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    my dad likes legos 3 years ago  
    Dem udders 3 years ago +1
    done. 3 years ago  
    done. 3 years ago  
    done. 3 years ago  
    eating a pound of hair will kill you. and hair is light so that's a lot of hair 3 years ago  
    Done. 3 years ago  
    Shemales make me hard 3 years ago +1
    everyday 3 years ago  
    that's my to do list on fridays 3 years ago  
    Girls have nose hair,ear hair,and pubes 3 years ago  
    STD's 3 years ago  
    Do I have to know? 3 years ago  
    survival of the fittest or total world annihilation 3 years ago  

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