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    yay we're the same height!!  
    uhh... I don't feel the cold  
    no one would robme  
    give me my money you saf idiot pero  
    I don't watch TV Dumbasssess  
    At least Spidey's the common persons hero biatches!  
    Hello White House!  
    I will be the Ultimate Natsu  
    hey andruc, GO FYS you gay POS!! +1
    UNITE THE PLAYSTATION NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    don't have any, doesn't say you lose best friends!  
    what if your best friend IS your crush, I love her.  
    having the ability to rule every thing includes knowledge  
    music has a langue  
    At least MJ wasn't a gay mofo who thinks he is an entitled mofo +1
    I love seeing ash, it reminds me I have WW2 raging in my German-Jewish blood  
    At least penguins cant pick up AK47s and rob you  
    hardly use im one for the first time in a year  
    I am a avid Dark Side fan  
    WTF are Itunes  
    WTF is YOLO  
    not married  
    my money will never go to the hands of the greedy Africans!!  
    Twilight is for f*****g lesbo's and gays!! +1
    i could send people to jail  
    Rock on all you Korn/Offspring fans!!!!!!!!  
    well we wouldn't tell YOU GOD LOVERS that we don't believe in god/gods if Y'ALL would QUIT trying to CONVERT US!!!!  
    Any one who knows star trek will choose option 2  
    in my home we have to scrape by, i would use it to help my family +1
    Why bother leaving the place you consider home and a dream vacation? I would enjoy bringing the girl I love to my home.  
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