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    ....This is sad 4 years ago  
    Yum 4 years ago  
    Wrong one, i want to be penetrated 4 years ago  
    I've heard that Michelle is a transexual mmm 4 years ago  
    I love transexuals 4 years ago  
    Toughy 4 years ago  
    I love cumshots 4 years ago  
    Yes! I LOVE TRANSEXUALS!!! 4 years ago +2
    I love the taste of dick 4 years ago +4
    Not a guy, sex change 4 years ago  
    Neither, I figured out on my own 4 years ago  
    YES!!! 4 years ago  
    Depends, girl-inside, guy-outside 4 years ago  
    Babies with myself 4 years ago  
    WAIT NVM, I also have a girl bestfriend 4 years ago  
    Dick and a vagina, i can have babies with myself 4 years ago  
    AGAIN 4 years ago  
    Heh, im gonna have sex with myself 4 years ago  
    Hmm i wonder who 4 years ago  
    Dmn wrong one 4 years ago  
    I can have children with myself!!! 4 years ago +1
    What's that supposed to mean, you still have genitals 4 years ago +1
    I dont like men, but i love cock 4 years ago  
    Have you ever felt the inside of one of those? It is awesome 4 years ago  
    MMMM Trannies 4 years ago  
    Why is this tagged under sex? 4 years ago +4
    Heck, Id do A for free 4 years ago +1
    Its under the sex tag 4 years ago  
    Well, yeah 4 years ago  
    Im a sucker for a former WWE Diva 4 years ago +1
    Its not the size of the boat, it is the motion of the ocean 5 years ago  
    Im a lesbian so.... yeah 5 years ago  
    Only because I am a woman, and people tend to make much less of a deal if a woman is 5 years ago  
    Who knows their way around a vagina better than a woman? 5 years ago  
    Me too 5 years ago  
    Pheobe is too kinky for me 5 years ago +1
    Kaitlyn's alot more muscular, but i think a little muscle on a girl is kind of hot 5 years ago  
    I wish, that'd be kind of hot 5 years ago +1
    Its kind of hot though, being watched by thousands 5 years ago  
    Go Gay 5 years ago  
    I dont get 46% of people, whats the big deal, she is a woman now 5 years ago  
    im only 80% straight so... 5 years ago +1
    Am I the only one who gets why Mary Louise Parker is the second one? 5 years ago  
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