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Would you rather walk a million miles or die a million deaths 2 years ago 55 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather wake up every morning and see this every time you look outisde or Live in a place like this for the rest of your life 2 years ago 62 votes 8 comments 0 likes

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thank you 2 years ago  
both of those pictures i took at my house. :P 2 years ago  
how bout neither.... 2 years ago  
I have the second one so there was no reason i had to think :P 2 years ago +1
Welp guess i got cancer then bc Minecraft is my life 2 years ago +1
I havent watched either of them but my friend has. shes told me bout both of them. id rather watch Black Butler from what ive heard about the two of them 2 years ago  
CREEPYPASTA!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago +1
ive watched neither of these... 2 years ago +1
neither its now 2017 and ive already watched both... 2 years ago +12
they look so similar. 2 years ago  
God only knows who the next person ill see is... 2 years ago  
How bout lez not even answer this one... 2 years ago  
very poetic. 2 years ago +1
ugh you too. stop it please. :( 2 years ago  
true 2 years ago  
Youre berry impatient :P 2 years ago +2
i really tbh wasnt to fond of the angry birds movie..idk why but i wasnt . 2 years ago +1
i meant wedding not funeral....how stupid of me... 2 years ago  
the reason people chose "Kill the baby" is because they have no conscious or heart... 2 years ago +1
lol yea. i wouldnt ever do that though. i wouldnt go out with someone that was REALLY that desperate. 2 years ago  
Dude. Chill i know him it was a joke... He knew id say somethin 2 years ago  
better than what? 2 years ago  
whats gay? 2 years ago  
Love you babe 2 years ago +1
but ill say it again 2 years ago +1
You already know i love you :p 2 years ago +1
ok lmao..i need to find something to put as my avatar.. 2 years ago  
Maybe.... :) 2 years ago  
puns.... 2 years ago +1
i didnt think you'd actually done it... 2 years ago  
Why does it say "this mutant thing" ??????? its not a "mutant thing" for gods sake its PIKACHU! 2 years ago +1
tbh.....i already am so there was no need for me to answer that... 2 years ago  
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