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    me too  
    I love windows  
    I'm a wolf already  
    as a person who lived in Alaska I totally feel you, Winter is coming.  
    I would be boss at downhill skiing  
    didn't say which finger  
    shimmy, shimmy  
    no equipment  
    subway has that too  
    I am an expert hider  
    I'm middle class anyway  
    that's saying do you want to be confined to a wheelchair?  
    does that include night vision?  
    climb, THEN jump  
    pizza in Italy is different from pizza in America  
    it could also be futbol  
    you could buy fame  
    it's asking if you're Republican or Democrat  
    being pregnant would hurt, also, sex is painless for men  
    what's an R8?  
    we need to fight wars to make peace sometimes, YOU'RE NEXT, KIM JONG UN  
    I believe that's Kim Jong il, Kim Jong Un's father  
    alien sex  
    you're kidding right?  
    I could do internet while I'm sick  
    street smarts is just applied book smarts  
    that picture is awesome  
    actually, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are technically the same  
    the movie didn't say it would be awesome...  
    that's saying Obama is a dictator, I'm Republican but he was still a good president  
    studies show female doctors have to yell at the male patients less  
    I used to live in Alaska, it was AWESOME!  
    I don't speak verbally much anyway  
    if you were in a coma for five years you'd starve to death  
    sounds like DEAL OR NO DEAL!  
    you get more at christmas  
    money could be a gift...  
    I had a ginger friend once... he didn't have a soul  
    the only reason I chose dog was because my cats are INSANE!  
    if you only had one soul mate, you would probably never find them  
    I'm Christian so you have just insulted me, also, READ THE TORAN!  
    isolation = death, every single time  
    I like to imagine the picture, also, porn  
    no more legal marijuana!  
    I am behind you there  
    you stupid PIG!  
    it's basically saying lactation slavery or lactation slavery  
    you sound like the Portal guy  
    who's Rebecca Black?  
    I could go outside and play Minecraft...  
    it means America will be full of Republicans  
    it's just America  
    they don't get that either  
    woman are effectively slaves in Afghanistan  
    pepsi is just too sweet for me  
    actually, they're both outlaws  
    only if it's a Chihuaha  
    House is honest, which I like  
    it really depends on if it's Gandalf the White or Gandalf the Grey  
    it's actually Star wars 3.5, in other words, it's a prequel  
    Music is a language all on it's own  
    I'm a dude so I wouldn't care normally but I hate Twilight  
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