna date a 20-40 year old man! Im freaking 11!  
    ...Atleast I had it my way.. besides Clowns are freaky Af  
    Just cos I have money doesn't mean I won't find Luv..  
    Ikr :(  
    Well.. I would be dead so I wouldn't know the Difference.. x-x  
    Im scared of da Sea...  
    I would rent teh Lighsaber for like A thousand pounds a Day and then give teh money to teh Children :3  
    :o #Offended!  
    I am a Gurl but..  
    Why the Freaking Pics?  
    Only watched the Notebook Soooo...  
    Already Happening... My two Bestfriends are Dating...  
    My 'Significant other' (Crush) is one of my Best Friends...  
    /o 3 o\ Nu!  
    :P I don't wanna lose my Best Friend... (He is a Boy)  
    Mmmmmm, Just as long as its Good and Fun... ;3  
    ... I pick friends over an Ass**** who will Steal my food, money, space and place...  
    Im a 11 year old Girl...  
    :P Wha???  
    Aaaaagh!!! I dunno!!! :o  
    Jump Of a Cliff... Into Water >:D  
    :P U murderers!  
    I HATE CHEESE!!!  
    I have no Granny.. +23
    I suck on the Ice.. I have a Broken Wrist cos of it... But on Dry land I have a Freaking Chance of Getting the F*** outa there  
    I'm going to France this Year sooooo.... Ye  
    I have a Fear of Clowns....  
    What the Hell is that 'Celebrity' Picture about?? The F***  
    My Dad is like the worst at punishments and disciplines... Sooo Ye  
    I would See the Stars...  
    Plastic Surgery  
    Quicker, plus Skydiving  
    xD wtf?  
    I would Kill myself.. :P  
    What if its Like when ur gonna Die or Somethin? I mean... Sheesh  
    Beat the Crap Outta them.. No One Would be Watching....  
    I have a Pig... My Sister... Does that still count?  
    Nah Dude! I ain't got no Penis!  
    I would eat them if I get Too Hungry... >:D  
    I live for Sleep....  
    SNOW!!!! :D  
    You would get a Nice View, You wuld be in your Ski Suit.. And I am Super Claustrophobic... Soo Ye  
    Penguins All the Way!!  
    It would be Sooo Funny in like a test.  
    Nah Dude, Zombies give me nightmares  
    What if this Baby was in Pain? And you chose to Halp it but the only way of Halping it was to.. well.. end its pain...  
    What if they were Nice Aliens... Like Unicorns?  
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