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    XD 4 years ago  
    I'm thirteen here lol 4 years ago  
    Lol, what sister? 4 years ago  
    The fat men also fart too. 4 years ago  
    When is there anoth when you need one!?!?? 4 years ago  
    Well... What if I sit down and leave all answers blank!?!? 4 years ago  
    Pews is epicness 4 years ago  
    Ah! The great debate. 4 years ago  
    Lol 4 years ago  
    And no loopholes. 4 years ago  
    No loopholes. 4 years ago  
    No loopholes. 4 years ago  
    Difficult choice lol 4 years ago  
    It's a kitty.... 4 years ago +1
    Do I hear cannabalism??? 4 years ago  
    I'm female lol 4 years ago  
    I love you XD 4 years ago  
    OH REALLY!?!?! WHERE!?!? 4 years ago  
    Shoutings fun. 4 years ago  
    Haha lol 4 years ago  
    I am the jerk lol 4 years ago  
    Story of my life. 4 years ago  
    You forgot =lies 4 years ago  
    Ben der, done dat XD 4 years ago  
    Idk. I live for randomness. 4 years ago  
    Nice. 4 years ago  
    Hah a lol. I laugh at the stupidity. 4 years ago  
    Hmph. 4 years ago  
    I actually had a dream I did... Scratch that... Nightmare... 4 years ago  
    Strangely enough, this question came to me today at school. 4 years ago  
    I meant atheist 4 years ago  
    Cures rage. 4 years ago  
    No loopholes... 4 years ago  
    What friends? 4 years ago  
    I'd rather punch whoever made this in the face... 4 years ago  
    Duct yesh 4 years ago  
    Lol 4 years ago  
    .... Wow XD 4 years ago  
    BallsIsLife 4 years ago  
    Mint makes me cringe hearing it. 4 years ago  
    Death is love, death is life XD 4 years ago  
    Spider-Man has powers, but batman only needs money XD 4 years ago +1
    Lol 4 years ago  
    I am Batman... All da way 4 years ago +2
    Wouldn't no, but blues awesomeness 4 years ago  
    I'm only thirteen eh... 4 years ago  
    Racist... 4 years ago  
    Yesh 4 years ago  
    I have a lot of issues. It be entertaining to watch someone try to act em out. 4 years ago  
    Lololol 4 years ago  
    Mutton!?!?! Wha--!?!?! 4 years ago  
    So true XD 4 years ago  
    I'm female, I don't prefer either.... 4 years ago  
    Yaya 4 years ago  
    U mm... It is the English version... 4 years ago  
    All da way. 4 years ago  
    Don't drink... 4 years ago  
    No loopholes. 4 years ago  
    Better beats. 4 years ago  
    I don't drink alcohol... 4 years ago  
    Honestly, no dif. 4 years ago  
    Religion is awesome 4 years ago  
    Dumb*ss one or the other. NO LOOP HOLES 4 years ago  
    One or the other :/ no loopholes. 4 years ago  
    All the way. 4 years ago  
    Dumb*ss it's one or the other. Stfu unless you know what you're talking about... 4 years ago  
    I've always been poor, so it'd be cool for a change :P 4 years ago  
    I can't give up speaking. 4 years ago  
    Most famous leaders are famous for ALL the wrong reasons, whereas inventors are only famous for good things :D NO BRAINER. 4 years ago  
    Lol 4 years ago  
    The series GONE. SIX BOOKS, SIX HUNDRED PAGES EACH. I read the whole series in under a month. OH YEAH!!! 4 years ago +1
    Shoot. I meant man, because I'm a better boy then girl. 4 years ago  
    I sleep on the floor everyday XD 4 years ago  
    Especially in the cold winters. 4 years ago  
    Lol. Starbucks sucks. 4 years ago  
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