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    They are all girls so... 1 year ago  
    Ok 1 year ago  
    PAPA SMURF VILLE 1 year ago  
    When you have a papercut on your hand and you need to masturbate. 1 year ago  
    ISSA ME MARIO 1 year ago  
    FRICKEN ROBOT ARM BOI 1 year ago  
    I'll invent this holiday called Poopinthetoilet and you get drugs and candy for free. 1 year ago  
    I dont want a boy touching my butt. 1 year ago  
    God isn't real but wtf. 1 year ago  
    PICKLE RICK 1 year ago  
    1 Child or a 50000 trillion dollar weapon? 1 year ago  
    Hey Jim! Saw the nukes out there! 1 year ago  

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