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Who would you rather have on your side in a fight? Jack Bauer or Jason Bourne 7 years ago 360 votes 5 comments 0 likes

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Flip flops are easier to put on and take off. I wore some yesterday and it's January. 7 years ago +2
Probably the only guy here who chose romance. 7 years ago +3
Ray William Johnson = Bob Saget of YouTube 7 years ago  
The old Miley was underage. 7 years ago +5
Wrong button... 7 years ago +1
Ironic considering the situation. 7 years ago +3
I love small towns. 7 years ago +4
I think Miley Cyrus is turning into a beautiful woman. 7 years ago +2
Dogbert 7 years ago +2
I'm assuming "magic powers" don't include the ability to fly so I made my decision by that assumption. Still, I'd rather have "magic powers" because I've long wanted to be able to teleport and move things with my mind. 7 years ago +1
Hot dog is the answer...clearly. 7 years ago  
Great question 7 years ago +5
lol 7 years ago  
Mileena's teeth... 7 years ago +2
Nowhere in the Bible does it say anything about tattoos or piercings. The verses people refer to when making that kind of argument is 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 where it talks about our bodies being temples of the Holy Spirit and honoring God with our bodies. In context this is talking about sexual immorality. Tattoos and piercings don't have anything to do with that. As for "homos"...Leviticus clearly points out God's feelings on the issue. 7 years ago +1
If you've seen Mileena's mouth, you'd choose Jade. 7 years ago +8
Good for you. I like to joke around on here but I sincerely hope you stick to that. It's not worth it. 7 years ago +2
Your kidneys will eventually burst from holding it. I saw it happen in King of the Hill. 7 years ago +3
Lions, Tigers....Detroit... 7 years ago  
Aside from Batman Marvel is by far the better of the two. 7 years ago +5
Carrie Underwood.... 7 years ago +3
I would rather see Bella and Jacob....never. 7 years ago +12
Would you rather be a ninja or _______. I choose the ninja. 7 years ago  
I picked the dog but wouldn't it have to kill the cat nine times? I may have to rethink this one... 7 years ago +1
Get it over with every year. 7 years ago +1
Spongebob is so annoying. 7 years ago +2
There have been a lot of questions similar to this one. I don't know why people think capitalism is a bad thing. There was one question that even asked people to choose between capitalism and socialism...and it's a lot closer than it should be. 7 years ago  
No, but the question was who would I rather spend the day with. I said Hester because after that day he could tell Rodgers about our awesome day. That couldn't happen with the other option. I thought that was obvious... 7 years ago  
Note: The below comment was in reference to the number of girls on here who feel the need to tell everyone they're not a lesbo when they're asked to decide between two attractive females; not in reference to the poster below me 7 years ago +3
Oh no, I'm a guy and I'm not gay. I couldn't possibly just skip the question without complaining about the fact that it doesn't pertain to me. I must tell everyone that I'm a guy and I don't have an answer this question. 7 years ago +4
Exactly. 7 years ago +2
Go Lions! 7 years ago  
Hester can tell Rodgers about me and how awesome our day was. 7 years ago +1
I already have a perfect mom :) 7 years ago +3
Who are these people? 7 years ago +1
"Bash Paris Hilton" question, nothing more. 7 years ago +1
Poop gives you pink eye. 7 years ago  
Better at what? Singing? I wouldn't classify what either of them does as "singing." 7 years ago  
There are tons of questions on this site and tons of posters. To quibble over one poster's answer to one question on here is kind of "jerkish" if you ask me. Some of these questions are fun and some aren't. This one isn't original; just a rehashed version of "never find love or be broke". Forgive me for having my own version of fun with this question. 7 years ago  
I guess you missed the *wink smiley* at the end of my statement. It was intentional satire directed at oversensitive bigot hunters. 7 years ago  
If you can get a job at Wal-Mart, you can get one at Target. 7 years ago  
These questions are really stupid. I'll take the money every time. There are so many bad things that can happen to you if you're immortal. What if you get buried alive? Do you really want to spend the next thousand years 10 feet below the ground? What about if your arms and legs get cut off? You'd live but you'd just be a torso. If anything like that happened to you that money is gonna look really nice. 7 years ago  
Easy. The Avengers 7 years ago +3
Either way I'd shave my head. 7 years ago +4
That's exactly the reason I went with Chicago style. 7 years ago  
You also wouldn't know if you just got stabbed in the back....or got shot........or were on fire....... 7 years ago  
Doesn't say you can't ;) 7 years ago  
I can't think of a country that's thrived on the backbone of socialism. 7 years ago +8
Play time is oveeeeeeerrrrr!!! 7 years ago  
Plato...Aristotle...Socrates...MORONS! Vizzini FTW 7 years ago +1
Liverpool traded up. 7 years ago  
Although, Mila Kunis plays WoW. Maybe I can be in her guild. 7 years ago  
I'll take a ham and cheese on wheat, please. 7 years ago +2
Rock and metal aren't the same either. 7 years ago  
Know the truth, find out it sucks, and be miserable....or live in better, virtual reality that grants you the ability to be happy. I'll take the blue pill, please. 7 years ago +2
You stole my comment! :p 7 years ago  
If you have a great relationship that ultimately ends, who's to say you won't have a greater relationship with someone else in the future? 7 years ago +3
What's friendship without love? 7 years ago +7
Geez...another question with two completely unrelated answers. 7 years ago +1
I can have the dog put down... 7 years ago +1
Twitter does the same thing Facebook status does. The only difference being you have to fit your status in 140 characters on Twitter. Somebody please tell me how that's better? 7 years ago +3
The pictures made the answers unclear at first glance. The question was "Which would you rather be extinct?" I chose the picture of the cat because I'd rather cats be extinct. 7 years ago +2
Lol @ animated cartoons. Redundancy FTW 7 years ago +2
I don't find either woman attractive.....and I the whole AIDS thing.............Skip. 7 years ago +3
Hahaha, good point. 7 years ago  
If it ends in "Mart" it's evil. 7 years ago +1
A quick death would be easier for me. 7 years ago +1
I don't have a girlfriend at the moment, so I thought of a solution. I'll ask one of my female friends to be my girlfriend for a day just so I can "cheat" on her with Keira Knightley. That way I wouldn't feel guilty and I could have Keira Knightley for a night. Win-Win. 7 years ago +3
Both suck so incredibly bad. Detroit has crime and Cleveland has the Browns. I choose the moon. 7 years ago +2
Both are incredibly gross. 7 years ago +5
I totally stole that cat's cast. It's arm is forever broken. Bwahahahaha 7 years ago +1
I really don't think Megan Fox is that hot. 7 years ago +6
Green Day pre-Warning was decent, but they absolutely suck now. And don't get me started on Lady Gaga. 7 years ago  
Beyonce is one of the most pretentious song writers of the last 15 years. 7 years ago  
Lol @ stomach 'flew' 7 years ago +4
I don't know what VIctorious is, but, man is Spongebob annoying. 7 years ago  
This was supposed to be a tough question? 7 years ago  
40% picked Miami? There's tons of crime there. 7 years ago +2
X-Box's are cheaper than PC's and any downloads I may have on my X-Box wouldn't really be worth anything to me. 7 years ago  
Amen 7 years ago +2
Losing my hair anyway. 7 years ago  
Kick them both in the face? 7 years ago +4
The yellow bear isn't alive and the brown bear isn't going to hit him...because he isn't alive either. 7 years ago +2
This 7 years ago +1
Good question. I went with Weird Al just because he's been doing his thing longer. The thing that Bo has going for him is originality. All his stuff is his own, while Weird Al parodies other people's music. Tough call, though. 7 years ago +5
More specific? Are we talking above 80 degrees for hot? 85? Below 60 for cold? 50? I went with hot even though I can't stand being warm -- just get me a dozen fans and I'll be alright. 7 years ago  
Ugh, neither. 7 years ago +2
Sexy stick shift....that's what she said. 7 years ago +3
If your significant other beats you, it's obvious they aren't good for you. Your friends will see it and you will gain support throughout your relationship. When you find out he/she cheated on you it feels like a betrayal. What felt like a good, loving relationship turned out to be the opposite. This is pretty easy for me. 7 years ago  
Get me my shotgun. 7 years ago +1
Okay, you're a female...skip the question. That's what I do with every Justin Bieber question. 7 years ago +3
NEVER check your baggage. The people who handle lost luggage are stoopid. 7 years ago +2
Really bad picture of the water. It's more like a picture of boats on water. Show me a tropical beach with palm trees -- I assume that's what you meant. 7 years ago  
These choices are nothing alike. I hit the skip button. 7 years ago +1
Bingo 7 years ago +2
Brunette 7 years ago +2
Difference? I've never understood this. 7 years ago  
Not. Even. Close. 7 years ago  
Okay, you're immortal. I just buried you alive 100 feet below the earth. Have fun living forever. 7 years ago  
It's easier to gain weight than it is to lose weight. Being anorexic is a mental and emotional issue. If that's resolved all you have to do is eat more. If you're obese you have to change your diet, eat less, and work out. Both are unhealthy, but anorexia is easier to rectify. 7 years ago  
Drowning is an agonizing way to die, regardless of pain. 7 years ago  
You have a choice to give a sandwich to a starving person or a starving animal -- if you give it to the animal you're insane. 7 years ago +6
I'm an Atari 7 years ago  
Jennifer Aniston is beautiful even at 40. 7 years ago +7
Some of these questions make me wonder about the sanity of human beings. 7 years ago  
Fred and the Annoying Orange are the two most annoying entities on the internet. I don't mind Shane Dawson at all. 7 years ago  
So many disturbing questions. 7 years ago +3
I don't always do what I'd rather do. 7 years ago +5
They're both dead. 7 years ago  
South Korea isn't a bad place to live. 7 years ago +5
Chuck Norris let Bruce Lee beat him in that movie -- that's how you know Chuck Norris is a great actor. 7 years ago  
Little Jack Horner pwns all. 7 years ago  
Jedi FTW 7 years ago  
Atlantis may exist somewhere, whereas Rebecca's talent doesn't exist at all. 7 years ago +1
I love writing :) 7 years ago +2
If you get buried alive you won't live for very long. There's only so much air down there. I'd much rather die than have to do.....the other thing. 7 years ago +1
Lol @ the guy looking at the nurse's boobs. 7 years ago +5
Tough question. 7 years ago +4
I really don't like Angry Birds. 7 years ago  
If I had to either only eat spaghetti for the rest of my life or never eat spaghetti again, I would DEFINITELY choose the former. Spaghetti is an absolute good :) 7 years ago  
IT'S OVER 9,000!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago +5
If you know.......get rid of the friggin' doll. 7 years ago  
You can kill zombies a LOT easier than Terminators. They're slower, dumber, and easily decapitated. Not even close. 7 years ago +4
Star Fox :) 7 years ago  
Oh.......let me rewind time so I can pick the right answer. 7 years ago +4
Both would suck. 7 years ago +1
Aragorn makes out with Arwin. Good enough for me :) 7 years ago +2
I skip all these disgusting questions. 7 years ago +2
They are both really bad. 7 years ago  
Do the moonwalk or talk like Yoda? 7 years ago  
That's like deciding between chocolate milk and ovaltine. 7 years ago +2
I think in France they made you face up so you'd see the blade coming down. That might suck but it would be quick and painless. 7 years ago +1
I'm not sure dragons can have sex.... 7 years ago  
Mayonnaise is food and it doesn't say you have to eat it at one time. It's just a jar....of mayonnaise....that you can put on a sandwich. 7 years ago +7
Listen to Nyan Cat on Friday. 7 years ago  
Instead of "What time is it?"..."Please tell me what time it is." -- Problem solved. 7 years ago +5
Skip. 7 years ago  
I'd rather not be green. 7 years ago +1
Ice cream and cake. 7 years ago +3
I agree. Football is so much better than what they play in the States. 7 years ago +5
Being bullied doesn't mean your life will be crappy. Your life will only suck if you let people dictate the quality of your life. 7 years ago  
I choose the Notebook ending death -- same time :) 7 years ago +2
Crap.......good point. 7 years ago +1
Does anyone actually use Zune? 7 years ago +1
525,600 minutes, yo. 7 years ago +3
Messi > Christiano 7 years ago +2
I am so lazy. 7 years ago +3
Office Space :) 7 years ago  
SPIDER MONKEY 7 years ago +1
I literally hate Spanish. 7 years ago  
Which one did the wolf blow down first again? 7 years ago +2
Cyanide and Happiness: Beer Run -- YouTube it. 7 years ago +1
Really? 7 years ago +3
Ugh, neither. 7 years ago +2
Yeah, that's why there are questions involving two different guys nobody has ever heard of. 7 years ago +1
Average looking girl -- dumb also? 7 years ago +1
Peach is really high maintenance. I have no idea why I picked her. 7 years ago  
Life would be pretty crappy either way. 7 years ago +1
"Chuck Norris is better than Bruce Lee." -- "No way. Bruce Lee beat Chuck Norris in a movie." -- "That's how you know Chuck Norris is a great actor." 7 years ago +3
Candy > Dentures. 7 years ago  
Starvation is a painful way to die. 7 years ago  
I'd kill it. 7 years ago +1
Osama is already dead.... 7 years ago +1
I don't like french fries. 7 years ago +2
My mind's already gone. 7 years ago  
I would trace a picture of Keira Knightley.........all 9 of them. 7 years ago +2
Male Gymnast = Unemployed. Male Karate Master = Stunt Double 7 years ago +2
Mint. 7 years ago  
This way I'd be able to claim I was in Aladdin. 7 years ago +6
You'd be dead in three minutes. 7 years ago +2
Razor. Easy fix. 7 years ago  
Not even close. 7 years ago +1
Be with someone but don't call it a relationship. Call it a courtship -- loophole :) 7 years ago +1
My computer would be in the bathroom. 7 years ago +10
You'll die either way. But if you die via firecracker explosion your death will be on the news for the next month and talked about for years. Much cooler way to die. 7 years ago +3
Magicians get women.......easy. 7 years ago  
Pothead or pedophile? 7 years ago +1
I'm in the minority I guess but I really don't think Megan Fox is that hot. 7 years ago +6
Kesha is nasty. 7 years ago +1
Skip. 7 years ago  
Friends has 20-something Jennifer Aniston. I chose Friends. 7 years ago  
Miley Cyrus is hot. I don't feel bad saying it now that she's legal. 7 years ago +2
I'm surprised with the 50/50 split. Maybe it's because I love sports. 7 years ago +1
Technically, porn stars are successful. 7 years ago +1
Even if Lady Gaga isn't a man she is one ugly woman. 7 years ago +3
Quick and painless or long and painful? Easy questions aren't very fun. 7 years ago +4
Kind of ironic, considering you can apparently have boners without bones. 7 years ago +9
Teleporting = No car, no gas, no car insurance. Easy choice. 7 years ago +11
Keira Knightley........:) 7 years ago  
Me too. 7 years ago  
Exactly. 7 years ago  
Call the cops on both. 7 years ago  
Chick's hot. 7 years ago  
At least Lombardi actually smiled. 7 years ago  
Who is Gretzy? 7 years ago +1
Why is this a question? 7 years ago +3
Ugh, neither. Liverpool FTW 7 years ago +3
10,000,000...... 7 years ago  
Same here. 7 years ago +1
Salt water blows. 7 years ago +4
Keira Knightley 7 years ago +4
Cats are evil. Easy answer 7 years ago  
Digital monsters FTW 7 years ago  
In today's world phones basically are computers. 7 years ago +2
Constipation takes longer. 7 years ago  
Don't you have to do that in prison anyway? 7 years ago +210
And you have genitals. 7 years ago +8
32% are racists ;) 7 years ago +1
Skip. Both are terrible singers and not good looking in the slightest. 7 years ago +4
I must be one of the small minority who thinks Angry Birds isn't fun or addicting. 7 years ago +7
Plastic surgery can fix man boobs. You'd have a small penis for life. 7 years ago +2
Jason Statham > Timothy Olyphant 7 years ago  
I'm not gay, but I'd date the Cookie Monster. 7 years ago +5
A good looking guy can get a job as a model. I wouldn't be poor for long. 7 years ago +4
My sentiment exactly. Miseribel could be cool. Who knows? 7 years ago +6
Italian women don't shave their pits. I've been there -- not a pretty sight. Based on women alone I'd have to choose Brazil. 7 years ago +1
Homer > Peter 7 years ago +2
HULK SMASH!!! 7 years ago  
I don't like either but McDonald's breakfast is better. 7 years ago +2
Why is this close? 7 years ago +1
Wal-Mart is an unadulterated evil. 7 years ago +1
Selena Gomez dated Justin Bieber. I wouldn't be able to get that out of my mind. 7 years ago +2
They're both over 18. 7 years ago  
It costs way too much to live in California. 7 years ago +1
If I played in the NBA I wouldn't have a job right now. 7 years ago  
Where are the Audi's in these questions? 7 years ago +1
Is the hot tub also a time machine? Important question. 7 years ago +11
Soccer girls are sooooooo hot. Best legs on the planet. 7 years ago +3
All Bieber fans are 8-16 year old girls. All Lady Gaga fans are constantly drunk. I'll take my chances with the drunk people. 7 years ago +1
Elvis was the king, not just the king of pop...........and he didn't molest boys. 7 years ago +570
Crazy or ugly? 7 years ago +5
If she has her navel pierced I'm sold. I don't care about the ears. 7 years ago +8
So, either be a creepy blood sucking weirdo or superhuman in homosexual attire. I chose the spandex. 7 years ago +2
The Bieber obsession will never end. 7 years ago  
This is the best question I've seen yet. I wouldn't stop making people fart. If I was the best man at my friend's wedding I would be so evil. 7 years ago +3
Audi 7 years ago +1
Last I checked talking doesn't cost anything. 7 years ago +6
I am in the minority of hot dog lovers. Cookout FTW 7 years ago  
I would love to have dinner with Keira Knightley :) 7 years ago  
One is too young for me and the other is an ugly whore. I skipped. 7 years ago  
I would love to be a figment of someone's imagination. 7 years ago  
Disney Land = California. Magic Kingdom (Disney World) = Florida. Disney World is by far the better place. 7 years ago +1
Tic-Tacs exist. 7 years ago +6
Didn't Tim McGraw do both? I wanna be like him. 7 years ago  
Megan Fox is not that hot. 7 years ago +1
*Cocks Gun* 7 years ago  
Facebook is used like Twitter anyway. I don't see the purpose of Twitter. 7 years ago +3
Short girls > Tall girls....(not in height obviously) 7 years ago  
Tornado would be so much more fun. 7 years ago +1
Arrogance is never attractive. 7 years ago  
I hang out with my friends more than my enemies. If she dated my best friend I'd have to see it virtually every day. Plus, chances are my worst enemy is a douchebag who won't be able to keep her. 7 years ago  
Cats are mean. Dogs are always happy to see you. 7 years ago  
Does 17 count as being a kid? 'Cause I don't want to be a 9-year-old who hasn't gone through puberty my whole life. 7 years ago +4
So....either have the most difficult job on the planet and have the vast majority of Americans hate you, or be a woman with no actual power in England. I didn't vote. 7 years ago +2
Audi FTW 7 years ago  
Really good question. I chose SSB, though. 7 years ago  
Fame is overrated. 7 years ago +2
Women have periods and babies. I like being a man. 7 years ago +3
Ya know why I like movies better than books? No reading. 7 years ago  
Rain washes my car. Snow covers my car so I have to wipe it off. Based on convenience this is an easy question to answer. 7 years ago  
Brownie batter. That stuff is amazing. 7 years ago  
I'm right winged but there is no way I'd choose Gaddafi over hardly anyone. 7 years ago  
Hockey > Everything 7 years ago  
Both > IE 7 years ago  
Who says Blackberry here? Is it 2008? 7 years ago  
How is this even a question? The difference between $5M and $1M isn't big enough to risk getting nothing. 7 years ago +4
I'd rather be Johnny Depp than a ninja. 7 years ago  
I'm fairly certain Paris Hilton isn't exactly "able" 7 years ago +13
Monkey. A miniature bear would give me some thinking time. 7 years ago  
If you have big boobs and no butt I will not date you. If you have a butt and no boobs you are near the top of my list of potential candidates. This is not close for me. 7 years ago +2
Not even close. Read minds FTW 7 years ago  
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