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    Note: The below comment was in reference to the number of girls on here who feel the need to tell everyone they're not a lesbo when they're asked to decide between two attractive females; not in reference to the poster below me +3
    Oh no, I'm a guy and I'm not gay. I couldn't possibly just skip the question without complaining about the fact that it doesn't pertain to me. I must tell everyone that I'm a guy and I don't have an answer this question. +4
    I guess you missed the *wink smiley* at the end of my statement. It was intentional satire directed at oversensitive bigot hunters.  
    If you can get a job at Wal-Mart, you can get one at Target.  
    These questions are really stupid. I'll take the money every time. There are so many bad things that can happen to you if you're immortal. What if you get buried alive? Do you really want to spend the next thousand years 10 feet below the ground? What about if your arms and legs get cut off? You'd live but you'd just be a torso. If anything like that happened to you that money is gonna look really nice.  
    Plato...Aristotle...Socrates...MORONS! Vizzini FTW +1
    Rock and metal aren't the same either.  
    Know the truth, find out it sucks, and be miserable....or live in better, virtual reality that grants you the ability to be happy. I'll take the blue pill, please. +2
    What's friendship without love? +7
    Get me my shotgun. +1
    NEVER check your baggage. The people who handle lost luggage are stoopid. +2
    Really bad picture of the water. It's more like a picture of boats on water. Show me a tropical beach with palm trees -- I assume that's what you meant.  
    Bingo +2
    Difference? I've never understood this.  
    Not. Even. Close.  
    Okay, you're immortal. I just buried you alive 100 feet below the earth. Have fun living forever.  
    It's easier to gain weight than it is to lose weight. Being anorexic is a mental and emotional issue. If that's resolved all you have to do is eat more. If you're obese you have to change your diet, eat less, and work out. Both are unhealthy, but anorexia is easier to rectify.  
    Some of these questions make me wonder about the sanity of human beings.  
    I choose the Notebook ending death -- same time :) +2
    Ugh, neither. +2
    You'd be dead in three minutes. +2
    Kesha is nasty. +1
    Friends has 20-something Jennifer Aniston. I chose Friends.  
    I'm surprised with the 50/50 split. Maybe it's because I love sports. +1
    Even if Lady Gaga isn't a man she is one ugly woman. +3
    Kind of ironic, considering you can apparently have boners without bones. +9
    Teleporting = No car, no gas, no car insurance. Easy choice. +11
    Keira Knightley........:)  
    Me too.  
    Call the cops on both.  
    32% are racists ;) +1
    Skip. Both are terrible singers and not good looking in the slightest. +4
    I must be one of the small minority who thinks Angry Birds isn't fun or addicting. +7
    Jason Statham > Timothy Olyphant  
    I'm not gay, but I'd date the Cookie Monster. +5
    A good looking guy can get a job as a model. I wouldn't be poor for long. +4
    Italian women don't shave their pits. I've been there -- not a pretty sight. Based on women alone I'd have to choose Brazil. +1
    Homer > Peter +2
    HULK SMASH!!!  
    I don't like either but McDonald's breakfast is better. +2
    Why is this close? +1
    Wal-Mart is an unadulterated evil. +1
    It costs way too much to live in California. +1
    If I played in the NBA I wouldn't have a job right now.  
    Where are the Audi's in these questions? +1
    Is the hot tub also a time machine? Important question. +11
    All Bieber fans are 8-16 year old girls. All Lady Gaga fans are constantly drunk. I'll take my chances with the drunk people. +1
    Elvis was the king, not just the king of pop...........and he didn't molest boys. +586
    Crazy or ugly? +5
    If she has her navel pierced I'm sold. I don't care about the ears. +8
    So, either be a creepy blood sucking weirdo or superhuman in homosexual attire. I chose the spandex. +2
    The Bieber obsession will never end.  
    This is the best question I've seen yet. I wouldn't stop making people fart. If I was the best man at my friend's wedding I would be so evil. +3
    Audi +1
    Last I checked talking doesn't cost anything. +6
    I am in the minority of hot dog lovers. Cookout FTW  
    I would love to have dinner with Keira Knightley :)  
    One is too young for me and the other is an ugly whore. I skipped.  
    I would love to be a figment of someone's imagination.  
    Disney Land = California. Magic Kingdom (Disney World) = Florida. Disney World is by far the better place. +1
    Tic-Tacs exist. +6
    Didn't Tim McGraw do both? I wanna be like him.  
    *Cocks Gun*  
    Facebook is used like Twitter anyway. I don't see the purpose of Twitter. +3
    Short girls > Tall girls....(not in height obviously)  
    Arrogance is never attractive.  
    I hang out with my friends more than my enemies. If she dated my best friend I'd have to see it virtually every day. Plus, chances are my worst enemy is a douchebag who won't be able to keep her.  
    Cats are mean. Dogs are always happy to see you.  
    Does 17 count as being a kid? 'Cause I don't want to be a 9-year-old who hasn't gone through puberty my whole life. +4
    So....either have the most difficult job on the planet and have the vast majority of Americans hate you, or be a woman with no actual power in England. I didn't vote. +2
    Audi FTW  
    Really good question. I chose SSB, though.  
    Fame is overrated. +2
    Women have periods and babies. I like being a man. +3
    Ya know why I like movies better than books? No reading.  
    Rain washes my car. Snow covers my car so I have to wipe it off. Based on convenience this is an easy question to answer.  
    Brownie batter. That stuff is amazing.  
    I'm right winged but there is no way I'd choose Gaddafi over hardly anyone.  
    Hockey > Everything  
    Both > IE  
    Who says Blackberry here? Is it 2008?  
    How is this even a question? The difference between $5M and $1M isn't big enough to risk getting nothing. +4
    I'd rather be Johnny Depp than a ninja.  
    I'm fairly certain Paris Hilton isn't exactly "able" +13
    Monkey. A miniature bear would give me some thinking time.  
    Not even close. Read minds FTW  
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