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    I wouldn't have a funeral if nobody showed up. that means nobody planned it.  
    I don't have a cellphone!  
    I have a thing for harry. I'm into harry.  
    I love love  
    why is this a question and how?  
    Um I  
    WHY WHY WHY???????????????????? +1
    why would you pick the lightsaber?  
    both are fine. idc they can do both at the same time...  
    it is not all about sex +45
    then I can avoid the thing causing my death  
    he hot as hell...  
    I'd like to meet harry and then kill Hermione bcuz I don't want her to steel my man  
    they are both awesome, but I only picked harry potter because Daniel Radcliffe is hot as balls.  
    Justin bieber is Canadian and Cody Simpson's career died and Justin bieber's career lasted longer and will never die. Cody Simpson was just a phase.  
    Sheldon for ever  
    Charlie sheen is made fun I don't know why...  
    rumeo jaliet is sh*t.  
    team sprite unite. btw I am only 12, so yeah.  
    breaking baaaad  
    better body, too  
    fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeee ooooooooooohhhhh fire oe eh eh  
    none I hate tom hanks  
    kevin hart is life tho I like his memes  
    jin likes Mario, so I like mario  
    they don't have adventure time or the amazing world of gumball and all that good sh*t.  
    neither both suck balls.  
    I don't like payphone and kpop rules them all anyways,  
    then I can be skinny and pretty as I wanna be  
    I don't use non of these  
    why morgan freeman hes ugly as hell  
    no comment  
    Tristan is hot  
    I already do...  
    never say never is motivational  
    I like daniel  
    they the same tho...  
    disnet land has ashes spread around it  
    sierra mist is rip off of sprite tho  
    but I cant hear him either.  
    and I cant see bts' hobi  
    I can still see captions.  
    harry potter is hot as balls.  
    million dollas  
    avatar sucks. LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER.  
    footloose rules them all  
    they both look the same  
    both do waaayyy to much drugs now. and brithney has kids  
    the guy on the cover looks like Eminem.  
    DC forever  
    both can make good music  
    noth are amazing  
    at least the title isn't a bunch of numbers.  
    he's more badass  
    putin sounds like poutine. I like poutine,  
    wtf is kadafia and why is he so hideous  
    José Socrates is hot as fawc.  
    the first black president ever.  
    queen because I am from Canada and want nothing to do with the USA.  
    I really likem watre  
    I like circles and spheres  
    greg heffley for some reason has a gamecube  
    I like my friends. me and my friends can do stuff that the internet just can't. e.g. experience love and a happy feeling  
    who uses yahoo anymore  
    controllers glitch way too much  
    apple sucks sh*t  
    they didn't say that it was a failed attempt.  
    I don't like apple, and I only like ff a little, so google is king tho  
    what does this have to do with tech? +18
    Canadians have a better romance than Americans I am just saying we honestly do.  
    I don't like mortal combat because it has freddy and Jason.  
    beats are better and have been around longer  
    iPhone sucks because they cost waaay more than a phone should cost  
    idk what any of these are tho...  
    what does have to do with tech?  
    we can still share pics and there is video chat  
    none f*uck apple bruh  
    I like typing and I can still instagram...  
    what the hell is linux  
    it's easier to get into, hello  
    I've always had intel.  
    sell the Bugatti and get other cars. I like lambos over all of this sh*t  
    on ios, you have you pay for your favorite games that you get on android for free.  
    hp is the stuff ma boy  
    you can't find vhs machines around anymore.  
    they make tetris porn, so no.  
    I hate pokemon  
    who the f*** is Ms. Sirois ?  
    I like the color green and green apples are the stuff +1
    i don't wanna be seeing bts in black and white. war of hormone doesn't count.  
    you can watch all your shows on your computer.  
    I can play flash games and write docs.  
    I always use twitter and IG anyways, who needs facebook, right?  
    Mario kart is a pain in the a$$  
    f*uck Facebook for now  
    trolling time: comic sans forever bruh  
    windows has been with me since I used my first computer.  
    HP's rock over all, though  
    why would I buy a crapberry?  
    because I just don't like Firefox as much as I like Google.  
    no more periods  
    i am not gonna answer this one  
    why do you want to give urself salmonella  
    i can always fall asleep  
    lol the peter griffin one lol  
    (- .-)  
    1) they didn't say I have to have sex w/ her  
    I am a girl, so that means it wont affect me! and why would I want my anus ripped off?  
    better than hammertoe, bro  
    my grandpa's dead.  
    um I didn't want to answer, but ym...at least you don't get pregnant!  
    why would I eat sh*t?  
    why would I want to poop out something sharp?  
    I'd like to have a nice name. though/  
    I don't wear makeup and I never will. what's with Erica castell pics, man  
    I don't care who it is, really as long as he is my crush  
    the dentist is actually fun whenever I have a dentist's appointment, I'm all exited and ready to go!!!  
    but option b person Is not ugly everybody is beautiful. +1
    who would pick eat poop  
    I am 12. I thought this was a would you rather question??? not ask for personal information site.  
    this question was already asked, so why are people asking again?  
    wtf, dude.  
    why be old when you can be young as hell. being young is great  
    wrong colors,mate. you need to learn how to color  
    a nice house is worth waiting for, TBH. and two years is actually shorter than you think. juts think of how long you've been dating your ex.  
    lol garbeg XD  
    are you referring to foot fetishism?  
    stop with the ugly questions. she is not ugly, she's unique  
    why do you want toknow which one you be...?!  
    why would anybody want to be a miserable moron?does that have any use to it????????  
    really i don't care. and the girl in option a is not ugly. and the girl in option b has fine hair.  
    idc i can be my own friend. they never said i have no friends, though, did they?  
    i picked choice B because love meeting new people. and that man is not ugly, anyways. i'm not surprised if this is TalcumPowder was the one who wrote this one.  
    i don't care what they say about me, nobody's ugly. that is really mean to that person. +2
    you don't have to have sex in a relationship. love isn't just about the sex you're going to get. the less the the sex, the less chance of STD's and STI's. you sex puppets needa chill a bit, kay??????? +1
    because then i wont be counting down the days. just avoid the cause. easy.  
    well I'd like to see what the 1800's were like back in the day, so I've got that all figured out for myself  
    you see, a funeral is something special. and I'd have to haunt them for not coming to my funeral, and I don't want to be that kind of ghost.  
    I don't have a cellphone, so that won't affect me at all  
    I don't car what other people thin of me, that's not worth giving up chocolate. o nobody can tell anything. y'all need to bug off of me for a while +1
    that's where my family is from, so I know t choose the choice  
    I don't know what that means, so I just chose one easy as pie.  
    whoever picked the lightsaber is a meanie.  
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