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    Yea, sure, and die  
    Oreos are my favorite.  
    I don't say thank you anyway... I say "Shank you"  
    My dad is nicer.  
    I already do this XD  
    I'm 16, already had sex, oh well XD  
    This isn't fair. I already have Sh!t memory, and I'm legally blind, therefore forced to wear glasses.  
    I'm a girl, and trying to grow my hair out a little more.  
    As long as I can have sex with the droid  
    I'm not gonna pick hamburger because "hot dogs look like a guys ***** !" that's stupid. I'm picking hamburger because I legitimately prefer a hamburger  
    I'll be the new Rapunzel  
    I'm a bisexual girl.  
    I don't drive yet  
    I want my Alice game back for the XBOX360  
    I'm too claustrophobic to live in a crowded shack.  
    I didn't even read the question. I just clicked on Ian. He's my FAVORITE famous person.  
    Look up records. NOBODY has ever died by "too much marijuana use" .. In fact, marijuana has helped pain better than actual medications, it has helped people with ADHD to focus better, it increases some people's current IQ... and it releases extra dopamine into your brain, therefore making you way happier than you thought you could be.  
    Uh... I have MPD....  
    I want to have dinner with Ian Somerhalder or Jensen Ackles  
    I hate football, but I'll take the rich  
    I'm already a Geek  
    I already smoke. Where's my money  
    Unless you haven't SEEN the piranha movie... dkjnflkng  
    I don't like society.  
    The only thing I do on my TV is Netflix, and I have Netflix on lap top  
    Hearing aids  
    I'm Anti Social. I hate everyone. +1
    I'm a smoker. As much as I love to swim, I would panic underwater and die XD  
    It's. IAN SOMERHALDER!!! I mean... I would f**k him in a heart beat ;)  
    Lol, I got neither though  
    As long as it's Ian Somerhalder ;)  
    With my love, I can cuddle for warmth, be happy, and plus. More sex ;)  
    Honestly, it depends on my current mood.  
    I'll speak my mind. It's called not having a filter.  
    Cats are quieter. And calmer. I'm a cat person. +1
    Lol, I can eat them. I heard human meat is good.  
    Lets be honest... we never actually NEED a mirror.  
    My brother literally tried to kill me a few times. So did my sister. I'm saving myself.  
    Mental Institutions are fun. I've been in one.  
    I hate snow. But I love rain.  
    I can put a feather in someone's hands, and than just make it weight a ton XD  
    I would prefer Hell over Heaven. I'm Crowley's daughter  
    Most horror movies that involves an elevator getting stuck... the elevator usually either ends up haunted (I wouldn't mind that much) or it ends up FALLING AND EXPLODING. If you were smart when you decided to go on the Ski lift, you would bundle up nicely. Plus, you can easily jump out.  
    Yo ho ho, and a bottle rum we go, it's my duty to please that booty!  
    They'll just see me watch The Vampire Diaries, and eat all the food, and talk sh!t to the stupid people on the screen XD  
    I also happen to adore Dr. House.  
    Am I the only one who doesn't really like either of these? ...  
    Neither. But if I HAAD to choose...  
    I'm always under dressed anyway. I'd prefer comfy over style any day. So shut your pie hole, and let me eat my pizza in my sweat pants in peace. :)  
    For someone with night terrors, I would rather NOT watch them... I'm happy with my music  
    I don't really dance.. But I do sing  
    I want to meet an alien  
    Lol, I know what you're talking about  
    I don't use ITunes, but I lloooove StarBucks  
    Hakuna Matata. It means no worried.. for the rest of your daaayys!!!  
    You can look young forever, while you grow more knowledge. Think about it... If you mentally never age, you're never gonna gather THAT much knowledge. You'll grow old, and you won't know what to do. It's a simple question.  
    The realization that when you made your choice, you actually thought about what it would be like. Am I wrong? ....  
    Who would want to go back? You can't change the past without somehow affecting your future. Either way, I wouldn't want to change anything. Life is a series of ups and downs like a roller coaster, and it happened for a reason. But with a pause button? I have wanted a small break so many times in my life, and a pause button would be great.  
    I'm scared of Ronald.  
    I'm 16 and only 98 pounds. I think I can double that and not be so light. I don't need to be any shorter, or taller.  
    i AM nOw a VamPIRe!!  
    Well... my username is the name of the last part 1 / part 2, so... Cx  
    I don't have a phone anyway, lol  
    Lol, I'll speak everything on my mind.. BUT.. I'll get arrested  
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