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Ya boi is a vet on this site, I take periodic "breaks" from here so I'm not around all the time, but I'm still a bo$$

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Which is a worse insult? You eat unfrosted poptarts or You prefer meatloaf to bacon 2 years ago 27 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which one of my puppies is cuter? Sawyer or Finn 2 years ago 60 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Whos the bigger hero? This guy or This guy 4 years ago 79 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Who is hotter? Jenna Fisher or Rashida Jones 4 years ago 111 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Pitbull or Lil John 4 years ago 122 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Eminem or M&m 5 years ago 123 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Where would you rather live? New England (Has all 4 seasons) or The South (Doesn't have 4 seasons got year round) 6 years ago 140 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Drink Mountain Dew voltage or Mountain Dew whiteout 6 years ago 158 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Which sucks more? Realizing there is no toilet paper after dropping a load or Waking up early for school/work 6 years ago 189 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which is worse? Brain Freeze or Getting something stuck in your eye 6 years ago 198 votes 9 comments 0 likes

Dude5595 has posted the following comments:

ME2 is the GOAT 2 years ago +1
And my question was bad? 2 years ago  
Thanks 2 years ago  
I don't want him just because of his fathers mouth 2 years ago  
Make me a savage, go! 2 years ago  
Eh, take super speed 2 years ago  
Literally every radio station playing Ed Sheeran is more annoying than the leftover unpopped popcorn kernels at the bottom of the bag 2 years ago  
I'd be a better guard for the Knicks 2 years ago  
I admit it, I used to, only to keep the ant population under control and to keep their centralized economy stable 2 years ago  
"Cool" colors 2 years ago +1
If cats could talk, they would be condescending as f*@k 2 years ago  
Taller than Curry 2 years ago  
160ish 2 years ago  
Haha 6'4" here 2 years ago  
Japanese food 2 years ago  
Ed Sheehan is way too overhyped, he's the lost autistic Weasley brother 2 years ago  
Is this a joke? 2 years ago  
DJ Khaled 2 years ago  
If you don't say Patriots, you are an official hater #TB12 #GOAT 2 years ago +1
Ham and Swiss 3 years ago  
Those who live in the past, or the future, are certain to miss the present 3 years ago  
My life 4 years ago  
Thor is a boss 4 years ago  
Neil Patrick Harris 4 years ago  
Put me down if you need me 4 years ago  
You're a buff girl 4 years ago +1
i say dude a lot and 5-5-95 is my birthdate 4 years ago  
2013 4 years ago +1
22 4 years ago  
Superman hands down 4 years ago +1
12 4 years ago  
Charizard 4 years ago +1
People are too fake 4 years ago  
Collect income 4 years ago +2
I sh*t my pants in the middle of the woods at a state park 4 years ago  
Nothing to lose, go big or go home 4 years ago  
Keep ya hoes in line 4 years ago  
I fully stand behind you there, a woman shouldnt expect to hit a man without him doing the same in my opinion 4 years ago  
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CRCS6GGhIRc 4 years ago  
That's what's wrong with the world, a woman could beat a man, and it's actual okay with society, but thorn the tables and everyone flips a sh*t 4 years ago  
Women are equal, if you're going to punch a dude, you and punch a lady 4 years ago  
... He's real 4 years ago  
Heyitscece 4 years ago  
5-5-95 4 years ago  
I picked A because dehydration can lead to things worse than warming up muscles... 4 years ago  
Heyitscece 4 years ago +1
Sweating makes you lose water and dehydrate, shivering just warms up your muscles 4 years ago  
May, not March 4 years ago  
May, not march 4 years ago  
20 4 years ago  
Im old 4 years ago  
http://data1.whicdn.com/images/65493128/original.gif 4 years ago  
Maybe help me after I graduate 4 years ago  
Fireball 4 years ago  
Saw 4 4 years ago  
I am a center left moderate social libertarian 4 years ago +1
hands down 4 years ago  
I don't agree with it, but private businesses should chose who they do or don't do business with 4 years ago +1
*Cries* 4 years ago  
Id fight a moose 4 years ago  
Time to whip out the funnel 4 years ago  
If I'm attacking, I have the option to flee if things go bad, if I was defending, there wouldn't be anywhere to go 4 years ago +2
Love Its always Sunny 4 years ago  
Thats where Hulk is 4 years ago  
All about that pussy? 4 years ago  
Back in middle school, it was awesome 4 years ago  
Ive been in an actual food fight in school and I threw pizza, burgers are the heavy artillery of food fight 4 years ago +2
Hes in a bunch 4 years ago  
You know how to make all the guys go crazy 4 years ago  
yoga pants 4 years ago  
Its 2015, people are generally more accepting these days 4 years ago  
You wish 4 years ago  
People call me fag, thats a nickname, right? 4 years ago +10
Cynthia was harder to beat 4 years ago  
I run that b*tch 4 years ago  
HAHAHAHA why is mehgan trainor in this tournament, shoulda put me in instead of her 4 years ago  
Deez nuts 4 years ago  
Ya boi is proud 4 years ago  
Detroit is bankrupt 4 years ago  
In the anime they actually talk about eating magikarps 4 years ago  
My brothers major 4 years ago  
My major 4 years ago  
Current situation 4 years ago  
You cant drink all day if you dont start in the morning 4 years ago  
< Funnel king 4 years ago  
Not tryin to get AIDS 4 years ago  
Crack a bottle 4 years ago  
Everyone knows ya boi 4 years ago  
I played GoldenEye the first time I was completely hammered, good times 4 years ago  
Im a white male, i'd be favored 4 years ago  
Big tits 4 years ago +1
Jurassic World or the Avengers Age of Ultron 4 years ago  
Peanut Butter 4 years ago  
The crew 4 years ago +1
mAss effect 4 years ago  
You all think yvetal is tough sh*t then battle me 4 years ago +1
We have technology developing in cars where they actually can prevent collisions, however eliminating just one idea from the world is physically impossible 4 years ago  
Thin mints 4 years ago  
Why you double crossing son of a b*tch 4 years ago  
Doesn't matter i caught em all 4 years ago  
I dont have days worth of time free 4 years ago  
Stay on land 4 years ago  
These got old real fast for those of us who dont watch it 4 years ago  
Reo lets skydive 4 years ago +1
This is really a question of speed of special defense 4 years ago  
Load up on beads 4 years ago  
All my soldiers stand in line 4 years ago  
Everyone who has ever had sex, died at some point in their life 4 years ago +8
Sia is one of the worst artists in my opinion, it doesnt even sound like she speaks english 4 years ago +1
Cinco de Mayo 4 years ago +1
Taurus 4 years ago  
ME2 is probably my favorite game 4 years ago +1
Jenna Fisher plays Pam and Rashida Jones plays Karen, who comes into the series later 4 years ago  
Actually, I think you would serve as backup 4 years ago  
Me, DonkeyPunch, OnForNoReason, and Vanna come together to form the band, Melting Babies 4 years ago +1
I like tall girls 4 years ago  
They voted to keep the flavor 4 years ago  
Nothing i havent done alredy 4 years ago +1
Well, are the balls deflated? 4 years ago +2
Rubi is a pristine young lady (presumably). Although I have only known her a short time, it has been a time of thrills, laughter, and pure joy. As it saddens me to see that such a wonderful being is slipping out of the grasp to anon, I cant help but to hold my hat to my heart, stare up at the stars above and say to myself, "This is what Rubi, wants, and I want her to be happy". I care deeply about Rubi's feelings and hope that she wears a smile as I shed a tear... 4 years ago +7
ME, LONG LIVE THE KING 4 years ago  
Mouse is for sensetivity, keyboard is just buttons 4 years ago  
Lol Patriots 4 years ago  
Seeing as one is fake, the one is already a winner 4 years ago  
Anchorman 2 was probably the worst movie ive ever seen, huge disapointment to me, and an embarassment to Will Farell 4 years ago  
replying 7 months late 5 years ago  
Go for it 5 years ago  
It is if you are going to a party 5 years ago  
Do the b*tches come with the candy 5 years ago  
In my dorm room? No thank you 5 years ago  
I'm in masdachusetts too brother 5 years ago  
Hate halo 5 years ago  
The long specific questions are the best, it depends from situation to situation 5 years ago +1
I want a Skelton madl 5 years ago  
Not that important to me 5 years ago +1
Use the powers to get 10 Billion 5 years ago  
Just gonna say 56% of people have a wrong opinion 5 years ago +1
That duck better be prepared to say more than quack 5 years ago +5
I hate halo 5 years ago  
Wow really people? 5 years ago  
Too many freak shows in walmart 5 years ago  
Payday should've won 5 years ago  
1 older brother 5 years ago  
I am the 40% 5 years ago  
uh... 5 years ago  
Not everyone has the same mindset, so the way they are raised is how they learn their traditions and practices 5 years ago +1
Jesse Eisenburg 5 years ago  
I'm 6'4" and 150 5 years ago  
Fū(k anime 5 years ago  
Dmj let's play some CoD 5 years ago +1
Drowning is the worst, it takes longer and you are fully aware of what's happening but there is absolutely nothing you can do 5 years ago +4
I have slughorns wand 5 years ago +1
I really want to visit Japan, more specifically Hiroshima 5 years ago +1
Just whip it out and go for it 5 years ago  
I used to be here more often than I am now 5 years ago  
Really? Nickleback? 6 years ago +2
That's my pic 6 years ago  
My favorite game ever is mass effect, it is the only 3rd person game I play 6 years ago  
I hate sand 6 years ago +2
I can prevent farts easier 6 years ago +2
Peanut butter is nasty 6 years ago  
I too, the amount is by the service 6 years ago  
Easier to swing 6 years ago  
I shall use the magic from B to make A 6 years ago +1
Stomp dem b*tches out 6 years ago  
Really? 6 years ago  
Der riese, moon, and buried are the best 3 to date 6 years ago  
That's even worse you freak 6 years ago  
I'm not really into orange juice 6 years ago  
I love pineapples 6 years ago +2
Dude I'd kick the ostriches in the throat 6 years ago +1
I used to be an airsofter, but I turned to the dark side 6 years ago +2
I can't handle spicy, I'm a lightweight 6 years ago  
Tranzit sucks, people abandon each other and can't reach one another,moon has the wavegun, the best zombies weapon 6 years ago  
When you drink it, it doesn't go in the blood stream 6 years ago +1
There is definitely more pressure on women, the media shows it everyday in ads and shows, women must live up to a certain standard now a days by wearing make up, being skinny, flirty, it really must be hard to be a women, dudes have it pretty chill 6 years ago +2
O 6 years ago  
Smaller 6 years ago  
Silver looks better in my opinion 6 years ago +1
Butt hurt fanboy 6 years ago  
I call him big sexy 6 years ago +1
Provably best 2 map out 6 years ago  
Sacavenger, zip lines, micheal rooker, what else can you ask for? 6 years ago +1
Kino is better, i misread die rise as der riese 6 years ago  
Shangri la was the worst by far, buried is small and compact, but there are so many secrets to uncover its fun 6 years ago  
Depends on package size 6 years ago +2
F*** Brutus 6 years ago  
I can't wait for gta V so I can run around as Trevor 6 years ago  
Directly impacted my country 6 years ago  
If there is one thing you need to know about me, it's that I despise halo, all of em, to the extreme, mass effect is WAY better in pretty much every way, go ahead and google it 6 years ago +1
WRONG 6 years ago  
I tried playing fallout, I didn't get into it, assassins creed I got sucked into 6 years ago  
U used to play alto sax, don't anymore, but I can still play and read some 6 years ago  
Love zombie games 6 years ago  
Neither 6 years ago  
The guy looks like a d bag 6 years ago +1
Kif is treated like sh*t 6 years ago  
Ask this in winter and it would be reversed 6 years ago +2
When I go out, I'm in groups 6 years ago  
I already am the youngest, it has pros and cons 6 years ago  
I hate seafood 6 years ago +3
We had 2 options, drop the bombs, or invade the homeland, it is estimated that casualty rates would be highest of any battle, because the Japanese had high morale 6 years ago  
What I meant was the south is usually fair, to nice weather, rains more but there is not generally snow like New England 6 years ago  
Yup 6 years ago  
It take too much sh*t for A 6 years ago +5
I sneeze more, more valuable 6 years ago +4
For working 6 years ago  
I don't like peanut butter 6 years ago  
Well, looks like I'm going to statve 6 years ago +2
Questions like this make me aporicate myself more 6 years ago +7
If you love what you do, you don't work a day in your life 6 years ago +1
Presidents have work to do, with 10M I could quit my job 6 years ago +3
No more anime... Like ever 6 years ago  
Depends how much you need, a lot, then buy, a little, then make 6 years ago +2
This just may be a troll proof question 6 years ago +1
Get outta here, subway is nasty 6 years ago +1
Wendy's is probably the best fast food 6 years ago +3
I think I'd feel less sore 6 years ago +2
If I had 1 wish in this world, it would be to fly, there are advanced medical treatment out there, and I understand in some cases nothing can be done, but there is no possible way to make a human fly on their own 6 years ago +1
C'mon he has fangs AND abs 6 years ago +2
I ran 3 years of junior varsity cross country, I enjoy running, but I've never actually put my heart into it 6 years ago +2
My life story is pretty simple 6 years ago +1
Really? Who wants potatoes over chocolate? 6 years ago  
Doesn't matter had sex 6 years ago +2
Zombie game? Own dat sh*t 6 years ago  
I swear so much 6 years ago +2
More reliable, horse get sick, break legs, and believe it or not, die 6 years ago +2
2 wrongs don't make a right 6 years ago +1
I've come here nearly every day for almost a year , but I never bothered signing in because it didnt work on my phone, but I have seen everything 6 years ago  
I heard it lowers sperm count 6 years ago  
Is this a real question? 6 years ago +1
I like the way you think 6 years ago  
Well I start college in the fall, let's start this adventure 6 years ago  
I want to be financially secure to support children 6 years ago +5
You can't force someone to get a tattoo, you are violating their body and will 6 years ago +4
Idk why people say no, it is a decent show 6 years ago +3 6 years ago  
Mass effect is the sh*t 6 years ago  
I'm reopening my mc server soon 6 years ago  
Dmj is my fav 6 years ago  
With the size of the universe there HAS to be other life, intelligent or not, I GUARENTEE there is more life 6 years ago  
If you look in google earth, there are wired crop circles all around 6 years ago  
Half baked is the best, but it's like 6$ a pint 6 years ago +1
Better for distance, I already am a distance runner 6 years ago  
Hitler made a greater world impact, which I think is worse 6 years ago +1
And me 6 years ago  
Brunettes are better 6 years ago  
Cmon Trevor is a sick dog, easily the best 6 years ago +2
Alex can I get the owners girlfriend badge? 6 years ago +3
Both are sick, universal is more oriented to me, but disney is WAY better themed 6 years ago +1
Hoodies are my sh*t 6 years ago  
Trevor is my boy, easily the best gta character of all time 6 years ago  
The 5 seems too big 6 years ago  
One of the sexiest women alive is definitely Shawn Johnson. Surprised she hasn't piped up here 6 years ago  
These people don't even exist, I absolutely hate all these anime questions, for real enough is enough, I'm not having sex with pixels, god damn 6 years ago +3
Moar flying pigs! 6 years ago +2
Bitched want to see the eel 6 years ago  
I hate anime so much 6 years ago +4
Imagine being that guy in the pics 6 years ago +4
Both are scary looking, this is enough bond questions 6 years ago +5
I got Sheldon cooper (brains), bender (power), and scarlet johansen (help repopulate) 6 years ago  
Dat nose 6 years ago  
I have a GameCube, plus they made the Xbox one less sh*tty 6 years ago +1
Yeah, why can't we agree Xbox 360 is better than ps3? 6 years ago +1
Noone f ucks with a Bowie knife 6 years ago +1
It's harder to use on mobile, which I always use 6 years ago +1
A looks like a tank 6 years ago +3
Tabby is too mainstream 6 years ago +2
Hell yea 6 years ago  
Beans make me furt a TON 6 years ago  
Highest paragon score, both are loyal 7 years ago  
Ok, American lives were saved because if we didn't drop the bombs, we would've had to invade japan, in case you don't realize, the invasion would have resulted in high casualty rates, but, genocide us wiping out an entire race, no way the bombs could do that 7 years ago +3
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