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    yay we're the same height!!  
    uhh... I don't feel the cold  
    no one would robme  
    give me my money you saf idiot pero  
    I don't watch TV Dumbasssess  
    At least Spidey's the common persons hero biatches!  
    Hello White House!  
    I will be the Ultimate Natsu  
    hey andruc, GO FYS you gay POS!! +1
    UNITE THE PLAYSTATION NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    don't have any, doesn't say you lose best friends!  
    what if your best friend IS your crush, I love her.  
    having the ability to rule every thing includes knowledge  
    music has a langue  
    At least MJ wasn't a gay mofo who thinks he is an entitled mofo +1
    I love seeing ash, it reminds me I have WW2 raging in my German-Jewish blood  
    At least penguins cant pick up AK47s and rob you  
    hardly use im one for the first time in a year  
    I am a avid Dark Side fan  
    WTF are Itunes  
    WTF is YOLO  
    not married  
    dogs are the best!!  
    my money will never go to the hands of the greedy Africans!!  
    Twilight is for f*****g lesbo's and gays!! +1
    i could send people to jail  
    Rock on all you Korn/Offspring fans!!!!!!!!  
    well we wouldn't tell YOU GOD LOVERS that we don't believe in god/gods if Y'ALL would QUIT trying to CONVERT US!!!!  
    Any one who knows star trek will choose option 2  
    in my home we have to scrape by, i would use it to help my family +1
    Why bother leaving the place you consider home and a dream vacation? I would enjoy bringing the girl I love to my home.  
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