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    Just fix the car...  
    66% of people have the wrong idea about buffet's  
    I wasn't exactly spoiled, but my family was giving, and helpful.  
    So being able to make decent music, but no dubstep, or fame and money. Hmmm?  
    Why do people assume that having an African Warlord, means that they have an endless supply of African stereotype food. Racist 11 year olds... +1
    48% of people don't care about the 70% of Australia's animal population.  
    "Don't say "God" because he doesn't exist" Please tell me your idea on how the first life got here. I'm not extremely religious or anything, but something had to give earth life.  
    I can only imagine the amount of feminists who ranted about man-spreading in the comment section...  
    T-They're too b-b-big!!  
    Never said what how hard the homework is, and that you couldn't choose the reward.  
    Food, or money and fame?  
    Who gives a sh*t about lightning, telekinesis, and a laser sword?  
    You just triggered most people who read this. How do you feel now?  
    And can you gain weight? Yes, does it take forever? No.  
    I don't give a sh*t about the Olympics  
    Coming from yourself...  
    Never said that I couldn't end that relationship, and get a better one.  
    So magic, with spells, that can basically make an earth without problems, or lots of planets, moving things with your mind, and laser swords.  
    I didn't read anything about not being able to get 2,000,000 on the other choice.  
    A cake is just a moist piece of bread with sugary frosting. Ice cream is bae...  
    For the love of god, do not look up Sonic Fan art.  
    They didn't say a gross one.  
    With 10,000,000 you can buy true love.  
    Living in Harry Potter's world means, no computers, no internet, but moving pictures, and dancing cake toppers. And curses, and magical ceatures.  
    A world that is perfect, is a lot better than a world where you have an extreme amount of thing to do.  
    WTF kind of question is this?  
    Me and my brother went to Burger King and ordered chicken nuggets, mine tasted like they were put in the microwave for 30 seconds. My brother said his tasted like they were burnt.  
    If there is no air in space, how is the flag waving?  
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  
    Chocolate is bae...  
    Lets be honest. With 10,000,000 you could buy true love.  
    I already don't have one. Plus, I'm not ready to give up YouTube.  
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