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    CANNON BALL 5 years ago +1
    Out Side in Minecraft unless it is raining then do /toggledownfall and then go outside 5 years ago  
    Elvis, Jesus, Darth Vader, Obi-one and Yoda 5 years ago  
    Be alive when all my friends and family die 5 years ago  
    More Like dumbleDORK 5 years ago  
    50-50 WHY 5 years ago  
    Harry who 5 years ago  
    change awnser plz cause my best friend is my crush so wow 5 years ago  
    Age i hope 5 years ago  
    STAR WARS 5 years ago  
    i do anyway 5 years ago  
    YONTSU 5 years ago  
    Bring back a computer game, phone or a car or anything else AWESOME 5 years ago  
    So the Paparazzi don't give a crap about me and i can live a life But if Justin Beaver is my friend i will be all over the news with guilty of murder 5 years ago  
    the pic is Swagatronic 5 years ago  
    MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH 5 years ago  
    I is a boy doe 5 years ago  
    Take out others with me 5 years ago  
    bye bye slenderman 5 years ago  
    Belly Dance 5 years ago  
    BATMAN or Modern family 5 years ago  
    well i don't have to pay so yeah 5 years ago  
    DEATH TO THE CHICKENS 5 years ago  
    Anime 5 years ago  
    stay in side and play minecraft 5 years ago  
    SUNLIGHT AHHH 5 years ago  
    My Name will be Dennyisaboss 5 years ago  
    She a drugo 5 years ago  
    Eddie McGuire 5 years ago  
    Head but guys in the balls 5 years ago  
    less words to say 5 years ago  
    Sports? how about a video game maker 5 years ago  
    Chocolate ice-cream 5 years ago  
    Modern Family 5 years ago  
    I have the perfect body and face 5 years ago  
    BATMAN 5 years ago  
    /\/\/\/\ 5 years ago +1
    BATMAN 5 years ago  
    I GONNA RUN DEM ZAMBIES OVER 5 years ago  
    I'm "The Boss" 5 years ago  
    so i can light people on fire as i run past them 5 years ago  
    Mum and i related to yoda? 5 years ago  
    for da drugs 5 years ago  
    STAR WARS!!! 5 years ago  
    Neither apple sucks 5 years ago  
    Is that even a question 5 years ago  
    i'm not sure i'm HIV positive 5 years ago  
    BATMAN 5 years ago  
    I can still watch P*rn 5 years ago  
    A.U.S 5 years ago  
    gee in court you are screwed 5 years ago  
    I wanna be a friggin hobbit 5 years ago  
    CLICKED thE WRONG ONE NOOO 5 years ago  
    already do so yeah 5 years ago  
    WiFi? 5 years ago  
    Pay for sex 5 years ago  
    Neither 5 years ago  
    well i stand up in class all the time 5 years ago  
    MINECRAFT FTW 5 years ago  
    my parents would buy me everything 5 years ago  
    would want an android though 5 years ago  
    need arms for games 5 years ago  
    NO TAX OR ASYLUM SEEKERS 5 years ago  
    Crap this is hard 5 years ago  
    FOOD!!! 5 years ago  
    my hair gets a buzz cut every month or so 5 years ago  
    it is 50 50 5 years ago  
    Aussies are boss 5 years ago  
    STUFF CATS 5 years ago  
    i still dress like this onsies and pj's 5 years ago  
    WRANGER 5 years ago  
    what the nuggets is a spouse 5 years ago +506
    making Comdoms 5 years ago  
    Well i am stupid kinda 5 years ago  
    I have crap memory 5 years ago  
    Hawaii so i can push my enemies in a volcano 5 years ago  
    GANGNAM STYLE FTW 5 years ago  
    SCREW FRIENDS 5 years ago  
    No snow in Queensland 5 years ago  
    if you ever you are in your dream looks at there left hand you can control it all 5 years ago  
    I never get 5 hours sleep anyway 5 years ago  

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