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Would you rather Always appear 13 or Always appear 60 7 years ago 8,143 votes 130 comments 0 likes
For some reason, this question was deleted so: Would you rather fall in love with An android who can love or A human who can't? 7 years ago 2,120 votes 25 comments 0 likes

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I already don't drink milk or eat dairy and such..... 7 years ago  
Real men meaning the ones who prefer real relationshios rather tgan moving sex dolls. 7 years ago  
I picked the wrong one. If we had fembots we woukd know who the real men are. 7 years ago  
Too hot in Miami. 7 years ago  
I'm going to be in the easter hempsphere in the near future anyway, moving to Japan! 7 years ago  
But bare 7 years ago  
You'd be dead either way 7 years ago  
Austrailia has many deadly insects 7 years ago +1
Ghosts cannit hurt you. 7 years ago  
I am straight, I don't like girls 7 years ago +3
That guy is gorgeous. 7 years ago  
I hate partying, it isn't fun, it's stupid. Celebrate without getting drunk! 7 years ago +4
I don't need friends 7 years ago +3
wrong one, I sleep in a room full of dolls 7 years ago  
Bratz are sluts 7 years ago +5
They are jointed 7 years ago  
What is a GPA? And I hate sports.... 7 years ago  
Hate rap 7 years ago +1
I think buzz cuts are very unnattractive..... 7 years ago +5
I am afraid of needles! 7 years ago +1
If she was abused as a puppy and is about to be put to sleep, she probably has behavior problems..... 7 years ago +1
Beautiful 7 years ago +1
These are so annoying..... Not everyone cares about motorcycles. 7 years ago  
Instead of burning.... Can I be specially chosen to be Satan's sex slave? 7 years ago +1
So you don't care about the millions of others who will die! Sekfish child..... 7 years ago +1
Braces will fix it 7 years ago +3
That woukd be awesome 7 years ago +1
Either way... I'd die of fright. I'm horrified of surgery 7 years ago  
I hate sex 7 years ago +5
Neither.... but honestly I can't stand metal 7 years ago +1
putt it in the firige!Th 7 years ago  
I don't have a wrong hand, I'm ambidextrous 7 years ago +1
An army veteran killed people for no reason...... 7 years ago +2
The world would be a better place is no one hated, 7 years ago +4
Sex is overated..... 7 years ago +8
I hate hot places.... I hate heat.... amd I hate summer! 7 years ago +12
Cover it..... 7 years ago  
What if you carry a parasol? Parasols are umbrellas for the sunlight, and they are usually very pretty. 7 years ago  
They bteak anyway, I mever cut them. 7 years ago  
I hate meat anyway! 7 years ago +2
I would never kill an animal..... 7 years ago  
thing is..... I don't have hair on my arms..... 7 years ago +1
concealer.... 7 years ago  
Unoriginal? I have never seen this question on here. 7 years ago  
Same thing. 7 years ago +4
Chobits! 7 years ago  
Anime characters are GORGEOUS 7 years ago +10
I use a tablet, so I always type with two fingers. 7 years ago  
It isn't noticable. I can deal with it. 7 years ago  
I always do it. 7 years ago +4
I do believe in ghosts, but I am not afraid of them. And sweet looking? More like creepy looking! But abandoned houses, as creepy as theyare, may cintain treasures the past owners left behind. 7 years ago +2
I don't like either, but I picked the keft becsuse of the sexy guy 7 years ago +1
I hate rats! Disgusting creatures. 7 years ago +2
Adam Lambert is freaking gorgeousss 7 years ago +5
I'm not much of a reader 7 years ago +1
Wrong one. I am allergic to weed 7 years ago  
I woukd never wear that awful crazy lipstick 7 years ago +1
Back to the 1950's! 7 years ago +1
I'd look so sexy in that. If I was Emo. 7 years ago  
The one that's less crazy 7 years ago  
They are both awful 7 years ago +3
Ew I'm a straight girl 7 years ago  
False eyelashes are for fake b itches. 7 years ago +9
Sex is for making children only. 7 years ago +9
Really short nails are nasty 7 years ago +2
Sexy 7 years ago +6
I love cold weather! 7 years ago  
A humanlike Ailen. 7 years ago  
I'm not racist, but Caucasians are far hotter. 7 years ago +3
That would mean eating turkey..... disgusting, 7 years ago +1
You do realize there are dfar more deadly things unddr the water 7 years ago  
Phones are only meant to last a few years before an upgrade. 7 years ago +2
Do you know how much old electronic things they throw in dumpsters? I'd be entertained just trying to fix things. I' 7 years ago  
I love bread and hate dairy! Perfect 7 years ago +1
I hate sports 7 years ago  
Not at all, I' probably have a better body then you. I know you are a teenager though! And an immatue one 7 years ago  
I knew someone who is living with AIDS for her whole life ever since she got it..... 7 years ago  
That would be fun! Hot crazy guys ;) 7 years ago +5
Less deadly things. 7 years ago +7
You have a chance of being poached if you are an elephant. Rhinos however can defend themselves. 7 years ago  
Then I would have already lived my life and fufilled my dreams. I would not be afraid. 7 years ago +3
A lot of guys don't really care about the body 7 years ago +3
i am afraid of fire 7 years ago  
Guys, the question said LESBIAN not Bisexual! meaning she would cheat on you and eventually leave you! 7 years ago  
You can live with AIDS and have no nasty warts on your skin..... 7 years ago +1
All of my favorite friuts are yellow 7 years ago  
Invisibility 7 years ago  
Summers around here bring insect infestations..... And I love cold weather anyway 7 years ago +1
Presents! 7 years ago  
A good tool to use for bedtime to help you sleep! 7 years ago  
Same thing 7 years ago  
I am vegan anyway 7 years ago  
It would be the most ironic news story. "Toy collector killed by doll!" 7 years ago +1
Bleach the hairs..... It won't get rid of it, but it will hid it 7 years ago  
Anime hotties in action = yummy 7 years ago +1
OMG yessss 7 years ago  
I am allergic to Marijuana. Got a bad reaction when walking pass a guy doing it on the streets of NYC..... 7 years ago  
Yumm 7 years ago +10
Longer hair! Plus he looks good as a blomde 7 years ago +1
I do not even know what movie Cedric is from..... Plus he looks hot with all that vampire makeup 7 years ago  
They both look so good 7 years ago  
I will always be beautiful 7 years ago  
Netflix is better. 7 years ago  
Purple eyws are beautiful and go with anyone. However I would look awful with blue gair 7 years ago  
I am not strong enough to hold all those people. I would die..... 7 years ago +3
Waist down paraslys means you can't walk. Fine with me, I won't die! 7 years ago  
My own, 7 years ago  
1 out of 3 people survive being stabbed in the heart. 7 years ago +1
I am vegan..... Shit I picked the wrong one, I do not want to eat eggs or milk..... 7 years ago +2
Accprdingbto the Christian's story, Hell actually sounds more fun than Heaven. 7 years ago +1
You would probably die from the fall alone. 7 years ago +4
A small buddha statue 7 years ago  
I am afraid of fire 7 years ago +6
I would rather get stabbed in the head than in the eyes and wait there for hours until death 7 years ago +5
Faster. 7 years ago +5
I did not vote 7 years ago +21
Think about it. You loved this guy, then he leaves you and you have to be tortured every day by seeing him with another woman..... 7 years ago +4
I meamt sexy v 7 years ago  
Honestly a guy with really long hair would be swxy if he took care of it properly. Yum. 7 years ago +1
Anime is much sexier than any video game I have ever heard of. anime has hot guys. Really hot guys! 7 years ago +4
America is not a free country..... 7 years ago +1
Polish! The Polish language is beautiful 7 years ago  
Teens are more aware..... 7 years ago +3
Ew god no 7 years ago +3
America is not a freeworld..... 7 years ago +4
Blindborns don't grasp the concept of colors or descriptions..... 7 years ago +5
Twenties is just the begginning of adulthood 7 years ago +5
That's how you know he's not a sex craving dick. It is so rare to find a guy who will wait for marriage..... That turns me on 7 years ago +7
Fat doesn't mean obese, I have seen some gorgeous guys who are a bit on the chubby side. more to love! 7 years ago +10
Chihuahuas are ugly as hell 7 years ago +6
I have seen a few sexy ginger boys! 7 years ago +5
OMG guy on right is freaking gorgeous! 7 years ago +3
I am pyrophobic. 7 years ago +3
Lucifer loks kinda hot TBH..... 7 years ago +3
Optimus is a nice name. 7 years ago +2
You can use a water purifyer 7 years ago +1
Abortion! 7 years ago +2
Just think about it..... 7 years ago  
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