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    Lol, what sister?  
    The fat men also fart too.  
    When is there anoth when you need one!?!??  
    Well... What if I sit down and leave all answers blank!?!?  
    Pews is epicness  
    Ah! The great debate.  
    And no loopholes.  
    No loopholes.  
    No loopholes.  
    Difficult choice lol  
    Do I hear cannabalism???  
    I'm female lol  
    I love you XD  
    OH REALLY!?!?! WHERE!?!?  
    Shoutings fun.  
    Haha lol  
    I am the jerk lol  
    Story of my life.  
    You forgot =lies  
    Ben der, done dat XD  
    Idk. I live for randomness.  
    Hah a lol. I laugh at the stupidity.  
    I actually had a dream I did... Scratch that... Nightmare...  
    Strangely enough, this question came to me today at school.  
    I meant atheist  
    Cures rage.  
    No loopholes...  
    What friends?  
    I'd rather punch whoever made this in the face...  
    Duct yesh  
    .... Wow XD  
    Mint makes me cringe hearing it.  
    Death is love, death is life XD  
    Spider-Man has powers, but batman only needs money XD +1
    I am Batman... All da way +2
    Wouldn't no, but blues awesomeness  
    I'm only thirteen eh...  
    I have a lot of issues. It be entertaining to watch someone try to act em out.  
    U mm... It is the English version...  
    All da way.  
    Don't drink...  
    No loopholes.  
    Better beats.  
    I don't drink alcohol...  
    Honestly, no dif.  
    Religion is awesome  
    Dumb*ss one or the other. NO LOOP HOLES  
    One or the other :/ no loopholes.  
    All the way.  
    Dumb*ss it's one or the other. Stfu unless you know what you're talking about...  
    I've always been poor, so it'd be cool for a change :P  
    I can't give up speaking.  
    Most famous leaders are famous for ALL the wrong reasons, whereas inventors are only famous for good things :D NO BRAINER.  
    The series GONE. SIX BOOKS, SIX HUNDRED PAGES EACH. I read the whole series in under a month. OH YEAH!!! +1
    Shoot. I meant man, because I'm a better boy then girl.  
    I sleep on the floor everyday XD  
    Especially in the cold winters.  
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