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    Tiny snail  
    For me it's opposite  
    Don't have a dog or puppy but kill person who made this  
    In the air if you don't fly too high or low and stay inside, you will be safe. Underwater, get eaten by sea creatures and monsters  
    I am a guy sooo  
    Lol same  
    Don't have a phone  
    Don't have a phone  
    That's racist  
    Piranhas are only dangerous when they attack in a mob  
    My grandmother dosent come over for christmas  
    My grandad is chinese  
    Don't have a dog  
    Don't have a sister  
    Seen both  
    If you have everything  
    I am guy  
    I'm a boy  
    But the smoking would still do damage to you lungs even after you quit  
    Can't fired from something you don't have! I'm 11  
    Society includes your family  
    I've been to both  
    Depends of old you are  
    Hi +1
    I always play online multiplayer  
    Where's my money  
    I used to live in china it sucks  
    Not queen cause Ima guy  
    You mean gelato  
    I'm a soccer player but guys just get a prosthetic leg  
    I would bring my loved ones here  
    If I was a bum who everyone liked I could eventually make lots of money and I would be back to normal  
    Lol lions don't live in the jungle but other big cats do  
    I have book smarts already I want street smarts too  
    Smart will get you farther in life than popular  
    I'm 11  
    I like reading and movies. What do choose what to choose? Noooooo my friend clicked movies  
    Camping. I love the outdoors screw you lazy people who stay inside all day  
    Lewisd I'm a guy and I agree with you and what your saying  
    In the movie theater at least you will have food if you bought some  
    I love alaska  
    Does anyone read I am number four? If the flashlight hands are like John's lumen. Yesss flashlight hands for the win!  
    Get rid of the new law made by trump banning countries  
    Only child  
    Cause you can shrink and grow it  
    Guys option one means infinite food pretty much and barely any trash  
    Uhh. I'm already deaf in one ear. bOi  
    Does anyone else notice that the wizard is Jace belern?  
    No you couldn't. It depends where you are and how high you are. Snow isn't as soft as it looks it would be softer yes but you could still be seriously injured  
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