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    How about vegetarianism is better.  
    I had a little Christmas tree a long time ago, now it's taller than my house.  
    I Googled human centipede and puked.  
    There's frikin' poisons in Purell, but there's natural perfume.  
    I live in Canada and would like to stay there. That's all.  
    Choose Apple Mac!  
    only one crystal per life.  
    I don't eat chocolate.  
    How about you're vegetarian and hate both?  
    Your hair won't get cavities.  
    Why the hell would you want 10 cars?  
    I am a tomboy.  
    I like robots.  
    Um, I don't give a shlt about America, I'm not even American.  
    We have a Prime Minister, and I clicked this to talk with Steven Harper but I just remembered that Trudeau was elected... ;_;  
    All my friends are boys. Never even crushed.  
    I sleep for 1-2 hours per day.  
    I clicked the wrong one.  
    I'm a girl!  
    Just have a coma.  
    My car is ugly as hell but I love it.  
    Crazy professor who insists on all labs be in Times New Roman.  
    "American football" is handegg, or weird rugby.  
    I'm vegetarian.  
    Netflix and YouTube!  
    I win - probability calculations were correct!  
    Batman is the only one whose costume doesn't look like pajamas.  
    Fvck you guy from Georgia. I legit wouldn't steal.  
    As a Canadian, I can only hockey, so...  
    I can't swim, assholes.  
    That's handegg, not football.  
    Synthetic legs work really well, but robotic arms just can't compare.  
    The more, the merrier!  
    I WANT to be abducted by aliens.  
    I can't swim... and you could put a lion in a jungle.  
    You forgot libertarianism.  
    I would totally roast him and have my friends post it on YouTube  
    I'm a girl, and I've been kicked *there* in fights before... it doesn't hurt that much. +2
    Become a prophet.  
    I don't use facebook.  
    Holidays! (Although my birthday is in summer vacation)  
    Yes, girl gamers unite!  
    My computer is my friend.  
    There's Pikachu in it.  
    "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Give a fish a man and you feed him for a month."  
    Who are they  
    I am a dog, so I can't own one, but I'm small.  
    Guys, this isn't as stupid as it sounds. I can read Chinese but not write it, and a friend can understand Chinese but not speak it.  
    Dumbledore sounds cooler.  
    Wet doges are cute.  
    This is unfair; the PC looks so much cooler than the mac.  
    Who saw Twilight and clicked the other?  
    Cats are cute. Besides, I'm a dog so I can take them on.  
    Homeless people do drugs anyway.  
    I'm scared at how many people are saying "eat them".  
    Well, you get more money.  
    I don't use mirrors at all.  
    Well, it's still a lot of money...  
    I wanna watch them  
    No hunting  
    Snow is fun.  
    I'm a visual dog.  
    We need to catch muderers.  
    Yay! My faith in humanity is restored!  
    I'll be a doctor there.  
    I hate Minecraft  
    I already have a chef: my mom.  
    Team up and get rid of beber!  
    Didn't try 'em  
    Nice view!  
    Use it, yes, but Firefox's logo is OP.  
    I'm good the way I am.  
    Ninjas are all japonaise.  
    I'm rich and homeless  
    Ooh... wordplay!  
    Truth is pooowaaa  
    Feels less awkward.  
    At least I know it's fake.  
    My cockroaches expand and TAKE OVER THE WORLD  
    At least they wouldn't see porn... whoops  
    I love living in the wild.  
    I'm a LADY  
    Who cares. We could still be friends.  
    Darth Maul for the win!  
    His name is cool. +1
    At least no one knows.  
    I am a small dog. Don't insult me.  
    People won't die.  
    This makes no sense.  
    All or nothin', baby.  
    I don't sex.  
    If it had been a miniature monkey...  
    I watch these all the time! I'm not a human so :)  
    I could then show off.  
    Macs suck; that's why they put a picture of the best one ever but not the best PC ever.  
    80's clothes aren't that bad.  
    Wizards are much more powerful than ninjas.  
    No disappointing my family.  
    If there was no marriage then there would be no divorce!  
    Just wish for what you would buy with the money!  
    Ruling is headaching.  
    I looked at Beber (however you spell it) and thought anything but that!  
    I don't care who Hermione is, I just selected the one that's not Twilight.  
    Mermaids are weird and unscientific, but unicorns are just cute horses with horns.  
    Dresses suck.  
    More people died in the Holocaust.  
    Why would I care about other people's lies?  
    If you have an iPod, why would you need it in your head?  
    Just look at the images. (I'm the cutest! Dogs are cutest!)  
    I don't sex.  
    At least I could still talk normally.  
    I don't use Amazon.  
    Google translate doesn't work on animals. +1
    I am boggle-smashed. More people would go deaf!!?  
    Invisibility sucks and flying would cover teleportation.  
    I mean, it's 1/6, so you'd probably survive.  
    I don't want guilt.  
    If the zombies were as lame as the ones in the image then I'd have an apocalypse every day.  
    It's only one. This question is still f***ed up.  
    Why are people choosing Africa over lightsaber but money over Africa?  
    It's more fun.  
    Temporary tattoo!  
    I hate being fat.  
    Everything you love will die!  
    Being hot means a lot of idiots after you. Being smart means a lot of $$$.  
    Then I would be able to earn more money!  
    The people I want to be with already live near me.  
    Everlasting fame somehow sounds like a curse.  
    Money can be earned/received/stolen; time cannot.  
    Then I'd have more money!  
    I don't know how to swim or surf, so...  
    Then I could prepare, but knowing the cause wouldn't do much.  
    Reading minds is for nerds.  
    True love isn't that hard to find, but the money is.  
    Celebrities go through girlfriends like 1/month.  
    Most rich people die of severe boredom--no chance of that in Hogwarts.  
    Opposite: if there were no problems I wouldn't need the stress of ruling.  
    My great grandchildren may all be dead.  
    Oops I clicked the wrong one.  
    I don't like chocolate anyways.  
    We already live in cities, no need to see them  
    What would you want with a lightsaber anyways? Kill more people?  
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