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    To be fair, the terrorists might rape you.  
    So be the most slutty, or be the most smart?  
    Most kids don't remember what mean teachers teach them. They remember that they were mean.  
    It doesn't say I can't get a new computer.  
    So.... I'm a vampire?  
    Doesn't matter, had sex.  
    Bye-Bye age of legal consent  
    Wrong frozen! She meant the horror movie from 2010!  
    If you pick the elevator, have you seen devil by..... Shamalan... Nvm.  
    1234 likes? Better fix that!  
    So, your a sexist and a racist?  
    Correction, 424 people  
    I already do that  
    Correction. Millions.  
    Say 32 million Jews? Hell yea!  
    It does not specify how many more days or hours.  
    13% needs to listen to Michael Jackson  
    Doesn't matter had sex!  
    Das ist doof!  
    Either way had sex.  
    Yar har fiddle tee tee, being a pirate is all he can be! Do what he want cause a pirate is free! You are a pirate! (You thieving bastard)  
    Already have hearing aids.  
    Overpopulation? Better start. Working on those hunger games huh?  
    I am sorry for the 18 percent, for not realizing hp is the better movie!  
    Or lose them.  
    Yes you can.  
    No sir, You are stupid, if you can't spell are.  
    Mormons are so nice. +2
    I don't sleep. I sit up all night programming games and mods for other games.  
    48% is f*cking cruel!!!  
    My fvcking iPhone was in there!!!  
    What is this windows you speak of? I have a MacBook !  
    At least someone has some logic and sense!  
    Chocolate people are awesome!  
    Assassins creed? Hell yea!  
    I'm only 19  
    Prevent WWII  
    Ha! Ha! Ha!  
    Go fvck yourself  
    Rrrather is split straight in half on this  
    Not 15% of people  
    Throw large rocks at bullis!  
    Same thing  
    I'd turn into my crush and get raped by her dad.  
    Because boys like a little mo' booty to hold the knife!  
    Sex still exists in horrible relationships. It's called vodka!  
    I'm Hindu. Who is God? +1
    Think of it like that game called life is strange  
    Canada eh?  
    Samus not metroid  
    Where is the both button!? +1
    That would be awesome/fun!  
    I'm a boy....  
    To the 71% think: family, no annoying other people behind, in front of, beside of you.  
    Im zecora the fvcking zebra!  
    Fvck it! I want it now!  
    Selfish all the way!  
    Fvck Yea! Obama!  
    Beer belly guy looks pregnant  
    Sex, now a Chicago baseball team.  
    What if my dream is to be rich and not have to work?  
    Nissan leaf  
    My family is hilarious!  
    I already speak fluent German! My great, great grandfather was adolf hitler!  
    What does brazil have to do with 17?  
    1000000/10 would fvck  
    Look at the future picture.  
    What teh fvck?  
    Cheesus that creepy!  
    Lol! The Pictures are backwards!  
    I have a friend who's dad rapes her.  
    Give Them Here!  
    Barne because barne doesn't exist. Barney does.  
    Lol check his name @adolfhitler  
    I could take off the clothes....  
    Where is the suicide button?  
    I hid the body, now what?  
    Oh my god! Hardest question ever!  
    Write a comment  
    Like If You Think Tumblr Is Better! #Tumblr.com  
    I'd like to be a iPhone fot Halloween.  
    Admit it most people didn't read everything.  
    Same for me. I'm bullied at school.  
    As to what you said (This isn't any kind of sentimental stuff. I mean literally, they feel pain, you feel pain. You feel pain, they feel pain. Physically or emotionally, depending on which you chose. If one dies, so does the other. Keep in mind you also feel the same pleasure physically and emotionally as well.) that last sentence got kinda... Descriptive. +1
    Feeling nothing is better than feeling pain. And if you say its better feeling pain, then tell that to my broken leg.  
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