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    Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer >:D  
    If I know my future, then I am not really living, right? Everything I do will add up to that moment, and that alone will drive me insane.  
    Bro, you are in the wrong neighborhood.  
    A lady who I fear will rape me, or a drug/alcohol addict? No thank you.  
    So true xD  
    i do on minecraft i can in real life  
    nt a big fan of music  
    oh they ment while im young!  
    cause then i loose my $150,000 when i go to jail  
    earth will eventually die dont want to go threw that  
    i need pictures man!  
    there faster +1
    love that movie  
    hey i might live twiceas long but be poor  
    all i do is watch t.v :/  
    i dont trust building on mountains ive seen Hormano's and Fast and the Furious  
    Moooooooves like jagger.  
    ...Justin Beiber?  
    As long as their all French Vanilla (: +1
    "Divorce him, and take half of his money. Genius!" -Bender Bending Rodrigues +3
    My dad cuts himself anyways ( LONG STORY) +1
    I just looove russian accents.. +6
    What about APPLESAUCE?  
    Another F*cking 11 Year old? God damn.  
    Hmmm. Pedophile or Cannibal?  
    I am a girl, and i approve of this message.  
    Aaand you have found another :D  
    "Better alone that with the wrong person" +1
    Science showed that two prototype chickens mated to get a mutated chicken, which we now have.  
    I'd rather kill one thing than 100.  
    Robert Downey Jr. :D +1
    I lost my phone. At least someone found it for me.  
    I can lose the weight, dumbbutts.  
    Im 14 soo yeah.  
    whats a billion mansion? Dont you mean Mansions? +2
    We probably live states away soo hahha +1
    In anime, theres no such thing as ugly. theirs only sexy. +5
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